Shawn Wilson Cranks Out A New Ad, Gets Immediately Ripped For It

We keep harping on how flaccid and inept Shawn Wilson’s campaign is, but that subject seems to be a gift that keeps on giving.

Wilson is mired in the low to mid 20’s in all the polls, despite the fact that he’s the only major Democrat running for governor. There’s buzz out there suggesting that Hunter Lundy, the old Democrat trial lawyer who’s running as a conservative independent, is gaining momentum – though we haven’t really seen any evidence that this is true based on polling; maybe that will show up soon – and the reason is that Wilson is attracting zero white support at all and isn’t particularly consolidating the black vote either.

We’ll see, now that we’re inside of a month before the October 14 primary and there should be polls on the race coming out all the time from here on in, whether there’s anything to that theory. But what we can say is we don’t see much reason for people to think Wilson is making a move soon.

Here was Wilson’s new ad, which is reportedly going up on TV (we haven’t seen it on the air yet, and based on the last campaign finance report we saw he doesn’t have a lot of cash to spend on the airwaves). He’s still talking about being somebody who builds bridges…

…and yes, as the state’s transportation secretary, building bridges was part of his job.

Except he didn’t do that part of his job. Wilson can’t show a single major bridge that was built and finished in the seven-plus years he ran that department. They still haven’t finished the flyover ramps from I-10 to the New Orleans airport access road, well more than four years after the new airport terminal was finished – and Wilson was on the job for four years while the airport terminal was under construction.


Builds bridges.

The Sadvocate had some fun with this…

And then the RGA, which has been butchering Wilson for weeks with ads trashing his record, just laid down a brutal spot pointing out the favoritism toward Democrat mega-donor and perpetual rumored candidate Jim Bernhard and his company where it came to building a new bridge in Baton Rouge…


The response to this would probably be to deny that Bernhard actually has made any money on the bridge proposal. We don’t have an answer on that one way or the other. But the part about how we never got a bridge? That part is correct.

Guy is in charge of building bridges, guy builds no bridges, guy runs for governor as a bridge-builder.

Who came up with this narrative? Joe Isuzu?

Like we said, this is not a campaign which is going anywhere.



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