The Good Ol’ Boy Network Sure Picked A Winner In Hugh Andre…

This year in Louisiana we have an historic opportunity for a turning point in our state government in which vital change can take place to the betterment of our people. We can shake off the nightmare of decades of self-enriching politicians by voting the Good Ol’ Boy (GOB) politicians out of power who have gotten us into this mess.

It is crucial to support bona fide conservative candidates in the upcoming election that will decide who will be our statewide and legislative officeholders in Louisiana. The jungle primary will be held October 14th and there are posers permeating the electoral landscape seeking to convince you they want to do what’s best for Louisiana. Sadly, most confuse what’s best for them personally with what’s best for our state.

In Senate District 22, which encompasses Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry and St. Martin parishes, there are several in the race who fit into this self-serving mold. Thankfully, we also have a proven conservative in the race who is equipped to lead.

The election has essentially come down to a two-man race between that proven conservative, Rep. Blake Miguez, and Hugh Andre, the Clay Shexnayder and Page Cortez-supported GOB candidate who is emerging from the RINO herd of also-rans.

Miguez, a member of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus, has a solid conservative track record in the legislature that is easily examined. He is a pro-life, pro-family conservative who was one of the 19 voting against busting the spending cap in the last legislative session which has become the standard for returning to fiscal responsibility. He represents the new breed of politician emerging in Louisiana, a fearless fighter unafraid of the political parasites who have long camped out at the taxpayer trough.

Miguez is a champion for the oil and gas industry, agriculture and the seafood industries which are all vital to Louisiana’s economic growth. He is also a leader fighting for education reforms that empower not only school choice, but your tax money following your child to any school that you choose. Competition in education will produce a better learning environment for Louisiana’s future leaders.

Miguez is a world champion Top Shot competitive shooter whose legislative actions to protect our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms are unparalleled. Also of note this election season, Miguez successfully brought a constitutional amendment to the ballot October 14th that, should it pass with voters, would bar foreign and non-government funding (i.e., Zuckerbucks) from being used in elections in Louisiana.

Miguez’s actions clearly represent the new breed of politician emerging on the landscape, the fearless fighter unafraid of the parasite politicians at the taxpayer’s feeding trough. If you’re seeking to turn around the rapid decline of our beloved Louisiana, Miguez’s record shows he is ready to champion the effort to cut these political leeches off of the government teat.

Hugh Andre, on the other hand, has no legislative record at all and, without that track record to examine, we are left to compare his actions to what he says or in his case what he doesn’t say in some instances.

Case in point: Andre’s social media presence is very minimal which is odd for a candidate for office. His personal social media has no political rhetoric and his campaign account has very little content with literally nothing on any of the tougher issues and choices the legislature will face next year.

Andre claims to be an outsider but has the financial backing of the GOB/trial lawyer network to continue with business as usual that has made Louisiana last in just about every single educational standard and fiscal growth category in the nation. Even Mississippi is now leaving us in the dust.


Andre, a farmer, has served in one political position, an appointment in 2020 to the Louisiana Agricultural Finance Authority which is empowered to provide financial assistance to farmers. He was nominated for the post by House Speaker and RINO extraordinaire Clay Schexnayder and appointed by soon-to-be ex-Governor Jon Bel Edwards. Not exactly a glowing resume for someone who claims to be an outsider.

Andre is owner of HMC Farms, LLC, holding 100% interest in the corporation according to personal finance disclosure statements. HMC Farms has received over $594,000 in farming subsidies between 1995 and 2021. Listed on the same property as HMC Farms is Andre Brothers, LLC, which also claimed $268,000 in federal funds between 2017 and 2021, though it only reports having one single employee. Since 2015, Andre’s HMC Farms as well as Andre Brothers, LLC (since 2016) have regularly petitioned to hire cheap foreign labor through the H-2A visa program, according to the US Customs and Immigration Services and US Department of Homeland Security public information. Both corporations operate from the same farmland property.

As was made public by Blake Miguez in a recent debate, Andre doesn’t even appear to live in Senate District 22.

In his shadow career, Andre is a one-man clown car, “performing” as a semi-professional wrestler with the local Gulf State Wrestling promotional group. He showboats under the name of “H.M. Flair.” One of his notable, more flamboyant appearances has him dressed in wrestling drag as well as another flipping the bird at an audience that is comprised of mostly young children.

And if that weren’t enough for concern, Andre and family are also owners and managers of the Cane Row Golf & Turf Club. In March of 2023, the Louisiana Department of Health cited the food and deli area of their club with a critical violation: toxic chemicals in the food area that were not properly labeled. That is an irresponsible and very dangerous violation which anyone in the restaurant industry can attest. Mixing toxic chemicals with food ingredients can be a lethal combination.

Is this the kind of judgment we need in the Louisiana Senate? There couldn’t be more of a clear contrast than there is in this race. Blake Miguez is the clear choice.



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