MIGUEZ: Why Louisiana Must Enforce Sanctuary City Bans

Louisiana faces urgent challenges at our southern border, making the enforcement of sanctuary city bans critical. Under Governor Jeff Landry’s leadership, Louisiana is taking a firm stand, following Indiana’s lead. On March 27th, the Louisiana Senate voted to stop New Orleans and other municipalities from implementing sanctuary policies, a move driven by Republican legislators to maintain the integrity of our legal system and ensure the safety of our citizens.

Sanctuary policies, while seemingly compassionate, actually weaken the rule of law, endanger public safety, and drain local resources. These policies protect illegal immigrants from federal enforcement, encouraging illegal immigration and fostering hotspots for criminal activities that threaten all residents.

The tragic case of Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids, Michigan, underscores the dangers of sanctuary policies. Her death at the hands of an illegal immigrant highlights the need for strict enforcement. With Michigan reconsidering its stance following this tragedy, Louisiana must ensure it avoids similar situations.

Indiana has taken proactive measures by empowering its Attorney General to enforce bans on sanctuary cities, ensuring collaboration between local and federal law enforcement. This is essential for community security and order.

The Louisiana Senate’s decision to ban sanctuary policies reaffirms our commitment to law and order, reflecting the values of most Louisianans who prioritize safety and legal immigration. This action supports federal law and protects our state and citizens from policies that compromise public safety.


As we address immigration and border security, Louisiana’s stance against sanctuary policies sends a clear message: we prioritize the safety of our citizens, respect our nation’s laws, and welcome legal contributors. Enforcing these bans ensures the rule of law prevails and all residents can feel secure.

Our actions today will determine the safety and legal integrity of our state tomorrow. Let’s stand united to ensure a safe, lawful, and prosperous future for all in Louisiana.

Senator Blake Miguez represents District 22.



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