Yes, Sheer Absurdity Has Woken Up a Nation. Now What?

Generally speaking, I have a pretty good feel for where my philosophies and loyalties lie with things like religion and politics. One crucial piece of this personal worldview is the room for flexibility, humility, and an openness to having new information evolve my perspective.

For a few years now, off and on, I have written for both Hayride and RVIVR, and there is no question that there is a definitive pattern to the evolution of my thinking. It is a nice mix of developing and static, a clear tell that there is authenticity of principle attached to it. I have not always gotten things completely right, but even in my worst efforts, I can see truth there, honesty, effort, a sincere drive to share with readers at least one vantage point of a story and of the world.

Obviously I wouldn’t be writing this article unless I were sensing a new little wrinkle in my thinking. I don’t trust it yet, but I can sense it.

The thought I will discuss today has been floating for months, maybe even a year or so. These things tend to drift in our second conscious for a time before we actually start acknowledging them. Or maybe I was just too fearful to allow them heed. Or maybe the cognitive dissonance was too great to really let play out in my mind to what end all of this might actually lead.

Jeffrey Tucker of The Epoch Times might agree.

I think I’ve been among the many who have realized it at least since the awakening 2020 brought us, but still, that second conscious is speaking to me in a new way lately….

I want to present those thoughts today, not as a definitive argument, mind you, but simply as a casual conversation over a beer with you, my reader. Nothing definitive, nothing worth fighting over. Just some thought. It is an exploration into what has become, to me, an intriguing “what if.” And it is based on my observations of old views of government and religion, new information involving societal frameworks and what I observe on the geopolitical spectrum, and more importantly the online public discourse revolving around those ever-occurring events.

In the last few days, there have been two otherwise innocuous hooks that have, for whatever reason, hit differently. One was Walt Garlington’s Hayride article on Speaker Mike Johnson on Wednesday. The other was an innocent enough post about “The Declaration of Independence” of 1776 on a social media site.

Space forces me to present only snippets of Walt’s work, but they should suffice for what I am wanting to present. Said Walt, my esteemed colleague on the clash between the “good” America and its infiltrated, Deep State side–a delineation I work tirelessly to illustrate in my own work:

Conservatives are equal parts incensed and mystified by the changes in Rep. Mike Johnson’s policy positions since he became Speaker of the US House.  There are some plausible explanations out there, like this one from Revolver:

Speaker Johnson might as well go by “Flip Flop,” given his recent track record. He’s been switching his positions on major issues, directly going against what his base stands for. First, it was the funding for Ukraine; now, he’s in the thick of the FISA 702 battle and taking the wrong side yet again. What gives? Johnson’s speakership is becoming a series of flip-flops that’s leaving everyone wondering if he’s been bribed, blackmailed, or both.

. . . Edward Snowden thinks he’s figured out what’s really going on with Speaker Johnson. It’s a “textbook case” of “Congressional capture.”

In summary, the weak, wandering religious faith and the clashing wills of the multitudes of republics and democracies make such people much less likely to organize and overcome the machinations of a focused, powerful oligarchy.  A country united in the Christian Faith, and united even further under the leadership of a Christian monarch, stand a much greater chance of thwarting a Deep State like the one in the US.

Rugged individualism has been a central tenet of life in the US.  In one sense, it is a virtue, as every person needs a certain amount of toughness to survive and flourish in a fallen world.  On the other hand, this principle has also been key to the ascent of the Deep State oligarchy over the plain folk of the States.

The classical liberal notion of the free individual, that all his associations and relations should be contractual and not forced upon him, undermines the institutions that would protect the individual from an oppressive government under the dominion of an oligarchy and that would likewise furnish a base from which to counter-attack:  a large extended family; a church parish, diocese, or monastery; an occupational association; a political unit like a neighborhood, town, county, or State with a vibrant, living historical and cultural identity; even something as simple and lowly as a school alumni association – all of these decay rapidly when there is too much focus on the individual and his wants and not enough on his duties towards others and his true needs.

What results from the classical liberalism/individualism of the US is thus not a society of well-developed people flourishing in freedom but rather despairing, naked individuals:  many little insignificant specks that are easily overwhelmed by the machinery of the Leviathan system controlled by the oligarchy.

Voila!  We have arrived again at our present condition, where ‘conservatives’ like the classical liberal Speaker Johnson – ever loyal to negotiations and half-measures rather than decisive political battle – abdicate their duty to make difficult decisions to the undying, zombie bureaucracies that are allied to the Deep State oligarchs.

Changes to the political system in the States and the societies underlying that system are sorely needed:  A stronger Christian faith, stronger communal bonds, braver, more decisive leaders, executives more in the mold of a Christian hereditary monarch.

We must wait and see, though, if the peoples of the States are able to face reality with courage and make those necessary changes, or if ideological fantasies will keep them trapped in the failing status quo that allows the Deep State to repeatedly punch them in the face with impunity.

Even if all of that is way far afield (and I don’t believe it is), is that not written brilliantly? Mr Garlington almost has me praying for a benevolent monarch already.


The second hook I mentioned is a complement to Walt’s work. It is a quote I came across in “The Declaration of Independence”:

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”.

This of course applied to King George and Britain at the time, but the principle can most certainly be considered applicable in the here and now when a government which is supposed to serve its people are only enslaving them and destroying their souls.

We are living under the tyranny of a thousand-headed king.

Truth As Optional Concept Out There Somewhere

It is philosophical chaos right now, and for the first time since the advent of the television, Americans are witnessing it first hand and screaming for change. Billions and billions of dollars going all over the world, a wide open border (not to mention the Senate rejecting impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas), a president who has treasonous deals with foreign entities, a child trafficking and torture syndicate no one is getting their just due for, etc etc etc. Do I even stop there?

And there’s never, not ever, any justice for it. Not even a courtroom appearance much of the time.

Except for one man who must endure the brunt of every single accusation and attack there is. One man. And you still have a hoard of “Americans” who still don’t see it or get it. And what’s more, they won’t even swallow their pride and hatred for this man in order to come together to save children. They’d rather try to accuse him of being a part of it all despite all the evidence pointing to him being a plant inside that insidious world for years in order to crash it down.

Which is why they are doing everything they can to take him out.

The research I come across just continues to outdo the last absolute clown act I came across just five minutes before. Here is the new NPR CEO Katherine Maher (and former chief executive of Wikipedia) conflating the term “truth” with the term she is actually defining–“perspective.”


Truth and perspective are not synonymous. This conflation of words is Orwellian and indicative of the tyranny of language we live under.

Another example of this upside-down world is that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has long been following the Covid fraud trail. He knows about Fauci. He knows about the CIA.

And yet no cable news interviews (even on Fox News!) or Congressional investigation or articles from independent journalists are doing anything except waking up more people to the truth. Yes, the court of public opinion is absolutely shifting and has been. And up until recently I thought for sure eventually that tipping point might happen and it would be enough. And it might be enough still if only more time passes and the right leadership and justice department is in DC.

Or it might not. The vipers may never get the justice they deserve unless something radical happens–radical at the foundation level of government.

Accountability for the pLandemic diabolical fraud is going to require a reckoning on a world scale, perhaps what Nuremberg was supposed to be. It is going to take an alliance of world powers that might very well shock people. Perhaps this is part of what BRICS is and why Trump went on that capitulation tour in 2017.  Americans are not the only ones who suffered and died, and the globalist villains in this story deserve the full brunt of world justice before God brings it upon them.

The world’s would be a mercy to them.

And then you have this that I just now came across. It is the same Mayorkas who escaped impeachment just yesterday who let this guy in. Two days–two blockbuster stories clashing for all to see.

Americans are seeing first hand that everything–everything–moves at a snail’s pace in DC, in particular securing our border, until quite miraculously and with sudden dexterity they pounce into action as soon as the question of funding foreign conflict pops up. It seems they already have bills in a file ready to go.

We are labor slaves of a global war syndicate that the United States government is firmly in the middle of. That’s it. That’s all we are to them.

It’s gotten to the point where we don’t even know whom to trust in Congress. Because one day your favorite might be making all the sense in the world, and the next they might be voting for six trillion dollars to aliens on another planet.

Sometimes it seems it is International Military Tribunals with the right leadership in place, or the opposite–bust. It seems to me that democracies and constitutional republics have been compromised to the degree that too many players have been bought off and compromised. Congressional committees, we have discovered, are good to wake up a new wave of truthers but then the story just goes away.

It is going to take, it seems more and more, some type of dictatorial action from the good guys, and let’s face it, that’s a little scary considering there are still so many people unaware of the war going on right in front of them.

But is the path we’re headed down any less dictatorial? Walt Garlington might ask what is worse, a single-headed monarch who might very well be benevolent, or that thousand-headed one who by its very multiplicitous nature must carry a poisoned cup everywhere?

What Is the Answer Then?

We have to make truth objective again. Not “out there somewhere.” And that will be very difficult to do under the current vision for America, even as the land of liberty.

I have been against support of the never ending money laundering machine for the two years I’ve been examining it. I and so many others have fought the fight against the American war machine. But maybe the whole point has been not to win the fight, but to simply expose it, to actually help truth come to pass so that more Americans might take ownership of their country. I came across another post by “BioClandestine” this week that makes a ton of sense to me. I may not agree in full just yet, sort of like Walt’s mention of a monarch, but I do see why BioClandestine has had enough:

The way I see it, it doesn’t matter what Congress do[es] between now and January 2025.

It doesn’t matter where they send our money. It’s already stolen. Once it’s in their hands, it’s gone. It’s not coming back to us.

Nothing changes until an unprecedented reckoning happens in DC.

That may have to be the end of our conversation and beer today. Because right now it’s the only thing that makes sense. Total demolition and rebuild.

Most people, other than the loons, want to feel like balanced justice is the natural response–no matter how long it takes–to any given crime. They expect it to be predictable so they can know that following the rules and just living a good life for God, self, and neighbor is truly the right thing to do.

America today is clearly anything but predictable.

With every passing week, as the murderers, child traffickers, extortionists, money launderers, and outright Satanists get off scot-free, it must also be true that if America indeed is going to emerge victorious as I still believe it will, then one thing that must be broken down is our assumptions of how justice will work in this case.

We (I) have to come to an understanding of what we are dealing with. We (I) have to come to an understanding of what it will actually take to drain the swamp, to destroy the cabal, to wipe out the Deep State.

I don’t think we’ve known what that actually means at all since Trump started saying it back in 2015.

We the People are realizing that they are not DC’s priority. Maybe for the first time this week I am seeing that it is possible that no level of public awakening may be enough to save America as the republic we think it is or was. It seems there will have to be a reckoning on a level never before seen, and that may very well mean that the new president and his Department of Justice, along with whatever alliance he has formed with similar entities around the world, are going to have to do things outside the realm of political handshakes, empty press releases, and meaningless oversight committees. Outside the realm of what is considered the norm–because nothing ever gets done inside that norm.

Perhaps it is indeed time for Americans to start letting go of the “ideological fantasies” that try foolishly to combine individual freedoms with a cacophony of contradictory ideologies with the absence of a unifying God with the attempt to truly be one nation. None of those four things seem to be able to exist together. The question may not be whether the court of public opinion will reach a point where we can save America, but instead whether said court will be fed up enough at whatever precipice point comes to start over entirely with a new vision for government.

And the fact that that is such a scary prospect makes me want to crack open another beer.

Julian Assange, the ‘Criminal’ Who Woke Up the World

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.

Jeff LeJeune is the author of several books, writer for RVIVR, editor, master of English and avid historian, teacher and tutor, aspiring ghostwriter and podcaster, and creator of LeJeune Said. Visit his website at, where you can find a conglomerate of content.



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