Regarding Harrison Butker on the World Stage, Take Note How Like Items Are Lining Up

In recent months we have been spotlighting the importance of recognizing contrasts as the method in which whatever power is at work is illustrating to the “noticers” out there exactly where allegiances lie, yes, but perhaps more saliently, where the clear line between good and evil lies.

Make no mistake about this. The Harrison Butker aftermath is the same story as anything we are seeing coming out of the Middle East, out of Russia and Ukraine, out of Washington DC, or on the border.

Whether this be some covert, high level psychological military operation or the hand of God himself–or perhaps a conflation of both–the theme of the patterns in recent months has been increasingly clear.

The untying of knots.

Nuance is being exposed and the true tribes, instead of the politically expedient ones, are being revealed. Noticers have been at this for a long time. But what has been happening lately is that the non-noticers are being forced to recognize so much. And with more and more of that, every time, there is a new wave of Americans and people worldwide waking up to the sinister spirit that has been pervading humanity for decades and centuries.

The wolves among the sheep are being exposed.

What better time for this to be happening than in a season where we move from Easter into Pentecost, particularly in the Traditional Catholic Rite where “ordinary time” replete with the ugly green of robes and altar decor isn’t even a thing. From now until the end of the fall, you will find Traditional Catholics celebrating the longest liturgical season of the year, called “After Pentecost.”

Is this not a more appropriate way to dub the call Christians have to spread the good news of Jesus Christ? What is “ordinary” about that at all?

Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs is spreading that good news. No, he couldn’t spread all of the good news in his 20-minute commencement speech, but praise God, if you’re a noticer who has hoped and prayed for your fellow Catholics to be able to see–actually see–what is happening inside the Church, these story developments couldn’t be any more valuable.

Sure, there are the typical reasons materialistic, secular society is so upset en masse about Harrison Butker’s commencement speech about traditional family values. Secular society’s mission is to destroy the nuclear family so that individuals grow evermore dependent on the nanny state. It is what so many governors, including Louisiana’s Jeff Landry, are trying to remove us from.

Secular society, infiltrated by globalists, wants totalitarian control of our lives. For decades the economy has been such that it has been necessary that both parents work; we don’t even question this anymore. They also want both parents working so they have more tax money to steal. And they want our children to be raised in indoctrination centers known as public schools–an environment I worked tirelessly to defeat for the last six years–so they can brainwash our children while parents are at work.

Moreover, secular society wants to vilify ancient Christianity so they can push any of their pet “religions,” such as seemingly universal understandings of the Holocaust or football on Sundays. They want every human isolated and away from God, the truly sacred, without a higher purpose or Sovereign Lord, so that we will acquiesce to their earthly lordship just as long as we can go to our games and circuses.

Jesus Christ warns against this throughout Scripture. And it got him crucified. Is there any wonder Butker is getting the same?

These are all familiar attacks and aims from the secular world, and good Christians have long recognized it. But it is a different recognition entirely to see the previously-thought religious to side with the secular. Or more specific here, for Catholics to witness some Catholics side with the secular world instead of Traditional Catholics. World events–religious and non–are pushing these hiding vipers to the surface in a way that is exposing how closely related the political is to the religious.

Case in point, the rejection of Butker’s message by the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica.

“The sisters of Mount St. Scholastica do not believe that Harrison Butker’s comments in his 2024 Benedictine College commencement address represent the Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts college that our founders envisioned and in which we have been so invested,” the Benedictine Sisters said in a statement released via Facebook.

Butker’s words were directed to women who, like many female friends of mine–including my own mother–must value being a good wife and mother in the face of a secular society that deems it below their dignity. We all know the feminist climate in this country, so there is no need to expound.

“How many of you are sitting here now, about to cross this stage and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you are going to get in your career?” Butker said, before praising his wife for being a homemaker and it being one of the most important titles of all. “Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.”


The Poison of Nice (Sept 2023)

Man, Harrison Butker, Speaks to the ‘The Poison of Nice’ (May 2024)

More of the nuns’ statement strawmans his qualifying words “one of” and entirely deviates from his comparison between being a homemaker and being someone who chases down a career or material gain. Instead, they switch the comparison to something that not only misrepresents Butker’s words, but also spotlights themselves in incredibly narcissistic fashion:

“One of our concerns was the assertion that being a homemaker is the highest calling for a woman. We sisters have dedicated our lives to God and God’s people, including the many women whom we have taught and influenced during the past 160 years.

“Our community has taught young women and men not just how to be ‘homemakers’ in a limited sense, but rather how to make a Gospel-centered, compassionate home within themselves where they can welcome others as Christ, empowering them to be the best version of themselves.”

Benedictine College Nuns Condemn Harrison Butker Commencement Speech | Us Weekly

Doesn’t it all sound so nice? Doesn’t it all sound so…secular? Just consider the words of politicians when they are waxing poetic in defense of bad policy.

Just consider the slithering sweet sounding words of, say, a Barack Obama.

There were 3.6 thousand comments under that Facebook post. The first I saw was this one, and obviously we are in agreement:

“Harrison Butker did not say being a homemaker was the ‘highest calling’ as is asserted here. He actually just called it ‘One of the most important titles of all.’ That’s actually quite different and a misreading or misunderstanding of what he said.”

This type of thing is what sleazy politicians do. It is the nuns that are actually misrepresenting Butker’s words and causing a sinister form of division.

Notorious leftist Bill Maher, who likely won’t be personally espousing Traditional Catholic values per se, had another view, one that would seem perfectly valid in a sane America, even a non-religious one:

“I don’t see what the big crime is.

“I really don’t. And I think this is part of the problem people have with the left is that lots of people in this country are like this. Like he’s saying, some of you may go on to lead successful careers, but a lot of you are excited about this other way that people, everybody used to be. And now, can’t that just be a choice, too?”

As I have recently written, to win this war we will have to agree with people we don’t like when they speak truth. We cannot-not align with Butker’s speech just because Bill Maher has no problem with it. This is the lazy tribal mentality that has gotten us in this mess in the first place.

Believe it or not, though, the nuns do have some things right. It may surprise most Catholics and non- alike that consecrated, celibate life is the highest calling of the human person–see the Catechism of the Council of Trent, which includes the words of Christ and St Paul themselves.

But two problems are crucial to understand–one is the obvious strawman where Butker’s contrast was different (what the Facebook user points out), and perhaps more importantly, the fact that it appears from the photo as though these nuns are the nuns produced by the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. These are not the cloistered nuns of old who sacrificed their lives in order to pray, fast, and work for humanity in a truly unique way.

This is one of the reasons the Church has fallen so hard the last 50 years, why the promised “spring time” of Vatican II has never happened.

–At least not how they framed the promise. For truly, a new spring time is in fact emerging, but it isn’t through the new Mass or the new way of catechizing its faithful. Ever so slowly, and in perfect God-fashion, it is happening exactly because of the destructive wake of the mid-twentieth century’s changes. Traditional Catholics are realizing what was so close to becoming a casualty of history.

This is how God operates in the Old Testament. It is how he operates in the New. It is how he operates in the now.

He is revealing treasure in the darkest of seasons.

These are the knots being untied by whatever power–divine or otherwise–is revealing the truth to us. The Butker story is showing us that this is not in fact a clash of tribes “Catholic” vs “secular,” as a previously-non-noticer might initially guess. This story is exposing the rats inside the supposed “good” side of the war, illustrating how these elements are not only aligning with the secular world’s attack on Butker–but using the very same language to do it. These may be “nice” women on the surface, but it is my advice that we not latch onto to their statement as Gospel. For as Scripture itself warns us, in those days there will be wolves among the sheep.

It is Butker who is in the right here.

I do not mean to exclude Protestants in this article, certainly, but like Butker I am simply writing one of the many theses available today. I believe Protestants can glean a lot from this article and the struggles Catholics are facing. The divide between Traditional Catholics and the Catholics formed by Vatican II and the new Pauline Mass is widening, and more and more as we notice Church leaders abandon the ancient faith in favor of the “nice,” the faithful are returning to the religion taken from us. This type of unraveling of the knots is occurring in numerous geopolitical stories across the world. And the noticers are increasing by the day.


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May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.

Jeff LeJeune is the author of several books, writer for RVIVR, editor, master of English and avid historian, teacher and tutor, aspiring ghostwriter and podcaster, and creator of LeJeune Said. Visit his website at, where you can find a conglomerate of content.



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