VIDEO: Kennedy Sums Up The Trump/Fat Alvin Trial In New York In 54 Seconds

Here’s something nice and short that you’ll likely enjoy thoroughly. It’s Sen. John Kennedy, appearing on Fox News, giving his assessment of that ridiculous “hush money” trial in New York in which Donald Trump is being charged with felonies without any particular specification of a crime he’s committed.

Kennedy notes what we all know, namely that this is purely political and a scandalous abuse of the legal system which is (1) not working and (2) almost certain to produce consequences those involved will regret.

The video, then below some other observations…

It’s good Kennedy heaps a mountain of ridicule on Fat Alvin Bragg, the Soros-backed district attorney in New York who can’t even specify an underlying crime through which Trump is supposedly mounting a cover-up by committing misdemeanor paperwork violations.

Paying hush money to Stormy Daniels is not a crime. Even doing so to benefit a political campaign is not a crime (there are circumstances surrounding potentially doing so which might make the conduct criminal, but neither the Department of Justice nor the Federal Election Commission pursued the question). So without an underlying crime, Bragg doesn’t have anything to charge Trump with.

But that doesn’t matter to the lawless villains who run New York, not to mention their directors in Washington.

How outrageous is this kangaroo court? Let’s let Rep. Elise Stefanik, in whose back yard this sorry spectacle is taking place, take us through just how rotten the whole enterprise is…


That’s worth watching just for the open when she blows up the obnoxious Dan Goldman as a “novice freshman.” Walking the witness through that gauntlet of facts is one of the most brutal moments we’ve seen in Congress in a good while.

Nevertheless, the trial goes on, and given the kangaroo-court jury selection the best Trump can realistically hope for is a hung jury.

Which might actually happen, and if it does it might just be the end of this lawfare campaign that Team Biden has attempted to substitute for an actual political campaign.

Let’s hope so. Because it’s almost assured that Republicans will respond to lawfare in kind, and that would be one more step down the road to a civil war the corrupt, meritless sleazeballs who run today’s Democrat Party are doing everything they can to create.



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