BAYHAM: We Saw What We Saw Last Night, And We Can’t Unsee It

Thursday night’s debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump may very well go down as the most consequential presidential debate in television history as it could lead to an unprecedented change on a presidential ticket.

I listened to the debate initially on the radio and I was surprised how weak the president’s voice was. Biden didn’t just sound every bit of his 81 years, but he came off as ill.

None of this was surprising considering the mountain of footage in existence of Biden appearing bewildered in basic settings though such images were not broadcast or even acknowledged by the establishment media on the level of its newsworthiness

But when I later tuned in on the CNN televised format somehow Biden came off worse as you could see the visible anguish in his face while trying answer questions.

What I and every American not on the Democratic political dole saw was not just a man who had no business standing on the debate stage but who shouldn’t be president.

Just a few weeks ago the New York Post showed video footage of a visibly lost and disoriented Biden in France, yet the film was vilified all over social media with claims that the images were edited to make it appear that what we saw was not what we saw.

With the CNN moderators stepping back offering no succor nor interference and Trump mercifully, for his own good, restrained from barging in on his opponent’s time to mentally construct sentences America…strike that…the world- our friends and our adversaries-  all saw what we saw.

Removed from the protective insulation of his interference-running press team, handlers, and wranglers and not choreographed nor stage-managed, the president was burdened with the task of having to formulate and enunciate his own thoughts.

Biden’s most serious opponent wasn’t the “orange man” peppering him with insults on the other side of the stage but himself and his own encroaching limitations.

The emperor had no lucidity.

For the Democrats, their confidence in their ability to paper over the apparent feebleness of their candidate was shredded. There wasn’t enough spin in an F-5 tornado to distract from the worst performance in a national debate since Admiral Stockdale tanked any hope Ross Perot had of being elected president.

For the casual Biden supporter who harbors a visceral dislike of Trump, they confronted the abject horror that someone in such a diminished mental state serves (or at least occupies the post) as president.

There are a few “loyalists”…if that word in any connotation could be used under these circumstances, who rushed out to defend Biden, and with a straight face attempted to minimize the fallout from his performance.

However, such grifters are few and far between. Not even the Biden campaign can issue that many checks.

And like the political whores they are, they’ll move on to the next “john” when the time comes.


With no opportunity for Biden to redeem himself in this format until September 10th, the very debate terms he mandated, a retreat to the confines of his political bunker safe space would do him no favors as the impression he last left will live in people’s minds and Instagram feeds for the next two months.

Curated public appearances won’t help his cause either.

If the panic by the Democrats, people who are accustomed to shamelessly circling the wagons under the most crass circumstances, across the media spectrum has not signaled the end of Biden’s political career then the almost certain spiraling polling that will follow the debate will make it inevitable if not official.

I would expect a withdrawal to occur at some point between July 11th (when Trump is sentenced in New York) and mid-July, the later the better as it would overshadow the Republican National Convention as the focus would be on who the Democrats will nominate and the drama that would ensue.

Perhaps even a resignation would be part of the discussion that would allow Kamala Harris to be president without becoming her party’s nominee this November.

Regardless of the details of the timing, the candidates, the process, and the deals I cannot see how Joe Biden continues to serve as his party’s nominee.

And when considering the unprecedented pre-convention timing of this disastrous debate, I don’t think those who laid out the terms of the one-on-one were oblivious of this possibility and perhaps saw it as facilitating the inevitable.

For everyone in the media, his party, and his administration who have attempted to cover up what many of us suspected or already knew about President Biden’s true condition, you owe this country an apology.

You betrayed the trust of the people and nobody should have any confidence in you ever again.

Many of us knew what we saw over the past four years.

After Thursday night, all of us saw what we saw.



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