The Gaslighting Isn’t Going To Stop Due To Last Night. It Can’t.

You might be like me, in that after last night’s debate debacle, what you really can’t wait for is Karine Jean-Pierre’s next press avail gaslighting the White House press corps.

That’ll be a hoot, right? You already know what she’s going to say: that Joe Biden had an off-night due to a cold, and that CNN’s moderators did a poor job because they didn’t fact-check all of the “lies” Donald Trump told during the debate.

And so on.

What Jean-Pierre is not going to do is admit that the mumbling, disengaged, sickly, doddering husk of a man on that debate stage last night getting bumfuzzled by each question and failing to make complete sentences is who Joe Biden is, and who he has been ever since he’s occupied the Oval Office.

Anybody who’s paid attention has known since 2020 that Biden is non compos mentis, that he’s in an advanced state of mental decline and that he isn’t actually running the country. This has been the Weekend at Bernie’s presidency from the very beginning, a rather shoddy production imposed on us by the political machine of one Barack Hussein Obama, with a very large assist from “Dr.” Jill Biden, our Lady MacBeth of a First Lady who so enjoys the trappings of her husband’s office that any degree of elder abuse which must be imposed on him is of little concern.

It was Lady MacBiden who helped a confused Biden off the stage in Atlanta and shuffled him off to a post-debate rally, at which he proceeded to become confused and thanked the people of North Carolina for their hospitality, and then brought him to a Waffle House for even more unproductive exposure. And Biden is out on the campaign trail again today, an indication that Team Biden is thoroughly unfazed by the debacle of last night.

But wait, you say, surely this gaslighting operation can’t continue. As Mike Bayham says in his post this morning, the public saw what we saw.

I’m here to tell you that last night means a lot less than you think. And while in a sane America Joe Biden ought to be out by noon today as the Democrats’ nominee, this hasn’t been a sane America in a long time.

Remember, Joe Biden is a figurehead. He’s a puppet. Consider that Obama is the first former president to choose to live in Washington, DC, and that is no accident. There is only one reason to live in Washington: it’s a company town, and you’re with the company. Obama is the reason there was a Biden-Harris ticket in the first place. The Democrat electorate in 2020 had very, very little interest in voting for either one, but Team Obama forced it down their throats in order that Obama would continue to run the country.

Which is exactly what he’s done.

So you’re Barack Obama, and you’ve transformed American elections from a battle for the heart and soul of the nation’s people to a ballot-harvesting contest. You believe, and you aren’t wrong based on what you accomplished in 2020, that you can community-organize just about any electoral result no matter how implausible or ridiculous. And what’s important to you is the obedience of your nominee.

Why would you get rid of Biden? Because of a bad debate?

I agree that this was worse than just bad. This was catastrophic. Disqualifying. Those like Bayham and Brian Trascher, who also has a solid take on last night, who think it has to be over at this point aren’t unreasonable in seeing things that way.

I just think they’re wrong.

The fact remains that Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s most plausible and safest outlet to wielding power. If it isn’t Biden then there’s a real problem.

If Biden goes, you then have to sell Kamala Harris to the American people. Good luck with that. But getting rid of Harris puts the black female vote in jeopardy, because you can’t just pick over a black female without a major backlash.

Unless it’s Michelle Obama, but if Michelle had any interest in the job we’d have seen the wheels turning on Biden for a good while.


And as I said in my latest American Spectator column, the only other plausible Obama insider puppet out there is J.B. Pritzker, the awful governor of Illinois. And for lots of reasons, Pritzker is a non-starter.

Everybody else out there you could turn to, whether it’s Gavin Newsom, Hillary Clinton, Josh Shapiro, Gretchen Whitmer, Amy Klobuchar or Gina Raimondo, is not going to be a Barack Obama puppet.

And if you think any of them play well enough with others that the nomination fight, without benefit of a primary race or an open convention, can be conducted in an orderly and non-divisive fashion, you aren’t paying attention. All of these players are among the most vicious monsters on the world political landscape, each of them would literally kill for power over their fellow man (in Hillary’s case, a non-crazy argument can be made that it’s happened repeatedly), and they all see themselves in Messianic terms. They’re not just going to agree on who gets the nomination.

How do you have a succession fight without a primary process?

Remember, at least as things sit now you can’t just go to an open convention. The debacle in Ohio, whose ballot deadline is August 7, two weeks before the convention date, makes that impossible. To get a nominee on the ballot the Democrats are doing a “virtual roll call” before the convention.

That was a formality when it was clearly Biden. Make it not clearly Biden and you’re awfully short of a mechanism to find somebody.

And again, Joe Biden is holding all the delegates to that convention. He is their nominee unless he bows out.

And he doesn’t think he has a problem. Jill doesn’t think there’s a problem. And Obama has even bigger problems if Biden goes.

I wouldn’t assume they change Biden out. A safer assumption at this point is that the gaslighting will continue, and maybe get even more aggressive from here.



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