KOENIG: ‘Louisiana First’ Meets ‘America First’ at Trump Fundraiser

On Monday, President Trump made a trip to New Orleans in the days ahead of the first 2024 presidential debate. Trump visited the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans for his first visit to Louisiana since a bogus Manhattan jury wrongfully convicted him on 34 felony charges last month.

The event brought some major attention to New Orleans and Louisiana’s political scene. Minor anti-Trump protests took place outside the New Orleans fundraiser. However, rain showers in the evening scattered the small band of protestors.

On a minor note, Fox 8 News interviewed one of the goofballs protesting, and a pretty comical interaction ensued:

Fox 8 reporter:If you were able to exchange words with Donald Trump today, what would you say to him?

Protestor:I would tell Donald Trump that him and the people uhh fundraising for him uhh should use that money to pay for taxes to make this country a better place, make this state a better place, ummm instead of spending their money on a very controversial and a kind of uhh corrupt political campaign.”

The Louisiana far-left is not sending their best folks to these protests. No wonder Louisiana Democrats are in such disarray if these protestors are their primary voting base, and no wonder Trump is so wildly popular. The contrast between supporter and non is clear.

On the other hand, over a score of patriots came out to rally in support of President Trump deep in the heart of New Orleans. Their dedication to publicly supporting Trump in a deep blue area is both admirable and worthy of praise. Local media interviewed several Louisiana patriots outside the fundraiser.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to attend this intimate fundraiser and hear President Trump speak in front of the Louisiana crowd. In addition to President Trump, several major Louisiana elected officials attended this event—including Governor Jeff Landry, US Senator John Kennedy, and US House Majority leader Steve Scalise.

Trump’s fundraiser speech centered around the primary issues plaguing our nation– including mass immigration, Biden’s disastrous foreign policy decisions, the Regime’s weaponization of the legal system. Trump’s most notable line from the speech occurred when he started talking about Louisiana politics. In fact, Trump said that if he lost Louisiana in the 2024 presidential election, then it would be the “greatest upset” in American political history. Jokes aside, he reiterated how the 2024 presidential election is the most important election in US history.

By the end of the night, the fundraiser had become a major success for the Trump campaign. In fact, the event reportedly brought in over $5 million in donations for the Trump 47 Committee Inc.

However, the most notable aspect of the evening was the fusion taking place at the fundraiser: the integration of the “Louisiana First” movement and the “America First” movement.

In recent months, Louisiana has made national headlines on numerous occasions for the “Louisiana First” legislation passed in the regular and special sessions earlier this year.

Here are some of the recent “Louisiana First” wins making national headlines:

-The LA Supreme Court’s decision to create the city of St. George

PragerU resources added to Louisiana social studies programs

-The 10 Commandments bill (HB 71)

-The recent creation of Educations Savings Accounts (SB 313)

Of course, Louisiana has a long way to go in reviving the state from decades of corruption, incompetence, and economic decline. Even in the last six months, we’ve witnessed several notable defeats under the Landry administration—e.g. insurance reform, Congressional redistricting, and the failed Constitutional Convention bill.

Nevertheless, small steps matter. Louisiana is finally starting to get on the right track regarding education, crime/immigration, and the economy. Moving forward, the key in Louisiana is for grassroots patriots to continue pushing our Republican politicians to promote more Louisiana First policies heading into the Legislature’s fiscal session next year.

Back in 2016, President Trump reignited the America First movement during his initial presidential run. Now, our job in Louisiana is to promote Louisiana First candidates and policies regardless of what happens in Washington DC.

Louisiana is no longer an unimportant, remote political swamp. Louisiana is now at the forefront of the America First movement, and we cannot let up our efforts with the 2024 election cycle around the corner.

Let’s put Louisiana First!

Nathan Koenig is a frequent contributor to RVIVR.com, a national conservative political site affiliated with The Hayride. Follow his writing on the Louisiana First Standard Substack, on Twitter (X) @LAFirstStandard, and on Instagram @tincanconservative. Email him here: louisianafirststandard@proton.me



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