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How The Bastards Killed Our Coast

The Fox News/New Black Panther Case Expose’, Part Two

30 Seconds Of Joe Bite-Me…

We Like This Guy…

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Cassidy Beats Up Salazar At House Hearing

Kinda Shocking, But Not Really…

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want GOP Congressmen Seeing Gulf Oil Spill

Jindal Signs Jungle Primary Bill; Edwards-Duke Congressional Races More Likely

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Jindal Meets With Biden, Still Livid Over Federal Response

A Smattering Of Interesting Items…

Rasmussen: Vitter Gains, Still Leads Melancon By Wide Margin

Geraghty Compilation On Byrd Whitewash Is Spot On

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The Top Seven Examples Of Federal Idiocy In The Gulf Oil Spill Saga

Rep. Alexander Rejoices As Supreme Court Clobbers Gun Bans On 2nd Amendment Grounds

The Gentleman’s Time Has Expired

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