Quote Of The Day, June 12, 2018

VIDEO: Cameron Henry’s John Bel Edwards Bad Restaurant Patron Analogy

Here’s Hoping This Next Special Session Implodes Like The Last Two

Quote Of The Day, June 11, 2018

JBE Isn’t Going To Be Able To Run For Re-Election On The Strength Of His Flood Recovery Program

Quote Of The Day, June 8, 2018

Clay Higgins’ GOP Challenger Has Rudy Giuliani Coming Into Lafayette To Raise Money For Him

How Petty And Vindictive Is John Bel Edwards? Just Look At His Capital Outlay Vetoes

At Some Point We’re Going To Have To Address The Rot In Our Universities…

Quote Of The Day, June 7, 2018

There Are Four New Appointees To The LSU Board Of Supervisors. What Do We Know About Them?

Quote Of The Day, June 6, 2018

AUDIO: Seabaugh, Back In Shreveport This Morning, Talks About Budgets And Taxes On KEEL

BRIGGS: Let The Free Market Rule In The Austin Chalk

VIDEO: We Figured You’d Like To See Karen Carter Peterson’s Meltdown Last Night, So Here It Is

We Should Talk About The Horrendous Rob Shadoin…

Last-Minute Heroics Save Louisiana Taxpayers, Kill Left-Lurching Special Session

Quote Of The Day, June 5, 2018

The Neil Abramson-Tyler Bridges Kerfuffle, June 2018 Edition

The Louisiana Senate Demands A Giveaway To The Poor Paid For By A Tax On Flood Recovery