Part Five: The Left-Wing Media

Conservatives must transfer their appeal to the American people to conservative media institutions and get away from those institutions dominated by the Left. This is of a piece with my suggestion of economic warfare against the Left’s media; a total boycott of conservatives from those media entities is what’s in order.

As an example, there should NEVER be a Sarah Palin hit job by Katie Couric ever again; that was a colossal mistake for which whoever agreed to it should never work in conservative politics again.

But if a major Republican or conservative political candidate is forced by whatever exigencies may arise to consent to an interview with a left-wing parasite like Couric again it should only be done on the condition that our side has a camera in the room and we will be able to air the raw copy of the interview on the internet the day AFTER CBS or whoever runs their edited piece.

Doing so will expose these people for the frauds and propagandists they are; they will not consent to it. But forcing them to adhere to a standard of accountability at least as high as that which they demand of conservative political figures is nothing if not fair, and the American people will perceive it.

Besides, viral marketing is far more powerful and cost-effective than anything the world has ever seen – and we are already behind the other side when it comes to making use of it. That must change immediately.