The Brennan’s Beatdown – Going Dark

And now comes something not altogether unexpected. Daniel Mauch, “francisnblake,” has gone dark.

He’s deleted all 21 of his YouTube videos. And he’s made his Facebook page private. Poof – he’s gone.

He posted in the comments below, and I asked him in reply if he knew the identity of “D-Bloc,” the blogger for the Iron Rail Book Collective’s blog who bragged about vandalizing French Quarter banks, and also bragged to Gambit’s Best Of New Orleans Blog about how “rich plutocrats shat themselves” following confrontations with the Iron Rail Gang’s protestors last Friday.

D-Mauch had nothing much to say about D-Bloc. He didn’t respond to my query. Instead, he decided to vanish.

You can decide this for yourself, but I’m thinking here that deleting the videos of that protest on Friday, and particularly the videos from outside Brennan’s, doesn’t help the Iron Rail Gang’s cause much. If in fact you’re innocent and you didn’t do anything wrong, then why wouldn’t you be proud to show the world how you stood up to those racist, bigoted Republicans? And if your group wasn’t responsible for beating the crap out of a pair of them, why do you need to hide your faces?

Oh, and by the way – Joanna Dubinsky is gone, too. Her facebook page is history.

Doesn’t look good. Doesn’t look good at all.

Neither one denied involvement in what happened to Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown before they decided to vanish. I sure would have insisted on doing that. I would also have made a point to say how much I deplore violence. But that’s just me.