The Brennan’s Beatdown – Police Confirmation, Of Sorts

Via Pat, there is now confirmation via the New Orleans Police Department that the attack was, in fact, political:

I just had a very interesting and somewhat confusing conversation with New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young.

Mr. Young confirmed to me that the New Orleans police had indeed taken statements from both of the victims, Jindal aide Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe [Brown]. He confirmed that in those statements, the victims reported that their assailants had indeed hurled “insults” at them, and the “insults” were, and I quote, “of a political nature”. Describing the entire attack, he went on to say “it was of a political nature”. I then repeated what he told me, and he confirmed it as accurate. I had a witness on the call, Mark Harvey of the Snooper Report, who can confirm this. However, for reasons I’m not clear about, when I pressed him again later, he began to backtrack a bit, perhaps with some cya in regard to his superiors, and he said that he was not authorized to give an official statement about the contents of the “insults”, and for the record, it had not officially been made clear to him what the contents of those “insults” were. He ended up going from “yes, it was of a political nature” to “I’m not sure”. Mark, an established blogger, was as baffled as I.

My read on this: he caught himself talking out of school in a relaxed opening with me, and then backtracked before he got his ass in trouble.

He then informed me that the lead detective on the case was one Detective Nick Gernin, a crack officer, one of the very best in the 8th Division, the Division assigned to cover the French Quarter. Detective Gernin had told him yesterday that he had “a couple of hours” of surveillance tapes to review last night. Mr. Young told me that the Detective wasn’t in the office yet, but that as soon as he was, he would get a report from him as to the contents of those tapes, and he would call me with whatever their was to report about them.

Mr. Young also told me that there was no other new information to report on the case at this time, and that there were no named suspects on anybody’s mind or list, yet.

Do we now finally get actual mainstream media attention on this case, or are we going to have to watch the story continue to be ignored?