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VIDEO: WRNO-AM Interviews Tim Reily

VIDEO: WRNO-AM Interviews Tim Reily
September 30
11:17 2011

An indication of what you go through if you live in New Orleans and wish to express your political views in graphic form. Reily’s been threatened, he had an urban radio station gin up protestors outside of his house, he’s had Herman Cain yard signs stolen and now he’s got a left-wing fascist city councilwoman trying to stop him from expressing his first amendment rights.

And of course he’s a racist, regardless of those Herman Cain signs and the Cain bumper stickers on the Obama-in-diapers sign he’s currently displaying. The professionally-offended set camping out across the street from his house doesn’t have much else by way of a critique to offer.

Particularly now that Reily has said he’s a Tea Party guy. He might as well have told his unwanted guests he’s the Grand Cyclops of uptown New Orleans.

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  1. Jeffersonian
    Jeffersonian September 30, 16:47

    Good for him. I support his right to express his ideas on his own property.

  2. TeaPartyMan
    TeaPartyMan September 30, 17:14

    I think Reilly is being pretty kind, considering the state of our nation and our presidency.  And I see nothing disgusting about the sign.

  3. Fishaholic
    Fishaholic September 30, 17:24

    I wish I could get a sign like that to put in my yard.

    • Word On The Street - WCBM
      Word On The Street - WCBM October 01, 01:55

      MIght be something he wants to start marketing!  Elections are coming, could be a windfall for him!

      I love the signs, applaud his gumption, and support his 1st Amendment Right to do so. 

      In fact, I’ll support his 1st Amendment Right with my 2nd Amendment Right if need arises!

  4. Fishaholic
    Fishaholic September 30, 17:28

    I also like Herman Cain for president. I think Herman is a true american.

  5. linn35
    linn35 October 01, 16:12

    wow freedom of speech,how awful!

  6. Reed829
    Reed829 October 01, 16:35

    I’d put up the same sign if my dumb HOA would allow it! Go Mr. Reilly!

  7. Ellen Madera
    Ellen Madera October 01, 21:50

    There should be another sign up: CAUTION: Freedom of Speech at work here.
    Prez Zero doesn’t deserve respect, so he doesn’t get it.  AND, the race card is always played when they have nothing to offer in the way of facts and common sense.
    Don’t take the sign down!

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