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They Grow Morons In Georgia

They Grow Morons In Georgia
December 01
15:07 2011

This is what passes for culture in Athens now.

The days of REM and Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ are long gone.

Is it me, or doesn’t this clown show remind you of some other misfits who decided to pretend they could rap?

Yeah, OK. You’re right. The Nerds were a lot better.

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  1. Chinquapin
    Chinquapin December 01, 18:40

    Refugees from Occupy Atlanta?

  2. Tombonnews
    Tombonnews December 02, 07:18

    is Les Miles behind all this somehow. I mean, c’mon, a rapping midget? 

  3. Dredmoody
    Dredmoody December 02, 13:32

    …. and what’s with the blonde guy with the child molester moustache, not to mention the “Animation Movers” feel of the whole video. I mean Bob the Builder; okay… Bozo the Bulldog; just way not all  that.

  4. GovernorClaiborne
    GovernorClaiborne December 02, 13:59

    Because I couldn’t watch the whole thing, I shouldn’t have the right to an opinion.
    Anyway, this is worse than White Boys Can’t Dance.  What do you say when Johnny
    should return to the Farm, but has forgotten how to plant cotton?

  5. Dday
    Dday December 02, 14:10

    Oh, my, Gosh. This is….unfortunate. Cmon ‘dogs, show a little talent-or class-or something! This is an embarrassment for the entire South, let alone the SEC.

  6. C. Anthony Thomas
    C. Anthony Thomas December 02, 14:22


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