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This Trayvon Martin Thing Is Starting To Look Like A Real Problem

This Trayvon Martin Thing Is Starting To Look Like A Real Problem
March 26
11:37 2012

After having gleaned a bit about the tragic story in Sanford, Florida, where a seemingly-overzealous Neighborhood Watch volunteer got into a physical confrontation with a decidedly-unpleasant 17-year old kid and ended up shooting said kid while getting beaten up in said confrontation, one way to see the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case is of a really unfortunate situation where neither side is perfect and neither is completely wrong.

Zimmerman seems to suffer from Barney Fife syndrome, and it would be charitable to say he took his self-appointed role as a Neighborhood Watch superhero a bit too seriously. Word is Zimmerman had made some 80 calls to 911 about crime in his area, and that’s excessive even if the neighborhood did have a problem with break-ins. And if Zimmerman wanted to play peace officer, he clearly had more officer than peace about his style – which led to the ultimately fatal confrontation.

That said, details about Trayvon Martin which are emerging, including the appearance that he’d been suspended from school for beating up a bus driver, indicate he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory. Martin looks to have relished precisely the kind of gangland persona which led Zimmerman to think he was up to no good the night of Feb. 26 – and when he demanded to know why Zimmerman was following him, it appeared rather than act in a civilized manner one would hope a 17-year old kid in the presence of an elder, he either started a fight or willingly participated in it, and when he’d pinned Zimmerman down and had the latter screaming “Help!” in the presence of multiple witnesses, the fatal shot was fired. All Martin needed to do was to say “No sir, I’m not up to no good. I’m just walking back from the store to my grandmother’s place, this is her address and I’m sorry for any confusion my appearance might have caused.” He didn’t, and all hell broke loose.

Nobody’s innocent here, and nobody’s the devil. The whole thing is just sad. It would be best if the whole country could say a prayer for Trayvon Martin’s family AND for George Zimmerman, whose life has been ruined whether the police ultimately charge him with something or not, and seek to come to some consensus about what lessons can be learned from this terrible confrontation.

That’s not what’s happening, though. The race pimps have decided they’re going to turn this into Scottsboro or Medgar Evers. They’ll happily settle for making it Tawana Brawley or the Duke Lacrosse case – that’s good for business, too.

What’s entirely likely is they’ll also get the Crown Heights riot for their trouble. Or worse. Think anything good will come out of this?

This latest bit is absolutely Eric Holder’s fault. When you send a signal to the New Black Panthers that they can get away with brandishing nightsticks and howling racial epithets in front of a polling place on Election Day, they’re going to put out bounties on American citizens in the impression they can get away with that as well. This is what’s known as running amok.

You don’t want the worst people on earth running amok, and the New Black Panthers certainly qualify.

Last week our president, who had a chance to say something conciliatory which might have helped defuse this bomb, instead embraced Trayvon Martin by saying if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon. Obama probably didn’t know that Martin’s Twitter handle would make him not just slightly radioactive as the subject of a presidential affiliation, so we can probably mark that down as a mistake along the lines of the Henry Louis Gates debacle.

You can’t have a beer summit with dead bodies, though. This one will be pretty difficult to wiggle out of, particularly when Obama’s allies in the race industry turn it into an all-out brawl.

And that’s what will happen if nobody exercises leadership with this thing. We need somebody to rise above the mob, and soon. Obama needs to repudiate the New Black Panthers and tell them to leave George Zimmerman alone, because if they get to him there will be repercussions.

The Zimmerman-Martin thing isn’t even a black-white thing. Zimmerman’s father is white, but he’s half-Hispanic and he doesn’t exactly look like Mitt Romney. He’s being dropped in the Caucasian bucket by the race pimps because it’s more convenient for him to be there. This has to be Blacks vs. Whites, or it’s bad for business.

But race riots are good for business if you’re Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or the New Black Panthers. Are they good for Barack Obama?

One wouldn’t think so. The way this is moving, though, we might well be about to find out.

UPDATE: Obama just started selling hoodies on his website, and they’re having a sale. Glad to know the president’s campaign is committed to being the adults, no?

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  1. Jim Ryals
    Jim Ryals March 26, 17:21

    Obama's as big a race pimp as Sharpton and Jackson. And he sees this as another false meme to focus on rather than his failed presidency. Certainly better than that silly "repubs want to steal your vagina" false meme he was previously peddling.

  2. Christi Domingue-Rangel
    Christi Domingue-Rangel March 26, 19:14

    Great article! This is a no win-no win situation being made worse.

    • Shelley Jourdan Harrison
      Shelley Jourdan Harrison March 27, 03:28

      Sorry Christy I can't agree. I think this article misses the point and in no way do I think calling for justice is making a no win situation worse. I can't imagine where our country would be if people didn't stand up for what they believe in. There are many facts that this article fails to address, but it was clearly written from a political perspective.

    • Christi Domingue-Rangel
      Christi Domingue-Rangel March 27, 15:51

      I'm not saying that calling for justice is making a no win situation worse. I feel that people such as Jesse Jackson & the New Black Panther Party are making the situation worse.There should be justice. I believe Zimmerman pursued Trayvon purely based on racial profiling. If what is being said about a scuffle is true, Trayvon may not be without any guilt either. That's what I mean about a no win situation…I think both people made poor choices…Zimmerman in his over zealous following of Trayvon & Trayvon in engaging in a fight & possible going for Zimmerman's gun (if that report is correct).

    • Cort Schaumburg
      Cort Schaumburg March 28, 10:25

      Christi Domingue-Rangel Zimmerman did not pursue Trayvon purely based on racial profiling. Because racial profiling is a term that pertains to law enforcement as handed down in the Supreme Court ruling on that matter. Zimmerman as self appointed block captain or whatever. IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. God I wish people would quit misusing this term. It in itself leads to misjudgement of guilt under law that does not exist. The use of this term will certainly prejudice any future potential jury. You can say you believe that Zimmerman followed Trayvon because of his race or because he was black. The problem is from what I've heard thus far Zimmerman began following before he any idea of race. Further would it change anything if Zimmerman said: I'm following a black male who is in the area acting suspicious. I ask because a police officer in that situation would probably say those exact words if he could determine the race. Wasn't it even the dispatcher who asked the race? Why? Because its an important piece of information when trying to locate a subject. Along with giving the clothing description and asking for backup in the case of law enforcement. The acting suspicion or eratic is really the key. Its impossible at this point to get into Zimmerman head and determine what he thinks is suspicious. Based on the fact he had called police something like 90 times previous. Its probably safe to assume he's an idiot that finds everything suspicious. As I said earlier here or elsewhere stupid is not a crime. Further whether you like it or not. Wearing apparrel out of character for the time, temperature and/or for the area. Would be a reasonable additional factor at that point. I'm sorry the average person doesn't wear a hooded sweatshirt (hoodie) in the South in the spring. People who wear such often are trying to conceal their identity. When I was in law enforcement what they called sporter jackets were all the rage. These were hooded winter jackets with a sports team logo on them. The gansters and wanna be gansters would be outside wearing the damn things in 90 degree heat. Whether you like it or not the current uniform of the day for gansters and wanna be gansters is hooded sweatshirts. And the yet unsubstantiated rumors of tatoos and gold inlaid teeth just add icing to that cake. Assuming that Trayvon wasn't up to no good as I'm willing to do. And assuming Zimmerman had the best intentions. What you really appear to have is a wanna be ganster and wanna be cop who unfortunately crossed paths with tragic consequence. For a police officer to allow his own personal feelings or prejudice of the situation. To lead him to arrest would open himself to charges of false arrest and civil litigation. I'm sorry based on what I've seen and heard there is no probable cause to support arrest. The matter should be sent to a grand jury to determine determine if an inditement should be handed down. Thanks to the idiotic media coverage, ridiculous statements by public officials, and shit stirring by the community organizers. Good luck impanneling a jury not predudiced by all.

    • Christi Domingue-Rangel
      Christi Domingue-Rangel March 28, 14:33

      Cort Schaumburg, thanks for the lesson on racial profiling. In the future, along with correcting people, why don't you also concentrate on constructing full, complete sentences to make your point. You lost me when you began using stream-of-consciousness fragmented sentences.

    • Cort Schaumburg
      Cort Schaumburg March 29, 01:19

      Christi Domingue-Rangel I'm dyslectic (probably spelled that wrong) and have a some other learning disabilities. At times it makes it hard to get the thoughts to writing with the correct order, spelling, and such. Its been a fight since childhood but I'll try harder in the future.

    • Cort Schaumburg
      Cort Schaumburg March 29, 02:20

      Glad you like it because I certainly don't. You can't imagine how much it sucks to have a genius IQ and not be able to put the thoughts to writing. At least not to writng that anyone less than a code breaker can dicipher. Use to drive my instructors in high school and college up the wall. On a test when asked to give a paragraph answer in writing. They would get gibberish like what you had to endure. Then knowing I knew the material from participation in class. They would just tell me what you were trying to explain in writing. After a half explanation of all I'd get an A. At least with the good ones that's the way it would usually work out. In any casde I much prerfer multiple choice tests LOL!

  3. Ryan Booth
    Ryan Booth March 26, 19:23

    Some of the appeal of Barack Obama was supposedly to heal racial division, but he's made the problem worse. And he won't be able to fix this incident with a beer summit.

  4. Cort Schaumburg
    Cort Schaumburg March 28, 03:45

    I agree with you Scott this one is a mess! Having worked in television especially working on investigative reports on juvenile crime and rape. As well as my time previously working in law enforcement as a police officer. What comes to mind is how often racially derogatory statements are made in regards to black on white crime. There is never media attention paid to the details of such. There is never public outcry. In this case the African American community is screaming for justice. There is a call for Zimmerman to be charged and tried under the additional Federal hate crime statues. The African American community organizers are yelling there is no equality under law in this country. And guess what they are right. Because we don't and the African American community doesn't hold itself to the same standards and rules. There is no justice when its not equal. Just to recite a chant I've heard recently. Again this one is a mess. I've looked at this from the aspects of self defense and use of deadly force. And its close on both counts. Buts that's the reality in almost all such cases. They are always close. And like in all after the fact we can debate all until the cows come home. And that's where the case should stay at this point. Without something substansive that puts race into the equation. This case needs to be judged strictly on the merits of self defense and was the use of deadly force reasonable. Its time for someone to step up and put the rest of this circus to bed before it gets out of control. President Obama needs to be that person.

  5. Pacer Fontenot
    Pacer Fontenot March 28, 18:06

    Where is Holder and the kenyan on this one?

    • Cort Schaumburg
      Cort Schaumburg March 29, 01:55

      Holder is probably having his office conduct an investigation into whether or not this situation merits pursuit as a hate crime under Federal statues. At this time because of shit storm that has been created surrounding this incident. Its not a bad idea. I just hope any such investigation is conducted without any bias or prejudice. President Obama has made some comments on the issue in support of Trevon family and such. What he has not done is ask everyone to step back, take a deep breath, and let the various investigations take their course. This is not surprising based on past history. Because it was Obama himself who prematurely misspoke calling the circumstaces surrounding the Harvard professor racial profilling. I for one would expect more of a former constitutional law proffessor. But then again we all make mistakes. In any case I think that would go a long way into calming this situation down until the various investigations are wrapped up. What's really disturbing is the comments by some political leaders and communitity organizers. Many of the comments made have been totally absent of any thought of the principle of innocent until proven guily. There has been no thought or comments made in regards to allowing the investigationsto be completed. And once completed having the matter sent to a grand jury to determine if an inditement is in order. In a situation like the one that exists in this case. This is the correct sequence of events that should transpire. Quite frankly in the square of public opinion the political leaders and community organizers have already convicted Zimmerman. This is really aggravating because many of those same people, not that long ago were in Jena Louisiana. Basically arguing the other end of the same stick.

  6. Christopher Hurd
    Christopher Hurd March 29, 13:10

    Ya trevon did not say I am going to my dads house, He should die for that mistake. Good old zimmerman should not have been perusing him. He is not a cop. Why did zimmerman not just say sorry to bother you and excuse himself from the situation. He did not because he was bolstered by the fact he was armed. This is only my opinion, but I believe he was looking for conflict. Well he found it.

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