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Maybe The Best Ad Of The Political Season So Far…

Maybe The Best Ad Of The Political Season So Far…
September 04
19:18 2012

Does the rhetoric of the Obama campaign bring about feelings of déjà vu, along with the inevitable nausea? If so, it could be ’cause we’ve heard it all before somewhere:

Have to say that the Republican National Committee has outdone itself with this new ad. With apologies to Abe Lincoln, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time—unless they are Obama voters.

UPDATE: Oscar thinks this one might actually be a little better. Decide for yourself.

UPDATE #2: Does this ad belong in the discussion? You guys are welcome to judge.

UPDATE #3: At least worth an honorable mention is the YoungCons’ ‘Are You Better Off’ spot which went up over the Oct. 21 weekend.

UPDATE #4: And a three-spot out of the Romney campaign on the day following the final debate.

UPDATE #5: This post would hardly be complete without a Clint Eastwood appearance in a campaign spot, right?

UPDATE #6: Regardless of the above, we nominate this for the worst ad of the cycle. Ugh.

UPDATE #7: Thanks to Michael Moore, Lena Dunham is no longer the worst political adster of 2012.

UPDATE #8: And now there’s the “Conservatism Is Calling” video, which isn’t so much a campaign ad as something everybody ought to see.

Plus, Romney has an ad out popping Obama for wanting to appoint a “Secretary of Business” – which is nothing but a warmed-over rehash of an old idea Obama had which never went anywhere.

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  1. Karen Louise Kreutz
    Karen Louise Kreutz October 18, 04:59

    Keep the dream for the republican party alive

  2. Emil Hirselj
    Emil Hirselj October 18, 11:27

    An excerpt;
    • Oct. 6: In a letter to Senate Republicans demanding an explanation for the shifting rhetoric, Rice lays the blame on the intelligence community, says she “relied solely and squarely on the information the intelligence community provided to me and other senior U.S. officials.”
    (NOTE: Now the rift between the Obama White House and the intelligence community is really opening up here. Some might not realize that as U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice answers FIRSTto President Barack Obama NOT to Hillary Clinton. Rice is a cabinet member. Her loyalty is to the WH not State. That letter she sent blaming the intelligence community was drafted and approved by high ranking Obama White House advisers…JARRETT.)

    Jarretts is in control.
    The Moderators are controlled by Obama!

  3. Mary Helen Vaughn
    Mary Helen Vaughn October 18, 13:10

    Why is it so difficult to see through this president? Same old same old!

  4. Jim Fouts
    Jim Fouts October 18, 13:43

    When Reagan became Govenor of Calf he passed the largest tax increase that the state had ever seen, as he recognized that you have to have money to operate goverment. Also he made a pledge to do away with with the Dept of Education when elected President, it didn't happen, did that mean he lied, didn't mean it, didn't intend to , just said that to get elected, don't think so, it is just a different ball game when you get in office.

  5. Jack Hey
    Jack Hey October 18, 14:03

    I'm sure Mitt has all the answers up his ass, plus 12 no 12.5 mil jobs, yea that's the ticket.

  6. James Fuller
    James Fuller October 18, 14:51

    Colorado Flordia Iowa Nevada New Hampshire North Carolina Ohio Virginia Wisconsin. If you aren't from one of these states, they probably don't care who you vote for.

  7. Peter Johansson
    Peter Johansson October 18, 15:34

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the next Dow crash coming. No stupid fundamental reasons (such as with the Flash Crash of 08). This one is right there on the Dow Charts. It's coming. Could be this month, could be early 2013, but it's coming. So, of course, many folks are jumping to gold to attempt to preserve their capital… but the gold crash isn't far behind. Imagine loading up now on gold only to watch it drop 30% to 40%. Those in years ago will just have a slight set-back, but those getting in now very well may see substantial loss of value of their assets.

  8. James Bryer
    James Bryer October 18, 17:17

    Put the criminal where he should be…Justice requires 'IT'…

  9. Marty Jr Surdam
    Marty Jr Surdam October 18, 17:23

    10/16/12 The night in American History that both Presidential Candidates admitted to investing and creating jobs in China! Would Tea Party have supported Washington if he created jobs in England? Wake up people!

    An ex-Democrat, I lobbied for the UAW. My Plant closed, I took a job dealing w/ Federal taxes (US Dept of Treasury). TRUST ME, this is the reason for our job loss, it has nothing to do with Labor costs! They've been allowed to buy our Congressmen as "American Based Corporations" while they smuggle Communist profits into election campaigns! Both Parties are running COMMIES for election! A Patriot is one who is LOYAL, hence "thanks for your Patronage"! Vote Gary Johnson!


  10. Robert Lacey
    Robert Lacey October 18, 17:56

    well, it just goes to tell you. they all blow smoke up your butt. He is without a doubt the A-hole of them all. He hasn't done a damn thing that he say he was going to do. I didn't vote for him before and I am sure not going too this time. Those of you who do, shame on you.

  11. Robert Lacey
    Robert Lacey October 18, 17:58

    Maybe his wife and himself should take a long look at this, its bad…..

  12. Dennis Getchell
    Dennis Getchell October 18, 20:23

    If you have any doubts watch the movie "2016".

    • Juana Verycken
      Juana Verycken October 20, 16:10

      It is easier to believe, without questioning. I have read, researched his Frieds: Frank Marshall, Ayers, Said, Unger, etc. Then I watched the movie" 2016: Obama's America. It becomes clear, crystal clear why he needs a second chance: To completely destroy America, economically, and militarily making us sitting dusks for the Middle East. He has weakened us eoconomically and militarily already, he needs the second term to complete his agenda. God Help America if he is re elected. Not too much hope for America.

  13. Dennis Getchell
    Dennis Getchell October 18, 20:23

    If you have any doubts watch the movie "2016".

  14. Daryl McDowell
    Daryl McDowell October 18, 20:27

    Change is coming alright……for the worse!

  15. Corinne Kason
    Corinne Kason October 18, 21:35

    Wow. Our President is sure consistent. He stuck to his beliefs and he's still trying to get this country out from under the previous administrations debt. Would love to see a side by side of Romney from 2008. He's changed his platforms with the wind. OOps…did I stumble into the dark sides website? Sorry…I'm leaving now and going to the light. <3 Bye.

  16. Franklin Welch
    Franklin Welch October 18, 21:41

    "Just words… Just Speeches" The Classic Quote!

  17. Maria Sciacca Hagenberger
    Maria Sciacca Hagenberger October 18, 21:59

    The same old BS 4 years latter. Go away Obama.

  18. Shirley Grubbs
    Shirley Grubbs October 18, 23:58


  19. Wanda Frantz Wheeler
    Wanda Frantz Wheeler October 19, 01:40

    Yes it should be brought out.

  20. Sheila Y. Crider
    Sheila Y. Crider October 19, 02:27

    To me this proves consistency! Definitely couldn't do a Romney commercial like that because his lie are inconsistent.

  21. Bonnie Hudson
    Bonnie Hudson October 19, 03:28

    Saved alot of time since he did not need to write a new speech! Ha Ha

  22. Theodore Schaper
    Theodore Schaper October 19, 12:37

    The GOVERNMENT has destroyed the U.S. by taking over education and the Unions. If we had believed in God and had preachers telling the truth we might have come out ahead but we left corruption take over.

  23. Larry Kelso
    Larry Kelso October 19, 13:32

    Sad to say, But in the present system, A new president is just putting new paint on an old car.
    We the people have been left behind and forgotten when it comes to our voice.
    The system gives us the illusion that we have a voice while behind closed doors the vote goes on by those who control the system, We lost America a long time ago.
    Don't believe it, Well look at society today, We have more people incarcerated then any other country in the world, Prison has become big business, we have more of them then any country in the world, Politics has become a carnival where no one is held accountable, Congress is owned by Lobbyist's for special interest , young people have no hope, Shall I continue?, larger national debt then any 20 countries of the world combined and a military that is used for political reasons instead of protecting our borders, How perverted can this become before "WE THE PEOPLE" Take back our country?
    At this late stage of my life, (68 years) just once I would like to see America be the country that I accepted it to be while growing up, What a sick joke this system has to become!

  24. Dick Lesh
    Dick Lesh October 19, 14:22

    Obama scares me, Mitt Scares me, Congress really scares the hell out of me, I think we are doomed!

    • Catt Cass
      Catt Cass October 27, 05:17

      It's amazing how many more people — extremely RICH people with incredibly sophisticated advisers — are renouncing their U.S. citizenship. Do you think they know something we don't?

  25. Sharon Williams
    Sharon Williams October 19, 15:05

    Sounds like a child that has memorized it's part for a school play!

  26. Daniel Vaca
    Daniel Vaca October 19, 17:29

    Stand up is tough to do,we will see whom WINNNNNNN

  27. Anna O'Leary
    Anna O'Leary October 19, 18:12

    Well said Christopher! It is not about who is President! It is about our whole damn corrupt govenment and until we the people of the US decide to clean that place out……..nothing is going to change and things are just going to get worse. The system has failed and we need to change it but only the people of the US can unite and do that………not Roomey,,,, not Obama………

  28. Ernie Cloutier
    Ernie Cloutier October 19, 19:08

    You should have got off the GOLF COURSE and kept your promises >>> Obamacare killed jobs >. If YOU SIR had created JOBS 4 years ago instead of letting Reid and Pelosi run this goverment we could be lowering our debt >> Instead you took 18 vacations and spent thousands on GOLF OUTTINGS while WE the PEOPLE try to survive and not lose our homes >. YOU gave OUR TAX DOLLARS to bail out big companies and threw us under the bus >> Would have been better it the banks YOU bailed out had to reduce our debt instead >. For every dollar the goverment gave the banks matched it in credits on our loans.

  29. Debbie Mccarthy Snyder
    Debbie Mccarthy Snyder October 19, 21:45

    Free loaders it all over !!!….turn in your Obama phones, Get off your FAT LAZY asses and get a job!!!

  30. Peggy Divelbiss Kays
    Peggy Divelbiss Kays October 19, 22:01


  31. Anonymous
    Anonymous October 19, 22:11

    I total agree with Christopher yes if we don't unite as one in this country we might as well kiss our a goodby.

  32. Rachel Kuenzel Shands
    Rachel Kuenzel Shands October 19, 23:26

    Obama is consistent. And he understands what we need to get back on track. The country is better off than it was four years ago. Obama 2012!

  33. Karla Braswell
    Karla Braswell October 20, 00:19

    Wow!!! Why isn't this ad on tv?!?! I have not seen this until ad…..what a fantastic ad!! A must see for all citizens of this country before the polls open!!

    • Karla Braswell
      Karla Braswell October 20, 01:55

      I didn't realize that by commenting on this video that it would post on my timeline….oh well!

  34. Jan Szczepankowski Harrison
    Jan Szczepankowski Harrison October 20, 00:25

    Ohh my this is a perfect ad. Wow hope a lot of people see this.

  35. Ken Nerger
    Ken Nerger October 20, 01:03

    Such BS and garbage. Obama is a great president that keeps getting railroaded

  36. Ken Nerger
    Ken Nerger October 20, 01:14

    Perhaps if the Republican Party would cross the aisle once in a while and vote in favor of issues that make sense for the well being of our nations masses who are hurting more than ever before in large part because of corporate greed and republican based ideology and policy! I'm tired of being a republican and am now proud to be a democrat who believes in Obama and his mission! I'm not going to change my views because of some cleverly edited video that has been cut, pasted and doctored to help make Obama look like a lier when in fact he is perhaps the most brilliant president we've seen in this country for decades!

    • Juana Verycken
      Juana Verycken October 20, 20:41

      Perhaps if professors and teachers, I am one also, would stop trying to brainwash the children to believe as they do, never did it myself, but watched it being done. Anyhow, if they would get to get paid, teach instead of "guiding the youth" to their liberal ways of thinking, perhaps this country will be better off. I am assuming that youo can read, so why don't you read Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's mentor, Ayers, also Obama's mentor, Said, and watch 2016: Obama's America. Obama's mission has been crystal clear to me since the first day he took over. The destruction of America's economy. Secondly he strives to destroy us by weakening us militarily making us sitting ducks to his friends in the Middle East. To accomplish his goal he needs a second term. He has created more debt in three years than Bush in 8 years, the last two with both House and Senate bent on spending, spending. For someone who works at a University College, you do not seem to be well educated on the facts.

  37. Peter S. Guild
    Peter S. Guild October 20, 01:17

    A definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Time to kick Obama out of office and cast your vote for Mitt Romney.

    • Judy Allen Wilson
      Judy Allen Wilson October 21, 23:38

      No, insanity is voting for a man who has spent his adult life amassing a fortune, doing good needs for those in HIS church, buys up and kills companies and sends jobs overseas, keeps his money in banks outside the US to avoid paying taxes, and says whatever he thinks the people listening want to hear, and it changes all the time. Oh, and there's the thing about mendacity. That's insanity.

  38. Sigmund Marcus
    Sigmund Marcus October 20, 01:42

    To cry or laught?We vote 4

  39. Peter Weyant
    Peter Weyant October 20, 02:54

    Absolutely best ad, economy was primary focus and was brought back from the brink – oh and Osama was wacked, now we need to stay focus on the business still to do. Look at what a consistant focus can do.

  40. Linda Johnson Gaspar
    Linda Johnson Gaspar October 20, 03:06

    #2 is quite a powerful ad. Geez run tht one everywhere. Tht man knows what hes talking about

  41. Edie Anderson
    Edie Anderson October 20, 05:05

    I'm trying to figure out the problem here…A man that believes what he says and says what he believes…Never changing always striving to do what he says and believes…So what is the problem here?

    • Margaret Griffith
      Margaret Griffith October 20, 10:13

      He didn't do it all in 4 years……………that's why they are attacking him. Everyone wants everything right now – they do not understand that change takes time…

    • Nikki Hedgecock
      Nikki Hedgecock October 23, 23:26

      I agree here. At least he is firm on his beliefs, and tells you where he stands. Romney's standing changes DAILY! You need a COMPASS to follow his campaign trail…

    • David Lewis Hildebrand
      David Lewis Hildebrand October 27, 23:18

      Your right Eddie….what has he achieved ?. Dems had total control of the house and senate for 2 years before he got there …and two more with him. He could have done whatever he wanted ….yet failed. That makes him one of two things….either lazy…or stupid. He could have done it all, with no one to stop him… you think he'll do anything different ??…..please. Some of you need to lay off the koolaid. Reagan had it looking good in less than 2 years after Carter….we'll see the truth in Obama further, in another 4, dispite who gets elected in a few weeks. Ponder that thought.

  42. Cris Salinas Drain
    Cris Salinas Drain October 20, 14:31

    Amazing how so many just don't get it! It is the same stuff over again!

  43. Barbara Danielson
    Barbara Danielson October 20, 15:54

    great comment, we need to get the club in DC melted down. You serve 6 years period for everybody, no other income or retirement after you leave, "no reelection", no advancement to anything on Capital Hill. That can only be achieved if we do not vote for the incumbent no matter what party. Get our Gov. back where the people have a say. Not these Elected that forgot what they are there for.

    • Juana Verycken
      Juana Verycken October 20, 20:33

      Excellent idea!!! They die with the job and do absolutely nothing except live like kings on our dime. The lobbysts pay them and the go with the highest bidder. Actually 4 years should be enough.

  44. Raymond Wong
    Raymond Wong October 20, 18:09

    When growing up I couldn't undertand how the leaders like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, etc rose to power. Now I understand. Uneducated people that didn't bother studying the issues.

    • Susan Palm
      Susan Palm October 20, 18:25

      And when I was in high school studying totalinarianism and propaganda, I could NOT figure out why the citizens of those countries believed the lies. I have watched for years now as our country has traveled the same road. Please, God, WAKE UP OUR PEOPLE before we, too, live in a totalitarian, oppressive, miserable country!!!

    • Hugh L Kizer
      Hugh L Kizer October 20, 21:15

      BHO is great at making speeches. He says all the right words. However his deeds, or lack of same, for the last four years has revealed to anyone who will look and listen that he is completely clueless on how to lead. It's time for a change, BHO has got to go.

    • Judy Allen Wilson
      Judy Allen Wilson October 21, 23:33

      I don't think you'd looked closely at the record. I borrow this: Only a Democrat could prevent a Depression, end a war, capture and kill Osama bin Laden, double the Dow — and then hear constantly that he can’t run on his record.

    • Catt Cass
      Catt Cass October 27, 05:15

      Susan Palm Amen.

  45. Patti Bernhardt
    Patti Bernhardt October 20, 19:48

    ONly a fool would vote for this amateur who has failed to lead. He is a politician, not a leader. We can't afford 4 more years of this embarrassment.

  46. Patti Bernhardt
    Patti Bernhardt October 20, 19:48

    ONly a fool would vote for this amateur who has failed to lead. He is a politician, not a leader. We can't afford 4 more years of this embarrassment.

  47. Carolyn Pirnat
    Carolyn Pirnat October 20, 20:05

    Oh yeah thats what I am talking about..I voted did you?

  48. Wayne Rough
    Wayne Rough October 20, 23:49

    since the days of regan-thru poppa bush and baby bush and now romney we have been told we must cut taxes on the wealthy so posperity will trickle down—–the top tax rate in 1980 was 70%-today it is 35%—-so when is the prosperity begin to trickle down?-ive been waiting over 30 years now——–lmao!

  49. Rush E Nash
    Rush E Nash October 21, 01:28

    I served in the military for 30 years. I have never seen the United States in such a pitiful state as it is now. The system in broken. The Republicans nor Democrates can repair what is going on, over and over. A revolution would look great to me. We need to do away with all parties and try to rebuild it with what is best for the American people. The two party system and lobbyist neew to be run out. China own's us and yet we keep borrowing from them and buying their products. People shop for American Made Products. Look until you find it.

    • Jimmy Nash
      Jimmy Nash October 21, 01:38

      Hell yea testify my brother

    • Phil Lashley
      Phil Lashley October 21, 13:16

      Rush we have a choice,check out the Libertarian party website.they are on the ballot in every state yet weren't included in the debate.romney will steal whats left and obama is too stupid to solve anything.i want bill back.

    • Rush E Nash III
      Rush E Nash III October 21, 16:37

      Sing it My Dude! or my Dad! I haver been saying this for months. The bipartisan system is a complete joke. They are too busy going against each other all the time that they can't get shit done! We need a united party as we are the fresking United states. We aren't the two halves of the United States. The Civil war ended a long a$$ time ago. IF we just made decisions based on what is best for America and not what is best for each party, we might get some fing where!

    • Phil Lashley
      Phil Lashley October 21, 17:50

      If everyone would vote against whoever is in office now,we could clean them out in two elections

    • Paul Wilk
      Paul Wilk October 23, 17:43

      Who, NAFTA Bill, Phil?

    • David Lewis Hildebrand
      David Lewis Hildebrand October 27, 23:12

      Phil….it was your boy Bill Clinton, Dodd….and that pole smoker Barny Frank that allowed virtually ANYONE to buy houses they couldnt afford….that helped create this financial disaster we now have…..a bunch of easy money gone bad….remember the comments ??…."oh dont worry about freddie and fanny….there all sound and good to go"….yea, it went…..right down the ole crapper.

  50. Gaston Routhier Jr.
    Gaston Routhier Jr. October 21, 01:31

    Four years was to long,

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