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Did You See Krauthammer Last Night?

Did You See Krauthammer Last Night?
November 14
09:37 2012

He said what we’ve though all along about David Petraeus and Benghazi…

The main reason why marital infidelity is so frowned upon in high governmental officials is that it subjects them to blackmail. But it’s usually not contemplated that the actor perpetrating the blackmail is our own government.

Krauthammer is expressing the obvious here, although when President Obama gives his press conference later today he’ll surely deny it.

It’s obvious that Obama – or Valerie Jarrett, who actually runs the country – knew about Petraeus’ affair long before his dismissal. It’s obvious that Krauthammer is correct that the affair was held over Petraeus’ head.

Now that Petraeus has agreed to testify in front of Congress, we might get some definitive answers at long last.

But Petraeus should speak to the American people as well. There are questions he should answer.

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