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Don’t Blame Romney, And Don’t Blame The Campaign…

Don’t Blame Romney, And Don’t Blame The Campaign…
November 06
23:27 2012

There isn’t much left to say, and so we at the Hayride are going to call a one-day general posting strike in protest of the election results tonight.

We’ll return on Thursday.

When we do, we’ll discuss the Louisiana elections which will be going to runoffs. And those which were decided tonight.

As for national politics, we probably won’t have much to say.

Because what tonight’s election showed is that the American electorate has degraded very, very badly in the last decade.

Exit polling indicates that this electorate was a D+6 electorate. 38 percent Democrat, 32 percent Republican. I didn’t think that was possible. I was wrong.

Obama ran and won with an atrocious record, without anything remotely resembling a positive agenda for a second term, with a campaign based on lies, slander and hatred.

That’s what he ran on. And that’s what he won on.

I could blame Mitt Romney for whatever mistakes he may have made, but the fact is this a good man who was honest, earnest and positive. And he exuded character and accomplishment throughout the race, and his campaign reflected those qualities.

Romney was not my primary choice. But as the GOP nominee he performed admirably.

This was not Romney’s fault. If the electorate is D+6 or D+7 over the last two presidential elections, he’s just not going to be able to win no matter what he does.

The problem isn’t with Romney. The problem isn’t with the GOP’s consultants and strategists. The problem isn’t with the GOP’s messaging. The problem isn’t the Bible-beaters, the Ron Paul crowd, the country clubbers, the corporate types.

None of those people are the problem. We’re going to spend the next several months chewing each other to pieces about why the Republican Party is incapable of beating the worst president the country has ever seen, or getting three lousy Senate seats so as to depose the worst Senate Majority Leader the country has ever seen. But what we’re missing the boat on is that it’s not our fault.

It’s the electorate’s fault.

The current iteration of the Democrat Party is socialist to the core. It isn’t amoral, it’s deliberately immoral. It believes in government-sponsored infanticide, government-sponsored theft, unpatrolled borders, the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, the deliberate destruction of Pax Americana in favor of what can only be envisioned as the rise of a Muslim caliphate and the deliberate destruction of the nuclear family. It believes in the redistribution of wealth rather than its creation, which is perhaps the most offensive concept to the American economic ideal imaginable.

It believes these things and it no longer hides from them, as it once did.

And yet that party is able to get a man of such demonstrably meager achievement and shallow character re-elected because it can command six more percent of its adherents to the polls than a Republican Party that raises and spends ONE BILLION DOLLARS to run an honorable campaign offering the American people a positive alternative.

What can be taken from this? We no longer have a nation worthy of that positive alternative. We have a nation willing to believe something is wrong with a man who makes millions of dollars in private business as a potential public servant. We have a nation willing to be distracted by the likes of Sandra Fluke.

At the end of the day, we’ve had a half-century of cultural decline in this country since the early 1960’s. You cannot endure a half-century of cultural decline without paying the price in leadership.

Tonight we paid that price.

And for the next four years we will pay far more dearly.

In January, America hits the fiscal cliff. The GOP still holds the House of Representatives, so it can fight a holding action against full-on socialism. And the 2014 elections offer another tantalizing opportunity for Republicans to regain the Senate.

But the damage that will be done to our economy as a result of that holding action against an economic illiterate president unencumbered by re-election is incalculable. Taxes will rise, and Obama will blame John Boehner. The economy will contract, and he’ll blame Republicans. Sequestration will gut our military, and our enemies will take advantage.

In four years we will not recognize our country. In four years we will be without any illusions about the fact that we are in an economic depression. And in four years we will have a war – because war typically follows depression.

We will hit the debt ceiling. Not the one Congress debates raising every few months – the real debt ceiling. The one which happens when you go to the bond market looking to sell Treasury debt and can’t find buyers. Either that, or we go toward a full-on monetization of our debt.

Our choice will be Greece or the Weimar Republic. Or perhaps both.

Half the country voted against this future. But the other half didn’t. And because, given that choice, they opted for decline and the loss of individual responsibility and freedom.

Mitt Romney was never more correct than when he said to that crowd – and the hidden camera he didn’t know was there – in Florida that 47 percent of the population thinks of themselves as victims, doesn’t pay taxes and refuses to take responsibility. He was castigated for saying it, but he spoke the truth.

In this country, in 2012, the truth will cost you an election. Whether that statement did the deed to Romney is hard to say. But it didn’t help him.

This country needs to take a hard look in the mirror. We’re teaching our children values our grandparents can’t even fathom, we’re abandoning what made us great and we are knowingly watching our country decline.

Fixing this will require a much better America than tonight’s election showed that we have.

We will bear a terrible, terrible cost of this sad reality over the next four years. What will be left in four years, we can only imagine.

Pray. Buy gold. Live the best life you can. But know that our country is in dire straits and bad times are coming.

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  1. Cort Schaumburg
    Cort Schaumburg November 07, 05:48

    If you watch, listen, read everything whether you agree with it or not. This was the last chance. The make up of the country has been changing. And will only get worse for conservatives. Every Democracy dies when it's electorate figures out it can vote itself free stuff. Only problem is there is another reality that goes along with that. Once the democracy dies the free stuff dries up. And all they get is a whole lot of misery.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous November 07, 06:02

    For those of you not wanting to wait for an analysis of Louisiana elections, go here:

    What we have to recognize is Obama has taken the first round in the path to fundamental transformation of the country, in the ways Scott outlines. But that does not make it an inevitability. Obama, a true believer, has gambled that, by stifling the economy, he can turn the country from an opportunity society to an entitlement society that will produce a long-lasting liberal majority. The GOP's job is to make sure the public understands that it does not have to be this way, obstruct it, and that the inevitable failure of this policies bring blame properly to the left, starting with 2014. If this can be managed, aided by Obamacare fully kicking in, there will be a backlash in 2016 that will elect large Republican majorities and a very conservative president. If you care about allowing people to be the best they can be and to maximize their contributions to society, this is the fight to be fought for the next 2-4 years which can stop the attempted transformation and then reverse it. Be disappointed, but don't despair. Our country needs us, and we can do it.

    • Linda Cook
      Linda Cook November 07, 14:05

      I am brain dead from fighting this Regime for the last 4 years. There will be no US in January…so how can we wait 2 more years? This election was a fraud and as an ex wife of a man who ran for office, I can tell you that the FRAUD runs so deep that the Chinese will be coming up out of the hole soon. We are screwed.

    • Ron Tucker
      Ron Tucker November 07, 16:40

      I would agree with the policy of damage control until the public understands how the economy and our lives came to be in this state except for the demographics, the total headlock on the educational system and the soon to be crackdown on opposition alternative media. The younger generation is thoroughly indoctinated and the playing of the race card will be more and more successful as the numbers and influence of those being played increases. I think we can look for the 'Fairness Doctrine' and other free speech stifling measures to be enacted. Soon we will lose our means of communication and coordination. The more faint hearted of us will peel off to join the left and we will face a governemnt emboldened by this victory that will move to assure there is no further challenge. When the crash occurs they will control all the media and will place the blame squarely on our shoulders…who will be able to stop them?

      it's fight or flight…or maybe a little of both but we can not abide by their rules.

  3. Claude Zeringue
    Claude Zeringue November 07, 09:41

    Read this and try to assess where we're headed.

  4. Kermit Hoffpauir
    Kermit Hoffpauir November 07, 13:19

    U.S. Dollar drops overnight with Obama win.

  5. Connie Zimmermann
    Connie Zimmermann November 07, 13:32

    "We will bear a terrible, terrible cost of this sad reality over the next four years. What will be left in four years, we can only imagine." Well said and very frightening.

  6. Richard Garwood
    Richard Garwood November 07, 13:53

    Hello all,
    Today is the consequence for what others wrought yesterday. I hope you're all well and stay safe. Chin up! Go get'em! The battle begins anew.
    Thanks for listening.
    R.J. Garwood

  7. Ron Tucker
    Ron Tucker November 07, 15:58

    I know you don't want to hear this uttered but if :

    1 – The federal government has breached the invisible line that protected individual rights and is operating under the mandate of a mob and:
    2 – The mob demographic is such that it will exchange it's votes for a share of the loot….then are we hiding our heads in the sand by laying back another four years and hoping there will be a change of heart? The numbers are against us and growing less friendly every second.

    Are we bound by laws that seek to seperate us from our inalienable rights? I think the time has come to consider other options. Our forefathers were at a similar crossroads. They expressed their choice of action like this:

    "When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. "

    I don't think we are made of nearly as stern of stuff as our forefathers. ( I know I'm not…cut my electricity and I am whinning in the dark) I'm not sure we have it in us to take the step they took, however maybe we need to try to peacefully negotiate an exit, found a new, albeit smaller, home. I think the possibility of a limited secession movement fueled by an influx of patriots is one possibility. I don't know the feasability, we may be trapped with the mob. There really is no foreign destination to which to flee as did many of our ancestors so I think we need to start the call to examine the possibility. We need to let the rest of the nation know the reasons why we would consider such an action.

    We all love our home states and home towns, the fileds, hills, streets and lay of the land but without the freedom to pursue our natural, individual destinies it is not our true home.

    In the alternative if there is no place to flee tyranny and the parasitic mob then do we have the gumption to fight, I mean really fight, not the metaphorical fight.

    • Will Schmidt
      Will Schmidt November 08, 22:51

      I agree Ron. I'm thinking another direction is to perhaps try and bring about collapse in such a way that is so traumatic, so awful and so sudden that we cull the herds of the mob by pushing them to eat themselves (metaphorically speaking of course). A slow collapse, such as the one we are on, will only encourage the mob to focus on those of us who create and will only make us appealing targets in the years that come. I think many of us have been waiting in vain, hopefully believing that meaningful change would come by following the election process. Unfortunately, the country is to far gone towards the takers to allow this option. Now we must explore other, more disruptive measures if we want to return this country to the one that our forefathers fought and died to create.

    • Ron Tucker
      Ron Tucker November 08, 22:59

      Will Schmidt, I think that witholding our labors, funds and support might help sober the nation but I suspect they would come to sieze same. However I also understand that a quick end to this Ponzi scheme would be ultimately more humane and better. I even thought at one time that maybe we should 'take a knee'…that is that Republican legislators should draft an opinion or position paper on every our true opinons on every issue brought before congress and then simply vote whatever way the Democrats vote. We could make it clear that we know it to be folley but as they are determined to drive down this road with a bridge out it is better to let them get on with it and then when it collapses we can point out our opposition but determination NOT to obstruct.

    • Ron Tucker
      Ron Tucker November 08, 22:59

      Will Schmidt, I think that witholding our labors, funds and support might help sober the nation but I suspect they would come to sieze same. However I also understand that a quick end to this Ponzi scheme would be ultimately more humane and better. I even thought at one time that maybe we should 'take a knee'…that is that Republican legislators should draft an opinion or position paper on every our true opinons on every issue brought before congress and then simply vote whatever way the Democrats vote. We could make it clear that we know it to be folley but as they are determined to drive down this road with a bridge out it is better to let them get on with it and then when it collapses we can point out our opposition but determination NOT to obstruct.

    • Peggy Hall
      Peggy Hall November 09, 08:10

      Very well put, Ron.

  8. Jim Ryals
    Jim Ryals November 07, 18:15

    "Free" stuff is more important to 49 percent of the country than freedom.

    • William M Edelmann
      William M Edelmann November 07, 22:47

      When you get 'free stuff', you become dependent upon those who give it with governmental backing & largesse. If you support those who give it, when you engage in dependency, you yourself become dependent upon those who have keep being benevolent …

      Those 'on the Left' are either dependent or will become so.
      Those 'in the Middle' have joined a give-away generation.
      Those 'on the Right' have to accept this election for another four years.

      But we 'on the right' do not have to accept dependency policies or endorse those who do. We can and will respectfully disagree and remain the 'loyal opposition' with grace, respect & dignity for our values values, and use the House Majority to oppose those initiatives to expand this Federal government largesse.

  9. David Robichaux
    David Robichaux November 07, 19:12

    Yes, you can blame both Romney and the campaign.
    For instance 112,000 Ron Paul supporters voted for Paul in the Ohio primary, If they had for Romney he would have won Ohio.
    I doubt if any voted for Romney because of Romney's foreign policy team was loaded with the same Trotskyite neocon hacks who believe in excessive military spending along with its associated excessive central government we can not afford, along with taking marching orders from Israel.
    Romney's economic team was loaded with left wing Keynesian hacks who did not see 2008 coming and have no solutions except print money.
    And after the treatment Paul supporters received in this state and others from the Romney GOP supporters, who could blame them.
    Those folks either stayed home or voted for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode.

  10. John Galt
    John Galt November 07, 20:43

    Regrettably, I can still hear the false hue and cry of the lauded republicon pundits. If I do not respond, does that fact count me as guilty of crimes against society? Limbaugh and Savage, Hannity and Krauthammer, Levin, Barnes, Coulter and Dobbs. The wailing and gnashing of teeth seeps in from outer darkness. None of your excuses or explanations ring true. Keep whining, losers! You presented your postures against the liberty candidates in years past and you do it again. No wonder the abortionists keep reaming your rims. I lost my time for your panderings years ago, but still the howling screams penetrate my castle's walls. I will never take your sufferings at face value, but will deny you before the face of my Father. Hayride, go back to the farm!

  11. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann November 07, 21:49

    During the past four years, we've created the very society & generation of entitlement that several of our founding fathers feared and warned of when musing that governmental largesse creates a nation of nothing or society of envy & greed, not creators & doers.

    • Frank White
      Frank White November 08, 02:45

      From the people that brought you: 54% Romney 295-305.
      45% Obama 243-233. Whoops….

    • William M Edelmann
      William M Edelmann November 08, 02:46

      yeah – a lot of people said "whoops", and your point is ???

    • Frank White
      Frank White November 08, 03:18

      This rag is just that, one hit piece after another. All it says is what you want to hear. Broaden your reading.

    • William M Edelmann
      William M Edelmann November 08, 03:26

      Frank, I am not sure what you mean as we all share some open discourse and dialog here. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. I read from too many other sources, not all here, Fox or Breitbart, so as you do not know me, maybe you should not comment or judge what I read.

      Frank, if you disagree with something I might say, be objective and provide some original insight of your own. As I read from many and accept alternative ORIGINAL thoughts & perspectives from anyone, make some suggestions of where you think that I should read. Only exception is that I do not listen to or reread sound bites or talking-points.

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