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Dude, Seriously?

Dude, Seriously?
November 14
12:19 2012

They expect people to pay for this. Because it’ll keep you warm, and all. And it doesn’t look the least bit stupid.

They call it a Beard Beanie.

I call it a dunce cap.

And I bet that by January you’re gonna see people wearin’ ’em everywhere.

You gotta be an idiot to buy this. But y’know what? Somebody put some money out there and hired people to make ’em, they gave it a shot in an attempt to turn a profit and apparently they’re doin’ OK with it. The first company who did this thing now has copycats makin’ ’em as well. So it’s not a flop.

It oughta be, but it’s not. And right now, people who wanna try to make a buck even on stupid stuff get a thumbs-up. Everybody else is packin’ it in.

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