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GLENN BECK VIDEO: Sex, Lies And Libya

GLENN BECK VIDEO: Sex, Lies And Libya
November 14
11:24 2012

This aired yesterday on Beck’s network, and as such there are a couple of developments – most notably that Gen. David Petraeus now says he’ll testify – which aren’t included in it.

But it’s a fairly solid rundown of everything that has happened with the Benghazi massacre, the Petraeus affair and all the sidelight issues surrounding Paula Broadwell, John Allen and Jill Kelley, and the Arab Spring in general (oh, and today our ally Jordan is now on the clock for a Muslim Brotherhood takeover, not that anybody in the American government is doing a damn thing to stop it)…

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  1. Hugh W Buckingham
    Hugh W Buckingham November 14, 20:04

    Poor Glenn. He' looped his dupe. This silly narrative is helping poor Glenn metabolize his anger and pain for watching close up the 2nd destruction of his innane party and Russ Limbaug by B. Hussein Obama. The ole Beck is chalkboarding again. Ah, Glenn, the anti-christ. Poor Glenn, now he's REALLY lost it. Get with God, yep. Good ole Glenn, the only moral unit around. Ha ha ha.

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