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I’m Offended By Wally Pierce And His Gang Of Communists At The Independent

I’m Offended By Wally Pierce And His Gang Of Communists At The Independent
November 20
10:36 2012

Every day on the front page of the Lafayette Independent, at least lately, there seem to be rather vicious, petty and personal shots being taken at the contributors of this site.

And yours truly in particular.

Today’s assault, which is a response to my McAfee post from yesterday…


NOV 20 The Hayride’s Scott McKay posts a harrowing tale of a lost, interwebz-free weekend, courtesy of that anti-virus “protection” from McAfee that nobody who knows anything about computers uses on their machines. Thank God he found a teenager at Best Buy to explain that to him. Three days without Hayride? Dang, the air was almost clear. Don’t let it happen again.

Yesterday’s shot referenced our piece from Friday about the Louisiana state troopers doing Sandy relief in New Jersey, and said it was surprising that I had a heart to warm.

They’ve ripped Tom Bonnette there, they’ve taken shots at Mike Bayham and they’ve attacked Jeff Sadow.

But what offends me isn’t the fact that Wally Pierce is passing judgement on what we write here. Compared to the usual left-wing poison pen drive-by diatribes the Independent typically publishes, what we get is mild. So we’re not going to be taking out billboards to trash their publishers or call it a “gutter newspaper organization” – somebody already did that.

No. What offends me is the pathetic amount of traffic we’re getting from the links he’s posting.

We got precisely 21 page views from the link on his front page to the state trooper piece yesterday.

21 page views? That’s embarrassing. Does anybody read Wally’s website at all? And is attempting to start fights with other Louisiana new media personalities his solution for his flaccid site traffic?

If it’s that bad buy some Google ads, ya cheap bastard.

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  1. Josh Jarreau
    Josh Jarreau November 20, 16:51

    Lol…Scott what did you expect from a lefty? Tolerance? Embracing diversity? Compromise? Logical discourse? C'mon you know better then that! They are hypocritical liars.

  2. Jimmy Hughes
    Jimmy Hughes November 20, 17:46

    Today the best protection for using the net comes from a company called avast and if you don't want to pay for the service they have a free avast program that I have used for years. I have recently used the pay program and it is working good. As for At&t it is at the bottom of the internet access providers. As for Liberals they are at the bottom of the food chain……………….

  3. Walter D. Pierce
    Walter D. Pierce November 20, 18:40

    Scott, I'm flattered that you would attribute the above-referenced to me.
    In fact, "La.La. Land" is outsourced to a freelancer who, I'll acknowledge, has given the Hayride more attention that it deserves.
    More important, the page views analytic reflects our readers' interest in the referenced blogs. So, in effect, 21 page views for "Hayride's McKay joins us in the 21st century" says much more about Scott McKay than it does about IND Monthly. Our web traffic is robust.
    Now if you will kindly grab the nearest dictionary — the one you sit on to see over the steering wheel will probably work just fine — and actually look up the word "communist," America's political discourse might get a teensy bit more refined.

    • Scott McKay
      Scott McKay November 20, 18:47

      Robust? Sure seems to me like you clowns have a lot more interest in our site than we do yours, Wally.

    • Walter D. Pierce
      Walter D. Pierce November 20, 18:59

      Again, La. La. Land is done by a freelancer, Scott. This is my first time on your site in months. I will address with the freelancer her eating of the low-hanging fruit.
      And I do sincerely wish y'all success. This digital media business ain't for the faint of heart.
      I shall now return to task of painstakingly apportioning my comrades' porridge into equal 4-ounce servings as the lunch hour is upon us.

    • Scott McKay
      Scott McKay November 20, 19:03

      Would this be the same freelancer who once attacked this site for the supposed "anonymity" of its contributors? Because that was a hoot – and not hypocritical at all.

    • Walter D. Pierce
      Walter D. Pierce November 20, 19:10

      I honestly don't know what you're talking about. The same person ("freelancer" is probably not the right term) has been compiling La. La. Land since its debut less than a month ago, and she's done nothing for us before that.

    • Kermit Hoffpauir
      Kermit Hoffpauir November 20, 20:10

      Scott, Why be offended? It's more like something a horse swishes away with its tail.

  4. Jacob Forrest White
    Jacob Forrest White November 20, 20:04

    bahahhahahahahahahah! I love how Louisiana "conservatives" have no clue what the word "communist" means.

  5. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann November 20, 22:26

    So that you know Scott, when I copied & pasted your link to my own page, more than TWENTY people I know in the affected tri-state area have praised "… those good people from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida…" and I have been verbally told by another dozen or more at a function on Friday night that your article posted. A half dozen more people have 'shared' the link to your worthy site and the article in particular. From them, thanks for sharing and for touching them.

    From a fan in New Jersey, screw "The Lafayette Independent" and their writer, Wally Pierce.

  6. Nicholas Bouterie
    Nicholas Bouterie November 21, 03:03

    Lafayette so-called Independent.
    Valley Girl "Whatever…………………………………………………………………"

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