Les Miles To…Arkansas?

That’s what Sports By Brooks thinks…

The odds of this happening are quite long. But we got a kick out of it and thought we’d pass it along.

With all of the people Miles has coming back last year who missed all or most or some of this season with injuries, and with all of the young players who saw action on this year’s team and will be coming back next year, he has a very, very legitimate shot at putting a national champion on the field next season.

And he’s going to take over that dumpster fire at Arkansas next year?

To the extent there is anything whatsoever to this, it’s Miles taking a poke at an extension/raise from LSU athletic director Joe Alleva, with whom he’s never been all that enamored. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, a former Arkansas letterman, is a friend of Miles’ from his days as an assistant there and is likely helping to bolster this effort to pressure Alleva.

Miles isn’t leaving for Arkansas. If Alleva has any negotiating skills he won’t fall for this. Perhaps Miles ought to get a little bit of a raise – the athletic department can afford to give him one – but to panic and throw money at him because some school he has no affiliation with and whose program is clearly a step down from LSU has made him an offer is a mistake.

He doesn’t need an extension. He has a rollover contract.

If Arkansas is playing along with this – assuming Sports By Brooks’ sources aren’t the people on Steven Crowder’s latest video – then either they’re (1) desperate to make a hire, (2) about to hire someone with a very thin resume the fans there won’t be excited about and need to show they’ve made an effort to hire a big-shot coach, or (3) have no idea who they’ll hire but are happy to drive up the labor costs for LSU’s athletic department.

UPDATE: Channel 2 in Baton Rouge got the obligatory denial from Miles’ agent George Bass…

However, Miles’ agent George Bass denied the report, saying “there’s nothing like that going on.”

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14 thoughts on “Les Miles To…Arkansas?

  1. Arkansas will be 'going hog-wild' and they'll certainly be fighting 'high & hard' for anyone who has a proven record, has been a winner and can do better than what they have had these past dozen years.

    But, I seriously doubt that Miles would find better chances at building a winner there than in Baton Rouge – last January he was only a QB away from a second NCG. And given this year's sporadic offense, he was only a consistent QB {now resolved?} and a couple more top receivers away {have they gotten those commitments? that 6'3", 225 with 38" vertical?} from being in the BCS-NCG again this year.

    1. Incidentally, I agree with the analysis and reasoning behind the author of this thread. The Hogs are desperate to regain respectability and likely not finding any top-tier coaches willing to enter the morass which has flowed downhill since the departure of Houston the Nutt.

    2. I was trying to type another paragraph but inadvertently hit send before I finished with the above. Notice I used "morass" while or before you used "quagmire" so I think we agree on the conditions in the Arkansas program. I actually think that any involvement, endorsement or backslapping by Jerry Jones is a detriment to the Arkansas program in recruitment of coaches or players. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, Jones "is a legend in his own mind", but nothing more and he likely alienates anyone of actual worth, any man with self-respect or a personal initiative who does not wasn't to work or play in such a program plagued by the sewerage with which Jones brings.

    3. AND he deserves if LSU offers anything, but maybe he's not even playing along. Maybe his agent or attorney is only fielding offers as due-diligence requires, but Miles has already said 'no'.

      Isn't Miles in an auto-renewal contract with built in escalations & key performance incentives. Les Miles doesn't strike me as a 're-negotiator' or money-is-all-that-matters as Patrino once was.

  2. This is probably all of the above for Arkansas. Fighting to finish 3rd in your division most years isn't a coach's dream. Arkansas doesn't havethe talent pool to draw from that LSU and Alabama do, and that's tough to overcome.

    1. I love how people who have never went to AR, know little or nothing about the school, football program or state chime in on this. That being said 9 out of 10 Arkansans don't want Les to begin with. It's a dumb rumor. Our new coach is one that is playing this upcoming weekend. Don't know which but its probably Strong, Patterson or Peterson.

    2. Audra, I was not criticizing the players, the school or the program, just the morass created by the Petrino era
      and Jones involvement when his own Pro-team sucks like a drain on Draino.

      Nothing I wrote above is critical of the conditions, the facilities or the players of Arkansas, but rather how Petrino's entry and his bizarre exit for his own misconduct has cost the Razorbacks' program and generates such ridiculous rumors that a coach who turned-down offers to return to his own Alma-Mater three years ago.

      I apologize if my words were not clear to that end.

    3. Why does Miles deserve a raise? He almost lost to AR when Vegas had them down by 17+. He gets enough money. Lost to AL in the BCS and again 11 months later and to FL. He doesn't deserve a raise ?????

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