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LOVE This Guy

LOVE This Guy
November 30
15:07 2012

The language is a lil’ salty. Otherwise, this cat’s terrific.

Has a flair for decor, too. Are those pre-tied ties on coathangers in the background?

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  1. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry December 03, 14:50

    Damn! here's one young black man who tells it like it is. Those protestors need to go home and think about what he has to say. They obviously don't understand that justice was served on the perp. I guess the perp thought he could do anything to the clerk, who appears to be white, and get away with it. Blacks feeling empowered by the Ovomit re-election? Could be. Not much different from the Trayvon case, except this perp is still breathing. Stupid is as stupid does, especially when the other guy has a gun in his hand. Unfreakinbelievable.

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