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Sheila Jackson Lee Prefers Magical Steel Doors To Arming Teachers

The governing class. Wanna know why we’re screwed?


  1. Francis Jacob says:

    With "leaders" and "representatives" like this in our legislature, is it any wonder this state is where it is? Do these people ever really listen to what they say?

  2. Dianne Patti says:

    By the time the door is down, the shooter will be inside.

  3. C.J. Miller says:

    Just a clarification, Sheila Jackson-Lee is a federal representative from Texas, not a Louisiana legislator.

  4. Scot Byrd says:

    And then the nutjob knows about the steel door trap and sets the place on fire. Did I hear her say she is thoughful?

  5. A fine rep for the people of her district. Talk about low information voters, here's an example of a no information politician. Ooops, that's redundant, isn't it? Oh well.

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