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Oscar’s Farks Of The Week, All Your Guns Are Belong To Us Edition

Oscar’s Farks Of The Week, All Your Guns Are Belong To Us Edition
January 10
10:51 2013

We’re gonna start this with one o’ my favorites that MacAoidh did a few weeks back when that fat tub o’ poo Jason Whitlock first ran his mouth about all the white crackas at the NRA and how they’re killin’ people with guns (except that nobody can point to anybody at the NRA who’s ever shot anybody with any o’ those guns)…

But let’s move on.

Hey, remember that Fast And Furious thing?

How about hammer control?

And here’s a sneak peek at the next generation of assault weapons…

Now’s when I quote Gandhi on y’all…

And then there’s Willy Wonka (not the faggy Johnny Depp version; the Waco Kid version)…

Little kids ask inconvenient questions…

That reminds me – y’know who the funniest dude out there is? It’s the longhaired dope-smokin’ hippie fella who thinks we need gun control. That dude’s slap-out hilarious, ain’t he?

Know who else is hilarious? Mr. Elite Media Gun Criminal Guy…

I’m done. This thing’s pissin’ me off and the Rain. Will. Not. Stop.

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  1. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry January 15, 13:21

    Thanks, Oscar. Needed those photos to sorta lighten up my day. The bit of truth in humor is always evident. These selections are spot on.

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