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Rand Paul’s Sensational Takedown Of Hillary Clinton This Morning

Rand Paul’s Sensational Takedown Of Hillary Clinton This Morning
January 23
11:08 2013

I don’t have time to go through the parade of horrors that was outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony in front of the Senate hearing on Benghazi this morning, other than to say they have now recreated the Byzantine Empire in Washington, DC.

It was a complete slap in the face to the American people. A solid wall of lies being thrown between this administration and the public, with the Democrats on the committee – and who could expect anything honest or honorable to come from a committee chaired by the vile, filthy and corrupt Bob Menendez? – providing the mortar to Clinton’s bricks.

But there were some highlights. John McCain arose from his slumber to call Clinton out for her abject dishonesty. Ron Johnson turned her into a wild shrew with questions about the administration’s falsehoods in the aftermath of the massacre.

But nobody gave her the business the way Rand Paul did. He ridiculed her presentation from tip to toe in five minutes’ time.

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  1. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann January 23, 17:19

    Only Paul & McCain really took issue and called her a liar {or at least dishonest} and characterized the Administration as a bed of snakes and liars misleading the American public, stalling on the facts and diverting the truth as to who knew what, when and why they did not act more contemporaneously {actually they did not act at all – "Stand Down"}.

  2. Elizabeth Weber Levy
    Elizabeth Weber Levy January 23, 19:07

    Transparency and responsibility? Is she kidding? All (both parties), but Paul, Johnson and McCain, circled the elitist wagons around Clinton. Disgusting.

    Her campaign debt has been disposed of and, after today, the Benghazi deck has been cleared. She’s running in ’16. Again, disgusting.

  3. Al Green
    Al Green January 23, 22:31

    nixon ain't had shi11 on these democrats.

  4. Richard Garwood
    Richard Garwood January 23, 22:47

    What bothers me is the fact NOT ONE of the Republican s in evidence had the Mental Dexterity to state (when Hilary blew her cool) that those lies were emblematic of the relationship between the Obama Administration and the American people. If an administration frack is seen with moving lips, a lie is being told to the American people. It bothers me that the Republicans are constantly and consistently too slow and dull of wit to capitalize on the opportunities left laying on the floor like dead fish stinking up the environment. The people are forced to determine if the fish in fact is dead or if it's a taxidermist's rendition and spoiled fish oil growing more and more rancid by the moment. Republicans are as stupid a as the Democrats they can't catch. It's a poor fisherman can't catch a netted fish.

  5. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry January 24, 14:49

    All I saw and heard, when watching this sham of a hearing, was the butt kissing of most of the members of the congressional panel. I couldn't stay with the whole thing all the time it was on. Too many trips to the john to barf. The whole sham was making me sick every time the dems pursed their lips on her posterior. Even some of the repubs managed to get in on the act. What a farce. I commend Rand, McCain and Johnson for their frankness during this debacle. I agree with Richard and William in that the repubs could have done better at exposing her and her obvious inactions which brought about the death of the four Americans.

  6. Joshua Delano
    Joshua Delano January 24, 15:15

    I'm kind of partial to Congressman Duncan's Gutting of her. I think it was much better. Rohrabacher wasn't bad either. Speaks

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