The Hayride

112 Million Views On YouTube…

112 Million Views On YouTube…
February 19
00:01 2013

…and all I can do is shake mah head.

This is some sad stuff here, Jack. In no universe could any o’ this by considered fly. And what’s worse is that even though the video is all about a thrift store, the song is a lil’ bit more along the lines of a five-finger discount.

So there’s that.

Oh – AND it’s not safe for work. F-bombs and so on. Be warned. You gotta suspend your standards on this one – though I guess if you do this might be kinda funny. At least that’s gotta be why it got 112 million hits. Then again, that Gangnam Style crap did like a billion, and if you can splain that one to me I’d be grateful.

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