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Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
February 27
13:36 2013

Not making this up. I swear.

Donna Brazile will of course be the speaker at the Loyola Institute of Politics’ Ed Renwick Lecture Series on March 5. Feel free to ask her about the two tweets if you attend.

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  1. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann February 27, 19:52

    This really is funny.

    For the intervening eleven months between these two twits, she was one of Obama's spokes-model proxies on the whole healthcare mess they have created, touting its benefits, cost-containment & egalitarian efficacy. She spoke on its altruism right through getting Odrama re-elected, spoke every Sunday on ABC with Stephanopolous and then hopped over to CNN for the roundtables. Yet we hardly heard from Sebellius, et al who knew the truth was already coming out…

    Funny? Yes!
    Absolutely hysterical? Of course!

  2. Z-Tiger Lsu
    Z-Tiger Lsu February 27, 20:03

    I'll be glad when March 5 comes and goes so the ad above will go away. Hopefully never to return. Just to clarify, I want The Hayride to have LOTS of ads. But the ad with her in it??…. uh….sorry.

  3. Jerry M. Baldwin
    Jerry M. Baldwin February 28, 20:12

    Typical intelligence of the average obummer supporter–DUMB! DUMB! AND DUMMBER!

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