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Rob Ryan? C’mon, Man

And here I thought the Ewes had bailed us outta this

The process took slightly longer than five minutes, but the New Orleans Saints have hired former Cowboys coordinator Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator to implement the Saints’ new 3-4 scheme and to replace the fired Steve Spagnuolo. The team made an official announcement Saturday morning.

Saints Coach Sean Payton interviewed Ryan for the job on Friday in New Orleans. Ryan is the fourth defensive coordinator Payton has hired since coming to New Orleans in 2006 with the others being Gary Gibbs, Gregg Williams and Spagnuolo.

I guess he’ll fit in OK in New Orleans. There’s this…

Ryan has coached defense as a coordinator with Oakland, Cleveland and Dallas. None of those defenses have ever been what you’d call “good.” Occasionally he’s made it to “average,” and that was maybe no mean feat considerin’ the teams he’s been with were generally “crap.”

But still – we’re pickin’ up a dude the Cowboys ran off. And he’s more or less a slob and a loudmouth.

That said, the Saints players seem like they’re happy about gettin’ Coach MuffinTop on board. But by now they’d prolly be happy about gettin’ pretty much anybody.

As for us fans, we just hope his product on the field’s a lot better lookin’ than the fat tub o’ goo on the sidelines coachin’ ‘em.


  1. James Savik says:

    I don't understand how either one of the slob brothers are still coaching in the NFL. They've both go loser written all over them.

  2. Richard Warner says:

    Regardless of his appearance, I hope Oscar has to eat his words.LOL.

  3. Mike Coastie says:

    They model themselves after their Coach-father in being poor role models: arrogant, trash talking, without talent and with minimum class.

  4. Where's all the trash about Rob Ryan now? Always, I mean ALWAYS have FAITH in the Saints, or you're never a true fan.

  5. What are you and Oscar thinking now?

  6. James Savik says:

    Patrick Moore I was wrong about Rob Ryan. Looks like we got a winner.

    Be interesting to see what his defense can accomplish after a few drafts.

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