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VIDEO: Jindal Tells Obama To Stop Campaigning And Stop Scaring People

Also suggests delaying Medicaid expansions in lieu of the sequester, which he says Obama rejected. And emphasizes that the sequester is less than three percent of the budget and oh, by the way, the budget will still be larger than it was in 2012.


  1. Maybe Bobby should take his own advice? Stop campaigning and stop scaring people with this idea he could be president? That's scary. Where would he go while president? You can't campaign for the party and be elected King but he could always follow Beaurat's example and start taking extended, expensive vacations. Rangoon and Delhi are nice if you can dodge the Al Qaeda operatives and their car bombs, but they have no gumbo, the crawfish are non-existent and they don't stock Abita so that may not be practical.

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