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VIDEO: Mary Meets The Red Tape Tower

VIDEO: Mary Meets The Red Tape Tower
April 17
14:53 2013

They’re gonna get Mary Landrieu’s goat at some point. They came close today.

See, she’s the chair of the Senate Small Business Committee. Which she’ll say is a big deal, but it ain’t. There are a lot fewer small businesses now than there were when she got hold of that thing, so I hear – so if Mary’s committee is a big deal that means she stinks at running that committee, right?

Anyway, somebody got in there before Mary did and brought a seven-foot tall stack of paper with all the Obamacare regs printed on it in there. And then laid in wait to get this video…

She got crabby and said “get the prop out of the hearing room.”

Except nobody did, so she did her committee hearing with this in the backdrop…

So there was that today.

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