EYE-POPPING VIDEO: Barack Obama Trashes His Own Administration

It seems that the revelations about the NSA’s smash-and-grab of all of Verizon’s phone records have finally gotten under the skin of our president and he’s so furious about it he issued a stern rebuke to his own administration.

Gripping video to follow…

This marks a very significant change in Obama’s communications style, and quite possibly a recommitment to the principle of civil liberties he first ran on. Both parties can certainly see that as a reason for optimism; obviously having the government sift through the phone records of millions of innocent people without a warrant or probably cause isn’t acceptable.

UPDATE: Oh, wait – that’s video from 2007? No wonder Obama looks so youthful in it.

So he was talking about the Bush administration, and not his own?

So sorry. Never mind.


UPDATE #2: A couple more things.

First, this…

And this…

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