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VIDEO: California Puts Unlicensed Landscapers In Jail

VIDEO: California Puts Unlicensed Landscapers In Jail
September 16
23:52 2013

Sure, it’s California. They’re crazy out there, and their bureaucracy is absolutely and completely out of control. Victor Davis Hanson has done a fantastic job illustrating how stupid regulations and ineffective, unserious government has created a massive underground economy in California that gets subsidized by a whole host of government welfare programs providing the backbone for these guys to work on a cash-and-carry basis.

But before you laugh at the morons on the Left Coast, let’s not forget that to be a florist in Louisiana you have to have a license. And we just went through a major legal case because the funeral home people were trying to stop monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey from making wooden boxes you could put a body in.

Hat tip: Reason Magazine.

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  1. Kermit Hoffpauir
    Kermit Hoffpauir September 17, 11:26

    You ought to see the list of jobs needing licenses in TX. It's a much longer list than in Louisiana.

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