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The Elvis Presley Movie Presidency

The Elvis Presley Movie Presidency
May 28
10:41 2014

Why were Elvis Presley’s movies so lousy?

Because they were all the same. The scenery changed a lot; sometimes he’d be the son of a prostitute in New Orleans, or a bush pilot looking for work at the Seattle World’s Fair, or a busted race car driver in Las Vegas, or maybe a rich kid wannabe surfer in Hawaii. But Elvis always played himself, the plot usually involved him trying to win the affections of a female whose initial impression of him was less than positive, there were always songs which weren’t the greatest examples of his music (and didn’t exactly advance the cause of rock n’ roll) and the critics nearly always reached for the Maalox as soon as Elvis’ movies came out three times a year.

It’s hard not thinking about Clambake or It Happened At The World’s Fair or Girls! Girls! Girls! when you sit through another interminable Barack Obama speech.

All Barack Obama speeches are about one thing: Barack Obama. You can put him at the West Point commencement, like he is today, or you can place him at a science fair. Or you can send him to Indonesia, or the UN. You can give him an audience at a community college somewhere, or at some confab like the NAACP or the National Action Network. It won’t matter; the subject will be the same.

Barack Obama talks about Barack Obama. That’s all he talks about. Like Elvis, he plays himself and that’s it.

It’s emblematic of his entire presidency. Obama lives in his own little bubble, which occupies all of his time and energy and intellectual capital. Unfortunately, his job is not within that bubble – which is why even Democrats are now recognizing that his presidency is a rudderless, incompetent failure.

How many times has Obama claimed his initial knowledge of a new scandal involving his presidency came from reading the newspaper? And why is it somehow interesting or important to know when and how he found out about a scandal? It’s his job to know about – or better yet, prevent – the abuses and poor performances his administration is constantly rocked by.

Another piece of the Elvis-movie formula we see with Obama is a constant priority of politics over governance.

Yesterday, Daily Caller publisher Tucker Carlson did a guest spot on Fox News about the VA scandal and how the Obama administration will handle it, and Carlson said something precisely correct. In predicting that despite the magnitude of the abuse and the political disaster it should represent, the Obama regime is going to approach things exactly the same way as it always does, with the same results we always see. Namely, that the administration will do everything they can to cover the scandal up, they’ll continue promising more free stuff to their core constituency, and they’ll throw out some reason why this is all the Republicans’ fault.

And that formula will insure that the VA scandal doesn’t much affect the president’s popularity or prestige, because 40 percent of the voting public will never abandon him – either because of race, or his position on social and cultural issues, or because they’re dependent on government and he’s the personification of the government. He can do whatever he wants, and they won’t change their minds about him.

Elvis in Hawaii? Obama in Fast and Furious. Elvis in Seattle? The VA scandal. Elvis in New Orleans? Dead Americans in Benghazi. Elvis in Las Vegas? The IRS persecuting conservative groups. It’s all the same thing.

What’s frightening is that as terrible as those Elvis movies were, they consistently made money. Over time Elvis became played out, and he had to get out of the movie business and become a Vegas stage act – which worked pretty well for him until he ended up dead on a commode at Graceland with a pharmacy in his stomach.

Obama is beyond played out, but we still have three more years of watching his repetitive act over and over again. Before it’s done it might be us on that commode.

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  1. Rob Barton
    Rob Barton May 28, 19:18

    Hopefully the writer knows more about his life then he does about Elvis movies. Elvis never played the son of prostitute in New Orleans and the other comparisons are weak. If you want to pick on the president so be it. But let the KING alone!

  2. Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello
    Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello May 28, 19:43

    So the writer wants to draw a parallel between Presley 's movies and Obama. Here's one that is better. Obama MIGHT have been a somewhat different person had his family taken him to see Elvis at the Aloha INTELSAT Show, on January 14,1973, or at the full-dress, 14,000 attendees "rehearsal" , a day earlier. He was 11, going on 12, living there in Honolulu and, on top of that, at least two in his immediate family circle were huge Elvis fans, so neither has an excuse, especially when witnessing how many boys that age attended those two back to back concerts. One of them kids can ACTUALLY be seen, at the end of the rehearsal concert, to so desperately ask Presley to give HIM any one of the three diamond rings he wore that night as to make Presley REALLY notice. He allowed the kid to touch his cape, smiled at him, then gave him a lei instead, but I'm sure that if that kid had been Obama, and knowing how Presley changed people's s lives, at the sole touch, that memento would have perhaps ended up in Obama's hands. And if that had taken place, I bet Obama woudn't have EVEN run for President, as none of those 28,000 who attended the two concerts ever did, so shame on them (LOL), for not taking him there. He MIGHT have become ( as the then still unborn but nevertheless his fellow Hawaiian Bruno Mars, did, starting at age 4), a professional Elvis impersonator, instead. LOL And that would have been great…Here's the kid, at 1.27 into the clip…

  3. Scott McKay
    Scott McKay May 28, 23:52

    Well, sure.

    But taking him to see Elvis would have been some exposure to mainstream American culture. They made damn sure he got as little of that as possible.

  4. Brian Quinn
    Brian Quinn May 29, 12:53

    I love Elvis' films.They are escapist and fun. Mohammed Ali also likes watching them it is reported. If the writer cannot say anything good about THE KING he should refrain from saying anything at all. Elvis cannot answer back. Elvis and Obama do not bare comparison.

  5. Harry Taft
    Harry Taft May 29, 15:59

    Vacationed in London recently. Our bus stopped for a traffic light and out of the window I observed a bar called "The Three Kings Pub" with a sign above the door reflecting the images of, on the right, Charles I, on the left Henry VIII, and in the center, Elvis. The British know their royalty.

  6. Val Timmons
    Val Timmons May 30, 06:36

    It appears Mr. McKay's opinions are not based on fact, but rather his glaring racist personality. Yet oddly enough for such bad Elvis movies, he sure seems to have watched a lot of them.

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