The Mendacious, Charmless, Painfully Mediocre And Unelectable Hillary Clinton

I’ve never really understood why it is that Hillary Clinton is supposed to be this inevitable, unbeatable political force of nature. Everywhere I turn I get hit with that conventional wisdom, and it’s always confused me.

What is it Hillary supposedly brings to the table? What has she ever done successfully that would make her rate as a top-tier presidential candidate?

Does she know people who donate lots of money? Yeah. So what? Lots of politicians know rich donors.

Does she give a great speech? No. Not even close. She’s a terrible speaker. She’s got an irritating, cold speaking voice and she rarely says anything people can unite around. In fact, as a speaker she’s most commonly a gaffe machine who says things to alienate people not invested in her political success.

Does she exude competence? Hardly. This is a woman who was fired from her first job on the Watergate investigative team, who caused nothing but headaches for that law firm she worked for in Little Rock, who destroyed the Democrat majority in Congress when her husband put her in charge of an effort at creating socialized medicine, who attempted to paper over her husband’s serial infidelities and abuses of power with women by attributing the reports of his conduct to a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” who had an atrociously meager record of accomplishment as a senator from New York, who turned an inevitable Democrat nomination for president in 2008 into an ignominious loss to a nobody with a Muslim middle name and who presided over four years of cascading foreign policy disasters as Secretary of State while, apparently, spending those four years shaking down bribes from foreign governments for a personal charitable foundation so profligate that it spent eight figures on travel costs alone over 10 years.

Is she honest? Not only is the answer no, but her lies are so brazen and so provable that they insult the sensibilities of ordinary Americans. Claiming that the Benghazi massacre happened because of a YouTube nobody had ever seen, for example.

And then there was today’s press conference to address the burgeoning scandal of her ridiculous decision to opt out of a “” email address in favor of using a “homebrewed” server upon which she mixed State Department business with that of her Clinton Foundation and personal emails, the only plausible explanation for which is to block public access to those emails via FOIA requests and Congressional inquiries. Hillary’s explanation offered in the presser was that she’s a creature of convenience and didn’t want the hassle of carrying multiple mobile devices for separate email accounts, something absolutely no one will believe given that any nine-year old can effectively program multiple email accounts on a mobile device.

Clinton would have us believe not only that she’s incapable of setting up both a personal and “” email address on a smartphone but that she didn’t have access to a tech-savvy staffer capable of doing that – and instead, she had to have someone build a “homebrewed” server at her home to house her email account, as though the latter isn’t a far larger project. The paper-thin implausibility of such a lie is classic Clinton; it’s military-grade arrogance married with a damn-the-torpedoes expression of naked political ambition. She’s staring America in the face and daring the country to deny what it knows is the truth.

But Hillary’s bald-faced lie, as much as the Clinton minions like Lanny Davis, Paul Begala and James Carville might like the public to believe otherwise, is not her husband’s. Bill was capable of telling obvious falsehoods with a twinkle in his eye and giving the public just enough charm to skate past his mendacity, but Hillary has no such skill. When she lies, she just looks unintelligent and pathetic. While Bill is the smooth-talking, coiffed cocaine cartel kingpin, she’s the low-level drug mule caught by the cops with a kilo of blow in the back seat.

Little can be done for Hillary following today’s shambles of a press conference. She took a bad circumstance and turned it into a roaring inferno with one implausible statement after another, creating a series of conundra for her supporters along the way. Do you believe her “creature of convenience” story and thus agree someone incapable of setting up two email accounts on a mobile phone has the intellect to be president? Do you buy the idea that all emails she sent to other State Department employees would therefore have gone to the “” server and are already archived? If so, what of the reports that her key advisors at State, for example Huma Abedin and Phillippe Raines, also had email addresses at What of the idea that Hillary wasn’t the only employee at State using personal emails to do government business? Do you believe someone who forewent a account of her own would never contact another government official at their personal email?

How about the statement that some of the emails she hasn’t turned over to the State Department were between her and her husband – whose spokesman told the Wall Street Journal earlier this week has only sent two emails in his life? When Hillary and Bill don’t even have the story straight between them, it’s a telltale sign how poor a lie is being told.

And then there is Hillary’s denial that any classified material has appeared on that personal email account, which assuredly is less secure than the government standard and as such has certainly been hacked by someone foreign – and most assuredly someone hostile – to the detriment of national security. Does anyone believe her when she says that? If so, what should we make of a Secretary of State so disengaged from her job that no classified material ever shows up on her email? She held that position for four years. Four years with no sharing of classified information among her staff?

A Secretary of State with no intelligence value among her papers. How novel! Let’s make her President.

We could go on. The point is made, though. Nothing about Hillary Clinton impresses, nothing about her inspires. She is a stunning mediocrity; a haughty, fraudulent hack with a profound disdain for her own integrity and credibility exceeded only by her contempt for the voters she expects a majority from in next year’s elections.

I’ve said from the start that it’s a foolish assumption Hillary will be elected president next year, and in fact she’s unlikely to even be her party’s nominee. This is why. She’s a scandal machine without the ability to clean up her messes, and the public won’t buy her after eight years of Obama.

What you’re seeing, and what you’ll see more of, is the Democrat establishment recognizing how flawed Hillary is and how doomed they are if she is their nominee. As such, you’ll see the Democrat operatives who run the legacy media turn on her (the New York Times is already leading the way on this) and kneecap her early so as to create space for some other 2016 candidate. But that, of course, is problematic – because Obama has done more to destroy the Democrat Party with the American middle class than anyone could have imagined, and the fallout can be seen in governor’s mansions, on Capitol Hill and in statehouses all over the country where there are fewer Democrats holding office than at any time in modern history. Because of that damage, there is no bench. Should Hillary go, the favorites for the nomination become Joe Biden, an embarrassing oaf with a penchant for inappropriate public touching of females not his wife, and Elizabeth Warren, a screechy Massachusetts academic known for espousing an angry brand of socialism to cover a history of gaming affirmative action as a fake American Indian in order to advance from one comfortable sinecure to the next. Neither are remotely electable, and the Democrats know it.

They’re coming to know, in no small measure from today’s festivities, that Hillary isn’t electable either. And that knowledge is bound to create panic in their ranks.

UPDATE: As evidence for the conclusions above, the main thrust of Hillary’s defense – that she only wanted to carry around one mobile device – didn’t even last the day. Here is video, courtesy of America Rising, in which she talks about having both an iPhone and a Blackberry…

The lies are so easily debunked and petty that even her supporters will struggle to stomach them. Who’s excited to vote for this slovenly bungler?



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