Here’s An Interesting Petition Drive About Getting The Able-Bodied Off Of Food Stamps

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how food stamp use in Louisiana has exploded. Almost 90,000 able-bodied adults are on the program.

The group that did the study, the Foundation for Government Accountability, has launched a petition drive to enourage Governor Jindal to restore work requirements. Louisiana, like most states, were granted waivers from food stamp work requirements by the Obama administration. All Governor Jindal has to do is not make a waiver request to the Federal government for this coming year.

Here’s what would happen if those work requirements were reinstated, from our piece a couple of weeks ago.

If work requirements were brought back in Louisiana, it would shrink the state’s food stamp rolls dramatically. In 2013, Louisiana had 89,000 on food stamps. If work requirements were fully restored, the FGA estimates that the enrollment numbers would drop from anywhere between 53,400 to 71,200. That’s up to 71,200 Louisianians moving towards dignity and away from government dependence.

Welfare reform might shape up to be a sleeper issue in the governor’s race. Scott Angelle signaled that he may pivot to the issue in his most recent ad.

The FGA petition is trying to get as many signatures as they can before the end of the month. If you’re interested in signing it, please go here.



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