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One reason so many people have expressed disgust with the effort by the social justice/race-hustling crowd in their attempts to destroy historical New Orleans landmarks like Lee Circle and the P.G.T. Beauregard statue is the prospect that there would be no end to those efforts – at least not until most of the city’s history, good and bad, would be plowed under.

Lo and behold, that concern has been validated and we now see just how radical the agitators demanding the removal of Lee Circle and other monuments really are. There is an organization called Take ‘Em Down NOLA which has been at the forefront of advocacy for monument removal, and it just issued a new set of demands for more changes to the landscape…

Street names:
Palmer Avenue
Calhoun Street
General Taylor Street
Claiborne Avenue
Galvez Street
Jefferson Davis Parkway (Mayor Mitch Landrieu has also called for Jefferson Davis Parkway to be renamed after recently retired Xavier University president Norman Francis).
General Ogden Street
Ulloa Street
Tulane Avenue
Governor Nicholls Street
Poydras Street
Forshey Street
General Early Street
Robert E. Lee Boulevard
Beauregard Avenue
Walker Street
Mouton Street
Bragg Street
Lane Street
Polk Avenue
Slidell Street
Lee Street
Beauregard Drive
General DeGaulle Drive

School names:
Tulane University
Henry W. Allen Elementary
McDonogh 35 College Preparatory High School
KIPP McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts
ReNEW McDonogh City Park Academy
Lusher Charter School
Lusher Charter Elementary School

Hospital names:
Touro Infirmary
Tulane Medical Center

P.G.T. Bureaugard, at the City Park entrance near Esplanade Avenue.
Jefferson Davis at Canal Street and Jefferson Davis Parkway.
Rev. Abram Joseph Ryan at Jefferson Davis Parkway and Banks Street.
Confederate Brig. Gen. Albert Pike monument at Tulane Avenue and Jefferson Davis Parkway.
Henry Clay at Lafayette Square.
World War 1 Memorial arch at 3800 Burgundy Street (Take ‘Em Down NOLA cites the segregation of names of black soldiers from the names of white soldiers as a reason for wanting this monument’s removal).
Andrew Jackson monument in Jackson Square.
Justice Edward Douglass White in the 400 block of Royal Street.
Bienville monument at Conti and Decatur and North Peters streets.
Battle of Liberty Place monument near the foot of Iberville Street.
John McDonogh statue at Lafayette Square.
Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle.

Pretty extensive, right? But oh-so-necessary:

Gavrielle Gemma, also a coordinator with Take ‘Em Down NOLA, said the historic monuments embolden today’s white supremacists.

“Taking down these statues is part of the overall struggle for social and economic justice now,” she said.

Gavrielle Gemma is a moron, which is clear. And Take ‘Em Down NOLA is an organization comprised of morons drunk with the power the mayor of that city has given them.

Meaning that increasingly, New Orleans is a city dominated and governed by morons – and the results are foreseeable.

And that’s a shame, because New Orleans has a rich, colorful history. It’s an important place, and one we should hate to lose. But we’re losing it. One reason is that its leaders would rather pander to morons than show leadership.

What does Mitch Landrieu have in response to such fanciful and unreasonable demands? He’s already willing to remove Beauregard’s statue – Beauregard was a New Orleanian whose life was one of service to his community and had much more to it than slavery. How does he stop before Andrew Jackson, who saved New Orleans from the British, has his statue removed? How does he not join in the demand that Tulane University, which isn’t even a public institution, be renamed? How does he stand against the scrubbing of John McDonogh, who educated and freed his slaves and was known as one of the most liberty-minded and progressive men of his era anywhere in the world, or distinguished Louisianans like E.D. White or John Slidell, from the public consciousness.

These people are ruinous fools. Mitch Landrieu has pandered to them. He now knows who he’s laid down with and whose fleas he carries. The question is what he’s going to do about it.



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