BATISTE: Lying Landrieu Can’t Stop Making It Up

Mitch Landrieu has based the monument removal on a foundation of lies.  It’s not hard to figure them out, just takes a little time and help talking with knowledgeable people.

Landrieu’s statement released after he stole the Liberty Monument in the middle of the night had plenty of fabrications.


“The decision to remove these statues was made after a lengthy public process that determined these statues failed to appropriately reflect the values of diversity and inclusion that make New Orleans strong today.”

The removals are based on the nuisance law/ordinance which can be found below.  It never mentions appropriate values.
Article II Public Monuments, sec. 146-611 ; Removal from Public Property:

The thing honors, praises, or fosters ideologies which are in conflict with the requirements of equal protection for citizens as provided by the constitution and laws of the United States, the state, or the laws of the city and gives honor or praise to those who participated in the killing of public employees of the city or the state or suggests the supremacy of one ethnic, religious, or racial group over any other, or gives honor or praise to any violent actions taken wrongfully against citizens of the city to promote ethnic, religious, or racial supremacy of any group over another;

The lengthy public process involved conflicts of interest to anyone with sense.  Mayor Landrieu appoints the members of the committees that “reviewed” the monument issue.


“Despite a prominent statue of him placed in the City, General Robert E. Lee had never set foot in New Orleans.”

Landrieu truly needs better media people.  A simple search reveals that General Lee is listed on multiple websites as a famous soldier who was quartered at Jackson Barracks. He was in New Orleans before and after he served in the Mexican War. Aside from that Lee was in New Orleans on at least two other occasions just before war broke out.


Landrieu went on the MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show following the removal of Liberty Place.

“As we began to rebuild our city [after Katrina] and started to think about who we were and what we were, these monuments popped just right up and said, you know, ‘Why do we have monuments that are revering the Confederacy right in the heart of the most prominent circles in the city in places of reverence?” Landrieu told Maddow. “And we had two years of discussion over this. This wasn’t a secret. It didn’t happen overnight. We had hearings of historic landmark commissions, city councils, etc., etc. And we have been through every court that you can go through.”

Landrieu started this in June 2015. Katrina was August 29, 2005.


“The first contractor we had had his car blown up,” Landrieu told Maddow.

Only the Landrieu Administration makes this claim along with news outlets who base stories on the Mayor’s word. 100% unsubstantiated. The owner of H&O Investments actually quit the job before his car burned up. The militant fascist Landrieu who intimidates with snipers and masked men seems more likely to be behind the car fire, especially with how conveintly and often he mentions it.


Landrieu told HBO Vice News that the removals were “decided by the people.”

Completely false, this was 100% decided by the politicians. It was voted on by City Council members–not the residents of New Orleans–who very obviously made up their minds long before they voted.  The preservationists speeches were never considered.


Landrieu is using taxpayer funds to remove monuments, a huge breach of the word given throughout the removal controversy.

“Cedric Grant, Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s top adviser on infrastructure and capital projects, sought to reassure members of the City Council that removing the statues would not involve any public money. Grant told the council there are no plans to use any city money for removing the statues but that a new contractor to do the project needs to be found.”

City employees and the Mayor himself as well as his staff worked in the early morning hours of April 24th.  Complete revocation of his “no public money” claims.


Mitch Landrieu says this is a movement for diversity.  Yet he is removing a culture.  True diversity would be erecting new monuments to represent more of New Orleans, more diversity.  He talks of tolerance while being adamantly intolerant.


At every opportunity Landrieu says the monuments were put up to show white supremacy.  A thorough review of the newspapers leading up to building Lee, Davis, and Beauregard show it was never about white, black, slave, negro, supremacy. The monuments honor men who were giants of their day and respected by friends and foes.

He can’t help but lie.

The monument removals have been a flawed process based on false premises. Lying Landrieu doesn’t need the truth because no one questions his comments, it’s all taken as factual when it is fabricated.

Landrieu’s end game can only be guessed, but he clearly has a personal agenda. Louisiana is used to politicians neglecting their public service duty for personal gain. And with how quickly he’s jumping in front of national news networks, lining himself up for his next job, Landrieu more closely resembles the Second Coming of Bobby Jindal.



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