Five People Were Shot And Two Killed In New Orleans Last Night, And The Cops Were…

…standing guard outside a statue. That was the New Orleans Police Department’s primary occupation while the bullets were flying.

The cops stood guard for this…

It took practically all night for Mitch Landrieu’s masked men to finally pull the P.G.T. Beauregard statue off its base, after several failed attempts to lift it and some examples of what might be termed “post-industrial rigging” with Landrieu’s now-trademark yellow straps.

The crew of New Orleans firemen working on the statue violated what appeared to be countless safety protocols and had a private company employed them there is little doubt NOPD would have stepped in to stop the removal. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt amid a Charlie Foxtrot of a job taking the statue down and hustling it off to an undisclosed location where it will gather dust.

Meanwhile, this is what’s left of the statue’s pedestal…

A large number of New Orleans police were on hand to separate the Take ‘Em Down NOLA people from the pro-monument people, and several arrests were made – one, of a pro-monument demonstrator who, after being showered with racial epithets by a man in an Angola Prison Rodeo t-shirt, hauled off and bloodied his nose, and another, of a woman who tried to burn a flag.

And while that spectacle was occupying the city’s law enforcement officers, carnage erupted on the streets.

Five people were shot, two of whom died, in five separate incidents in just over eight hours in New Orleans from late Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning in the city of New Orleans.

The first shooting came around 5 p.m. when a man, who has not yet been identified, was found shot to death in the front yard of the Mount Kingdom Church in the 3700 block of Louisa Street around 5 p.m.

Just moments later a man was shot about three miles away in the 1800 block of Forstall Street. His condition was not known as of 6 a.m.

There is no indication that the two shootings were related.

Around 9 p.m., a man suffered a gunshot wound to the leg in an incident near the intersection of St. Claude and Alvar.

Just before 11 p.m., a man was shot in the 2200 block of North Galvez. He was taken to the hospital.

Around 1:30 a.m. a man was shot and killed in the 1200 block of Feliciana, near Marais.

Police said when they arrived, they found a man lying unresponsive in the doorway of a home. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, according to NOPD.

A city with crime on the level of Chicago should have its leadership occupied with little else. Instead, New Orleans’ lame-duck mayor Mitch Landrieu is desperately trying to deface and bowdlerize its cultural patrimony in order to create some sort of legacy he failed to earn through governance.

A Hayride source with knowledge of Landrieu’s private life indicated to us yesterday that the mayor no longer lives at home and has moved in with his mistress, a former communications director for the mayor’s office named Devona Dolliole, and that Ms. Dolliole, who is black, has been a personal influence on Landrieu’s dogged efforts to remove the monuments. Our source also indicated that the monument removal has estranged the mayor from his father, New Orleans’ former mayor Moon Landrieu, who was described as “ashamed” of the campaign to bowdlerize the monuments. Further, Mitch Landrieu has been living out of his campaign account, which is illegal, and his recent fundraisers – last week there was one at the tony Palmer Avenue home of James Carville and Mary Matalin – to support a political action committee Landrieu has formed – are little more than pre-bidding for government contractors. As mayor of New Orleans Landrieu directs the non-profit Wisner Foundation, a massive charitable enterprise which can dole out large contracts for various kinds of work, and we’re told these fundraisers are the gate for which contractors might be considered for bidding on Wisner work to be let before Landrieu leaves office.

That’s what passes for leadership in a city which is tearing itself apart with violent crime.

But at least there was a brass band available to regale the crowd of gawkers as Mitch’s masked men destroyed a 102-year old landmark of public art.

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11 thoughts on “Five People Were Shot And Two Killed In New Orleans Last Night, And The Cops Were…

  1. I understand, that 90% of the people killed and shot in New Orleans are involved with buying on selling illegal drugs and guns. Friends and relatives of the murdered or shot(I don’t like saying victim, because they knew, that they were in the drug game) don’t cooperate with police, because they hope to kill the shooter themselves! (Then you get revenge killings.) There is all kinds of waterfront and coastline around New Orleans, plus we are a major port. Further, a major interstate I-10 runs through New Orleans, This interstate runs from Jacksonville to Los Angeles; this how most illegal drugs and guns come into New Orleans. New Orleans is right on the well-traveled path for illegal drugs and guns. Also, the people of New Orleans don’t want to pay taxes for first–class police department we need, because most voters in New Orleans know, that if they live in a good neighborhood, they don’t buy and sell illegal drugs and guns; they have relative little to worry about with crime. This is why New Orleans has a very high murder rate, and why it continues to fester!

    Also, in New Orleans there roughly a 1,000 real criminals on the streets and 1,500 wannabees on the streets; these rough numbers have not really changed in 30 years. You notice most of the murders happen at night, because killers are wanted on other charges, and they know police have a much harder time recognizing them at nighttime, by reason of the darkness. These people largely sleep during the day. Plus, New Orleans has a very popular nightlife! (So many, many people are out at night.) Unlike, many American cities and towns that have no real nightlife. New Orleans is a 24 HOUR city! And this makes it more dangerous! Lastly, New Orleans is a party town, so for number people taking illegal drugs, this is just another way to party intensely!

    Lastly, given these realities, I don’t know how any MAYOR is really going to bring down the murder rate. As one, man told me, “John, the murder rate is high here, because there are so many people need killing.” Extremely, sad!

    1. Another thought, because most of the murdered and shot are blacks, whites don’t get over concerned because they have the belief: black lives of people buying and selling drugs are of little real value!

      1. your position is, that since negroes are more violent and commit massively disproportionate levels of crime of all types, it’s all white people’s fault…

        In 60 percent black New Orleans, America’s beloved “Chocolate City,”
        2,966 black people were shot by other blacks between the years 2007 –

        Got that? Over seven years, 2,966 black people were shot by other blacks in New Orleans.

        Are we still pretending black lives matter?

        White people owe blacks nothing, absolutely nothing.

        Reading any daily newspaper anywhere in the country serves as a reminder of the failure of blacks to assimilate to our civilization and the standards we have set. There is
        no reason we should abandon our civilization and our posterity to assimilate to their world.

        We owe our posterity the gift of liberty, not the liability of being forced to endure the tyranny of feeling sorry for the plight of blacks (who they themselves are responsible for creating and perpetuating).

        White people might as well let this all go, though. New Orleans has become too africanized to salvage anyway at this point.

        Once an american city becomes more than 30% negro, the decline becomes
        too steep and rapid and it can’t be saved… and isn’t worth the effort.

        White flight will continue until finally enough white people draw a line and say “no more”.

        After that, think “Balkans”.

        Corrections will be made.

    2. Taxes are already pretty high and have consistently gone up in recent years. The money is mismanaged and used almost entirely on Democratic party utopian ideas and big government rather than hiring police and fixing the streets. Even if enough money was somehow directly spent on these two priorities, Democratic party utopian policies mean that the least qualified police get promoted, the police are restricted from actually policing, and the least competitive contractors get hired to do the work.

  2. The ones that celebrate racism and division are part of our past I wouldn’t mind removing…BUT this one in particular was for a civil rights hero, nobody with an education or the ability to look up the truth can deny it, yet they look for things to distract and divide as if the world isn’t ugly enough we’re at the throats of our own countrymen. How far will it go??? Have we learned nothing from them that we will repeat it all?? If everyone paid attention to their own lives and their own personal integrity, there would be much less of this BS!

  3. I’m finished going to New Orleans because it has not been truly safe since Katrina. I do not want to get shot. I’ll limit my visits to the suburbs.

  4. I went there once. A shop owner on Bourbon street told me not to carry my camera on my wrist as I would be hit from behind and the camera yanked from my hand. I got nothing but evil stares from every black person I saw there. I feel they truly hate white people. This is a black cesspool of the worst kind and I will never go back. I hope all you people kill each other and do the rest of the world a favor. The people who are represented by those statues would not want their images fouled by the disgusting trash who live there so please, take them down.

  5. If the survivors of the deceased decide to sue, they should include the mayor because he was the instigator.

    I understand that Louisiana legislature has a bill that will make tearing down monuments in public places illegal.

  6. this “cream of wheat” boy is trading History for a piece of A$$ guaranteed to bring us another civil war ,but this one will be a B & W civil war hopefully he will be the 1st casualty. hes being used sorry a$$ sap.

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