HARTMAN: Thanks To Mitch Landrieu I’m Done With New Orleans

Editor’s Note: A guest post by James Hartman, a political consultant, author and speaker who lives in Mandeville with a weekend home, for now, in New Orleans.

This could have been different.

Two years ago, a gunman whose name is not worth mentioning opened fire on worshipers in an African-American church in Charleston, SC.  A nation responded, and both Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican Governor Nikki Haley reacted, in my opinion, with stellar leadership.

Having attended high school in Columbia, South Carolina, after moving there from suburban Washington, DC, I was shocked at the lack of minority inclusion and at the presence of the Confederate Flag atop the State Capitol.  That was in the mid-1980s.  Thirty years later, Gov. Haley took action, both as a politician and a socially responsible adult, by calling for the removal of the Confederate Flag from the Capitol grounds.

That same summer, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu began his quest for the removal of Confederate monuments in our state’s most iconic city.

Here’s what the mayor should have said:

“My fellow New Orleanians, I know you share my belief that our city is a place of openness and opportunity for everyone.  There are no exceptions.  The tragedy in South Carolina has made me embarrassingly aware that the Crescent City still boasts monuments – very prominent monuments – to those who defended slavery and to the post-Civil War oppression that stifled our culture and our spirit.

“It is my opinion that these reminders of our dark past should be removed from public display, but never from our history – because we must remember where we came from and how far we’ve come – and acknowledge how far we have yet to go.

“It is not unrelated to say that we have minority communities within our city who live in poverty, in bare subsistence, in oppression.  It is my job and my duty as mayor to improve those conditions.  Removing statues won’t do it.  You will.  We will.  Together.

“Right now, I’m working within City Hall to acquire land in Central City to erect a museum, and I’m asking the many benefactors and business leaders of New Orleans to contribute.  I’m seeking to build a New Orleans History Museum, not only to celebrate our wonderful and diverse culture but to remember who we once were and who we are.  Just as the African-American History Museum in Washington commemorates not just the contributions of African-Americans to our culture but the history of slavery and oppression in our nation, our museum will not celebrate our collective sins but will memorialize them so we never, ever forget that we were once a divided city.

“In coming weeks, I’m not only toing to reach out to those donors, but I’m going to start the process of putting the monuments to Robert E. Lee., P.G.T. Beauregard, and Jefferson Davis in a place of memory, not prominence.  I’m also going to host a series of town hall meetings to see that you think should occupy those spaces.  I don’t want to erase history.  In fact, I want to add to our historical value, adding more memorials to Dr. Martin Luther King, T.J. Smith, and others who made us the unique and diverse city we are.”

That’s what a leader would have said.  That’s not what we got.  The result has been a divisiveness unseen in the modern history of our city and our broader community.  We’ve seen marches and protests and legal battles that have cost the city many thousands of dollars in police overtime and disrupted commerce.  We’ve seen threats against public officials.  We’ve seen state legislation attempting to interfere with a local issue. If there is an upside to Landrieu’s intentional imbroglio, it is that thinly veiled racism has been more fully exposed.  We have a long way to go, but removing statues isn’t going to do it.

I came to New Orleans in 1988 to attend college.  I moved to the Northshore seven years later, not because I wanted to but because a job required it.  Since 2009, I have kept an apartment downtown for occasional convenience, proximity to my church, and the fun of weekends and holidays.  But I’ve had enough.

I honestly don’t care about the monuments.  I don’t care if Lee Circle is renamed after Louis Armstrong, and I won’t drive around it any differently.  I would celebrate if a statue to Martin Luther King were erected somewhere prominently in the city instead of in the somewhat obscure location it occupies now.  What I do care about is having leaders who think through things.  I care about elected officials who ponder unintended consequences before they make kneejerk reactions or politically motivated decisions, particularly those that create conflict, chaos and crisis.  (One need only look at the current White House to observe these foibles writ large.)  I do care about safety, for myself and my fellow citizens.  I care about peace, equality, and openness.  I care about opportunity and prosperity.

So, yes, I’ll be saying goodbye to my New Orleans abode this summer and New Orleans will be saying goodbye to my tax dollars.  I’m saying goodbye to interminable traffic problems, dangerous infrastructure, and to an understaffed Police Department that gets blamed for everything.  I’m not boycotting.  I’m just not living there anymore, even just on weekends.  My frustration is not about the removal of monuments.  It’s about a level of ineptitude that is utterly unprecedented and incomprehensible – and remember, I was here for Mayors Barthelemy, Morial and Nagin, so I’ve seen and lived under City Hall clownery before.  My frustration isn’t about politics, crime, or even corruption, and it’s certainly not about statues – two of which I’d never even heard of until two years ago.  It’s none of that.   It’s about the absence of sensible leadership.  It’s about misplaced priorities.  It’s about grandstanding when real lives are at stake and real problems need solving.

Enjoy your last year in office, Mayor Landrieu.  May it be your last year in office anywhere, ever.  You may be a masterful politician, but a leader you are not.

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93 thoughts on “HARTMAN: Thanks To Mitch Landrieu I’m Done With New Orleans

  1. You live in Mandeville. The statues are not your property. Stay in Mandeville and be bored out of your skull for all any of us care. But you’ll be back, because there’s nothing to do in Mandeville.

    If you don’t want to appreciate New Orleans for all it is, then we don’t need you. Bye Felicia. You won’t be missed.

    And if you sell the place for more than you paid for it then the city will make MORE in taxes. That’s how property tax assessments work.

    1. Sfmike64 are you kidding me. People from elsewhere spent a lot in NO there is plenty to do else where SAFELY. YOU NEED TO FACE FACTS NOLA IS LOST IF TAX DOLLARS ARE KEPT OUT. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL OF THE FREE LOADERS IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN CITY NOW.

      1. Please don’t scream at me. When you use all caps, Granny, it looks like you’re screaming, OK?

        People from elsewhere spend a lot of money here, that’s certainly true. But those of us who live here control the city because we elect the people who run the city. Is it perfect? Of course not. Any time you have a city who’s population drops from 680K (in early 1960s) to 450K, it’s going to have problems. The city became poorer during that time.

        Are you a christian? Hate to break it to you, but your Lord and Savior had a few things to say about taking care of poor people. And he never called anyone a “freeloader.” That’s a charming attitude.

        And if you think New Orleans is god forsaken, then please don’t come here. Your horrible energy and shitty attitude is part of the problem. And we don’t need any more racists, thanks. We have plenty.

  2. Boycott new orleans. It has become too africanized and isn’t safe for
    humans (OR negroes). Look at the crime rates in new
    orleans…now look at WHO is committing all these crimes. It isn’t white
    people. Stay away and don’t support new orleans anti white agenda. Why
    would anyone want to visit Mogadishu on the
    Mississippi anyway?

      1. Brilliant rebuttal, Rosanna! You’re a deep thinker, I can tell.

        Are you disputing the crime rate and the demographics of the criminals in new orleans?
        Are you disputing that new orleans isn’t safe to visit due to out of control crime rates?
        Are you saying the mayor isn’t anti white?

        1. You’ve missed the bigger concept, and you’ve missed the fact that there are views which originate from a place beyond behind your own eyeballs. You don’t understand why these statistics are in fact the very thing created by your views. Do you think there should be a statue of Hitler in the middle of Germany’s center square? Your insistence on seeing race and the cause and the effect only show race is something you don’t quite understand. There are ideas, concepts, philosophies, and hypothesis outside of your direct experience. Perhaps Rosanna, as I suspect, is simply aware there is likely no getting past your pre-conceived notions to create civil debate or discourse. You are missing it. Quite simply, if you were able to feel others, you would realize the kind of unintelligent dogmatic views your expressing.

          1. yeah…whatever..So you can’t dispute what I said and fall back to name calling.Why are you trying to change the subject now? Try to focus.

            The fact remains that due to massively disproportionate negro crime rates of all types and particularly murder, new orleans is once again one of the murder capitals of the country. We now even exceed chicongo per capita.

          2. I challenge you to ride public transportation in New Orleans. A long wait at a bus stop will introduce you to the level of hatred and bigotry blacks inflict on white people every day. Are you from New Orleans? Take a look at http://www.nola.com and see what the face of senseless crime looks like here.

          3. It is shocking how the racism just bleeds through each and every one of these comments and angry reactions to your statement. Anger and thinly veiled racism, not to mention misogyny in large degree, berating you for being a silly woman who just doesn’t understand, you poor little thing. “Hayride,” eh? Isn’t that supposed to suggest a return to Southern values (whatever that is). It appears those values include “racism” ala the KKK, but not “courtesy” and “chivalry” — something I’ve always been told that makes the Old South special. They just show themselves for what they are, Alexa. Nothing you or I say has the least chance of getting them to see the sad and polluted prejudice and biases they hold. Too bad, really, since life is too short to twist yourself up in hatred, living in the past. That said, I hope they stay in Philadelphia, MS (or wherever they’re from) and tend to their earthen dams. Stay away from the rest of us who are making financial markets run (NY), driving innovation (Boston and San Fran), and bringing creativity to the world (LA) — the rest of us don’t need their ossified thinking.

      2. He is correct on the crime demographic in new orleans. What part of that makes James Crowe a disgusting human being? I challenge you to walk the French quarter at 3 a.m. and see who is out shaking down tourists, aggressively panhandling, selling dope, pimping, etc. It’s not old white guys from the northshore.

        1. I challenge her/it to walk through the 7th ward by itself some night and if she/it survives come back here and tell us how she/it enjoyed some “vibrant” and “diverse” black “culture” up close and first hand.
          LMAO..better yet move into the 7th ward and help in the eternal negro struggle against us white devils…

        2. Rosanna needs to go to the Treme, named after a Plantation that owned slaves, over to Louis Armstrong Park, named after the musician who hated New Orleans so much he never returned to live there after moving North. If you want disgusting, just look at what the City of New Orleans has turned into. A Black Ghetto where the “Culture” is nothing more than pathetic violence, crumbling infrastructure, homeless and lawless “folks”, i.e., what everyone addresses the Blacks as they find this term acceptable, and Crime. Enough of you dead yet? So tired of hearing the Black Folk’s sorrows! You don’t want equality, you want to rule, and the taxpayers just want out of the Shithole. The Lt. Gov. just wants to take the Statues and put them where they will be appreciated. Let Jarvis Dingleberry get ya all fired-up in between the empowerment sessions and the battle of the bands of Essence and the Soul Bowl. You don’t have to worry about my White Ass or Green Money any longer.

        3. I challenge you to do the same in any major tourist city in America.
          In actual numbers more crimes are committed in America by whites than any other demographic but that is a inconvenient fact that doesn’t fit your biased narrative.

          1. She talked about New Orleans, not America. In New Orleans, depending on the year, roughly 95% of the murders are committed by blacks. Nationally, blacks committed 52% of the murders from 1980-2008 while comprising 13% of the population. We can take other crimes locally or nationally and find blacks similarly over-represented. If more people die in car crashes than motorcycle crashes, does that make cars more dangerous? You look down on us, yet you have no sense of proportion. Who has a biased narrative?

              1. If whites were responsible for the majority of crimes, it would make perfect sense as they are the majority of the population. How is that an inconvenient fact that doesn’t fit a biased narrative? The fact that whites DON’T commit the majority of certain crimes despite having roughly 2/3 of the population doesn’t fit the narrative. Whites are proportionally underrepresented in nearly all crime categories. Which facts have I distorted?

      3. Facts are rayciss!!!

        I haven’t been to N.O since just before Katrina. Before that I went to Mardi Gras every year for almost 20 years, Jazzfest, Saints games, etc…

        I won’t be going back. Even back then black crime was out of control and surviving Mardi Gras meant not taking a wrong turn for a few blocks.

        No thanks.

        When your city is like Detroit and the only people left there are the people getting handouts and corrupt politicians, then you will understand. Evidently you lack the foresight or ability to research outcomes and correlate them with certain actions or behaviors.

  3. The only reason I go to New Orleans is doctors appointments at the VA hospital. I bring my own food and drink and never spend a dime in that vile city.
    If I could get my appointments transferred to Mississippi I would drive the extra hour. I would love to see the levees break and flush that cesspool of a place out to the gulf!

    1. Are all of you from the same family of mean, nasty and hateful people?? All of you are miserable. So blacks are the only ones committing crimes? Y’all are a bunch of demons! I rebuke all of you! Your mouths are sewage… I guarantee if it comes down to it you’ll accept help from blacks if your behinds were dying….trust me.

      1. Where in my post does it mention black people?
        So you are saying that if someone hates New Orleans it’s because they have something against blacks?
        Some of my best dope dealers were black.
        I’d rather have a black cellie in jail than a white one. They usually get their hands on the cigarettes and alcohol.
        Go spill your racist bull somewhere else! Not all of us have something against black people.

  4. Mitch has stated this is part of the healing of the city but the city has never been more divided and the people were denied to chance to vote to take them down. Mitch said the police presence is no addition cost because of shifting officers. So security of the French Quarter couldn’t use these officers? Mitch said removal was paid for by a donor he refuses to name. But this does not cover police protection or replacement of monuments which will hit the city budget. Other cities have used history to attract tourist, Mitch has used it to cost the city money, which I believe constitutes malfeasance in office and is grounds for removal from office

  5. Please make sure to avoid Louis Armstrong Airport as that is part of the City of New Orleans.

    Don’t let your grandchildren visit the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, the Insectarium, or even Celebration in the Oaks, as all are in New Orleans.

    Take I-55 to I-12 when travelling to the MS Gulf Coast as I-10 & I-610 are patrolled by the New Orleans Police Department.

    Don’t attend any Mardi Gras parades even in St Tammany or Jefferson Parishes that were built by Blaine Kern Artists or Royal Artists, both of which are based in New Orleans.

    When travelling to the West Bank take I-310 to the Hebert Bridge in Luling. The Huey Long Bridge belongs to the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad.

    Don’t watch WWL, WDSU, WGNO, Fox8 or WYES, all of which are based in New Orleans.

    Disconnect from the electricity grid as Entergy is headquartered in New Orleans.

    Don’t buy Shell gasoline as their exploration division is based in New Orleans.

    Hurricane Emergency? Don’t call the Louisiana National Guard headquartered here in New Orleans.

    Foreign invaders? Don’t call the U. S. Marines – their purchasing headquarters is here in New Orleans.

    Jazz Fest? French Quarter Fest? Oyster Fest? Creole Tomato Fest? Satchmo Fest? Greek Fest? Post Boy Fest? Christmas in the Cathedral? Fuhgeddaboudit! We don’t need or want you!

    Last, but not least, give up your Saints and/or Pelicans season tickets! There are 10s of thousands of us true New Orleanians ready to take your place!!!

    Enjoy them pines and polluted streams on the Northshore!!!

      1. Rob, you’re just pissed because we will Boycott your Shity and keep our tax dollars where we are welcomed. As far as the interstate highways are concerned, that is Federal Property, and the Superdome is owned by the State and the LSED! The Governor, Edwards, formed the LSED so that the Shity would not have control of the Dome. LSED (Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District) is basically it’s own municipality, so you can take the Federally owned interstate and exit onto State Property and avoid the Shity all together. Ain’t ya pissed now?

  6. let the supporters of the statue removal donate the money to Mitch he needs to build a museum in Central City ! By the way, has anybody else realized that statues bothered the blacks but keeping SLAVEOWNER LAST NAMES don’t !! Haha what a crock . And notice Mitch don’t want to get rid of anything in the quarter huh ?? Or ANDREW JACKSON ??? I wonder if Mitch’s family ever discuss ole grandpappy, black sheep of the family tree ???

    1. Mitch’s “FAMLY,” as they all pronounce it, moved to New Orleans from Mississippi… Pappi worked as a “clerk” in the Gambling Industy… Check out the U.S. Census Data. Thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, we have the information in FamilySearch.org. You can also check out the last names of the Slave Owners in New Orleans or any Parish. The 1850 U.S. Census is the one you want. It’s free and it’s called the “Slave Schedule!” Interesting…

  7. James Hartman, the anti-Southern yankee, doesn’t like our monuments and is going to stay away from New Orleans for some unrelated reason that is unclear. Perhaps the reason is he hasn’t gotten enough Martin Luther King statues. We only know for sure that the reason isn’t tearing down the monuments, because he’s fine with that. Surely there is another man of letters from the North who can write articles that don’t sound like Black Lives Matter propaganda.

    1. Because after all to people like you Black lives don’t matter.
      MLK preached and marched for freedom and justice. The men honored by these monuments fought to continue owning other human beings.
      The “man of letters” from the north is an American citizen and the first amendment to the Constitution says that he is free to speak his mind.
      You are free to object but wrong to do so.

      1. Claiming “matters” is a sign of low intelligence. White nationalism is wrong, but black nationalism is good? By my reckoning, MLK caused a lot of riots and chaos while he divided and criticized America. Blacks already had “freedom,” and when leftists use the word justice, it is as meaningless in the legal sense. The North was not fighting to end slavery, and the South was not fighting to preserve slavery, since the future existence of slavery was not in question. This came later. You have been told one thing about history, yet you have no facts. You have the nerve to tell your betters, without evidence, that they are wrong.

        1. Truly deplorable comment by a deplorable and ignorant person.
          Proof of both your ignorance and deplorable state of willful ignorance is embedded in your deplorable statement of this alternative fact (lie)

          “MLK caused a lot of riots and chaos while he divided and criticized America.”

          I am sure you weren’t born deplorable but worked hard to become so.
          Every assertion in your comment is a lie.

  8. Thank you! Please STAY away and take anyone who thinks like you with you! I question the moral character of anyone so desperate to support the confederacy. They were nothing more than traitors. All you have to do is read the thoughts and comments of those who put up the statues in the first place to know this. This glorification of one of the most awful times in American needs to end. People crying over statues? Ridiculous! Have you shed a tear over those who suffered under those conditions? Probably not! History is not erased or rewritten by taking them down. That’s impossible. It happened. However we don’t need them displayed as if that is what we stand for.

    1. I never owned slaves. My family members fought and died for the union. But I can still respect Lee and his confederate generals. Remember that confederate soldiers were reinstated are are considered veterans of the US Army and were given all the same benefits as Union soldiers by an act of congress.

      You want to talk about a terrible time in history? Let’s talk about a time where people have a knee jerk riot when a police involved shooting occurs-even before there is any investigation. Let’s talk about the destruction of lives and property that happens during those riots. Let’s talk about an elected official who talks about giving rioters “the space to destroy” Not exactly a time to be proud of either.

      1. Hell, my Sicilian family didn’t even get to this country until somewhere in the 1890s….but it’s the fault of EVERYONE who is not African-American, if you listen to the rhetoric.

    2. They aren’t critical thinkers….they are regurgitation what their parents taught them about blacks and other poc… useless energy.

    3. Gladly. But also I would like you to stay away from my town. Your views are toxic. You hate my people. And if you came here you’d want to destroy our monuments and erase our history too.

      Stay in that hell hole you call a city. And enjoy your diversity and anti-racism.

      1. Your “town” must be something else. Statues to dead racists, Fox News on every channel, and fun at the local tavern where country music from the juke box is plentiful but you’ll never see a black face. Please do stay in your town: the rest of us will get on with making the US competitive and fit for success in the modern world. Why don’t you sit on a rocker and whittle a toothpick while we do that.

  9. Nikki Haley was not a hero. Dylan Roof was a crazed, immature idiot. Was he a racist? probably yes. Are the take em Down Nola people racists. Yes. You don’t like confederate flags? many of us don’t like that pan african flag or whatever it’s called.
    The author of this article sounds like someone who spends most of his time looking down on the south and southern people.

    1. I don’t expect you to understand this but I say it anyway.
      That “pan african (sic) flag or whatever it’s called” is not emblematic and celebratory of people who fought and died in order to continue owning other people as property. The descendants of those “owned” people are given, with the display of that flag and the monuments, the impression that there is a desire to return to that situation of ownership.
      Dylan Roof is, in his own words, a racist but feel free to disagree with him as you probably know him better than he knows himself.
      Disagreement with someone is not the same as looking down on someone.
      As an example I look down on people like you for your ignorance, not related to any disagreements but purely from disdain.

      1. Why do you get to decide what the flag of other people stands for? We Southerners have been very clear and consistent that the battle flag and monuments represent our history and heritage. We love our history. You cannot erase a people’s history because you don’t like it. I can criticize African history and communist history all day, but I I am not seeking to censor them. You look down on us, yet you are the one lacking knowledge of which you speak, which means your ego is entirely undeserved.

        1. As I have indicated, you need to educate yourself.
          To know what that filthy rag stands for all you need to do is locate and read the Articles of Secession of the several states. The reason for secession are clearly outlined.
          I didn’t write them, they speak for themselves.

          “We Southerners have been very clear and consistent that the battle flag and monuments represent our history and heritage.”

          You presume too much when you include the descendants of the people held in bondage WHO LIVE IN THE SOUTH in your claim.

          1. Yes, the states did secede and had several reasons for doing so, like the status of slavery in the western territories, tariffs, return of fugitive slaves, states’ rights, and so on. Yes, the battle flag exists, as do other Confederate flags that you may not even recognize. What is the connection here, aside from you hating the South? You are attempting to use the English language and string together intelligent thoughts, but it’s not working. Keep looking down on us with your 80 IQ.

            1. The whole dialog commenced with your indication that the filthy rag was emblematic of southern “heritage”.
              The Articles of Secession indicated the desire to continue enslaving other human beings IN THE SOUTHERN STATES and to expand the enslavement to the western territories.
              Being from the South in order to hate the South I would have to hate myself.
              Rather than be offended by your assessment of my intellect I simply consider the source of the criticism.
              If english is a problem for you please indicate your language of choice.

              1. Nearly every free person in the North and South at the time of secession was in favor of continuing slavery in the Southern states. Abolitionists were a tiny minority. Continuing slavery was not in question. Slavery had a long legal history with the Three-Fifths Compromise, Dred Scott Decision, and so on. The Missouri Compromise enshrined the idea that slave and free states should be equal in number. Lincoln himself was concerned with preserving the union and stated that he would do this whether it meant freeing every slave or no slave, since his “final solution” was to send them back to Liberia in Africa. The Corwin Amendment was ready to pass to protect slavery forever (with Lincoln’s approval), but this did not entice the South to rejoin the Union. Your single issue Good Guys vs. Bad Guys worldview doesn’t hold up under any kind of scrutiny. We will keep revering our ancestors, and you can keep spitting on yours.

                1. Not at all responsive to the comment you attempt to respond to.
                  In no way could a person or people who fight to continue the enslavement of other human beings be considered “good guys”.
                  Lincoln’s approval or disapproval of slavery did not render it moral or just, its very essence was and is immoral and evil.

                  1. It is a great leap of logic to say that Southern soldiers were fighting to continue slavery, since there was no threat to the continuation of slavery (which didn’t come until several years later), and this was an issue that had no effect on the vast majority of Southerners. Let’s say the president declares the Gulf of Mexico off limits to drilling and fishing. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so the South secedes, and the North invades. I am not an oilman or a commercial fisherman. In the future, environmentalists revise history and say fishing and oil are bad. So what? That hasn’t happened yet. I’m going to fight for the South, because it is my home. More likely, I’ll be drafted and it won’t be my choice. A soldier’s job is to follow orders. These were good American men who did their duty. There is someone who is immoral and evil, but instead of them, it is you.

                    1. You attempt to rewrite history and fail.
                      The articles of secession are explicit in the reasons for secession.
                      The Nuremberg trials tested the proposition “a soldier’s job is to follow orders” and found it invalid.
                      Good American men do not commit treason by taking up arms against their nation without the duty imposed by a just cause, preservation of the immoral and evil practice of slavery is not a just cause.

                    2. Nuremberg applied to war crimes of officers/leadership, not common soldiers, and such ideas did not exist during the Civil War. Who is rewriting history here? Your whole house of cards rests on retroactively applying today’s leftist ideas to the past, because you simply don’t know the actual history. Today’s strong centralized federal government did not exist, and men owed more loyalty to their state than their country, which is why, for example, Lee fought for Virginia. If the EU attacks England for seceding, British men will fight for the UK. If the EU wins, the EU history books will say the UK was fighting for racist reasons to restrict immigration, while pretending the issues of economics and sovereignty didn’t exist.

                    3. You compare apples and oranges and continue in your attempts to rewrite history.
                      The situation in the EU is not even close to the situation leading up to the Civil War and further the Confederacy made the initial attack.
                      The Nuremberg trials essentially codified a moral stance in existence long before the trials, that you are morally and legally responsible for your immoral actions even during a war.

  10. I can’t believe the comments on this website. I thought I’d read something good about Southern culture or politics. To live in peace and unity, I guess America has to wait until you all die out. Too bad I’m pretty old and won’t live to see it. You folks are militantly ignorant, hateful people. No amount of reason or compassion can touch your minds or hearts.And your dwarfed souls are black with lies. Mitch Landrieu’s speech was beautiful and true. What would y’all say to the fifth grade African American girl about a monument that glorifies the Confederacy? The speech doesn’t even reach you, does it? Please don’t call yourselves Christians.

    1. Maybe if ACCURATE history was taught in schools, she’ll learn as she continues to be educated. But if we use the evidence of social media comments over the last few years, the only thing that’s taught of the American Civil War is that Confederate=Slavery and nothing else. That’s not accurate, it’s not true, and it’s incomplete. Of course politics or education by bumper sticker will never be worthwhile. Let’s not forget that the United States of America had slavery until 1865, Lincoln didn’t end that. Let’s not forget that the Underground Railroad had it’s end in CANADA, because Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York were SLAVE STATES until the end of the war. There’s a reason those poor, wretched souls had such an ordeal to escape. The view that it’s the fault of the Confederacy is rather exclusive and incorrect. But hey, anyone with a view different from yours is “militantly ignorant, hateful…dwarfed souls black with lies.” Nice throwing out the Christian card, too.

      1. Illogical argument. No one else is denying slavery. No one else is celebrating slavery. No one else is blaming the confederacy solely. It was simply the confederacy which, and apparently still, stood behind slavery to the point of feigned righteousness. So many willing to die for the want and desire of owning a human being. Yes, there was rhetoric to justify it, but if you stopped and thought, you would see the rhetoric was birthed from the desire to justify slavery. Slavery wasn’t solely the fault of the south. The refusal to accept this wrongness and the willingness to die for it was misguided. Those today, though, still trying to use those same manufactured arguments- you should really know better. Others don’t place the blame on you. You broadcast yourself as a blame magnet. Please, all of these attempts to insult people’s intelligence are obvious and unbecoming. They are the obvious reactions of those who do not have solid basis for their arguments. You can try to now insult my intelligence, but as one of the most intelligent people alive, I assure you I won’t be affected.

      2. Ex post justification. You can say it was about anything you like, but the war was primarily about slavery. Just like with Hitler – he had a lot of goals in the war, but it has become about the most powerful and egregious policies — antisemitism, destruction of the romani and slavs, and the final solution. You can argue all you want, but you have to face facts that the world sees that cause as one that supported slavery (which of course it did), and there is no getting over that — that stain pollutes anything “good” you say it also represented. How many Germans do you hear saying “Well, let’s put up a statue of Hitler, since, sure he did a few bad things, but that Autobahn was really great!” You just have to accept that no other justification can displace the “slavery” stain, and finally move on. It is time to grow up and join the 21st century already.

    2. Janine Blackwelder, I support you, I understand your perspective, and I apologize for the fact that these attitudes exist. Not that it is my fault, I am just sorry it exists. Maybe that sentiment can be a lesson to some of these people. They don’t realize they can be proud, and be southern, and they don’t understand a truly proud American Southerner would stand up for what’s right, and own the past. All of these people with their attempts to belittle- insulting people’s intelligence and such…. it’s just sad. It’s the argument people use when they have no argument. They should really just have said ‘you’re ugly and your momma dresses you funny.’ Perhaps they don’t realize, to those who are truly intelligent, just how insignificant they are making themselves out to be.

    3. **Maybe if some of these people stopped to think. Why is it that in urban areas we don’t take on these racist views? It’s not because everyone is black or mexican, as many think. It’s not because we’re brainwashed. It’s because we have the experience to know better.

      1. no, no..of course you don’t “assume” it…. but you make plenty of negative inferences about white people and southerners using biased, pejorative terms.

      2. It’s because when you live in a high-density area, you are forced to interact with more people and, ergo, are exposed to a more diverse pallet of cultures. Cities, as a general rule, create a citizenry with a more tolerant worldview because you have to or you’ll lead an incredibly isolated and lonely existence.

    4. I’d tell her “The world is one big great opportunity for her. About 160 years ago, People from East Africa sold their brother, sisters, and children to European Slave traders, who shipped them to Northern Slave traders from New York, Maryland, etc. These Slave traders sold the people to European French, Spanish and Creole Plantation owners in the City of New Orleans at the Slave Market located on Chartres and Orleans in the French Quarter. The Northerners wanted to abolish slavery, because their cities were finished being built, but the rich European French, Spanish and Creoles who owned the plantations wanted to keep their slaves because they made money off of them. Additionally, the Northerners wanted to tell the Southerners how to govern, and the Southerners decided to succeed from the Union. The Northerners didn’t want to lose the South because it was too valuable to them so a War between the 13 Southern States that wanted to succeed and the North erupted. The North won the war, then ravaged the South. Recovery was slow, and the North made little attempt to provide relief to the ravaged south. A few men, like Robert E. Lee, felt compelled to fight for the South because he was from the South. And he was highly thought of in the North as he was asked to lead the North, but declined because of his dedication to the South. Then for over 100 years, the South struggled to survive. Hard working people rebuilt their lives, and then the North decided that the South was not doing enough for the black people, and started a bunch of laws that discriminated against them because of the color of their skin – white. After about 40 years of putting up with this crap, White People got tired of working and paying taxes for this crap and the middle class got poorer and more frustrated. Black people started renaming everything from streets to hospitals to schools and the City was unrecognizable. Then a White Mayor who’s political career was ending needed a job, so riding in the back of a limo after a concert with a Black entertainer who no longer lives in the City thought he could take down a few statues to pander to the Black folks remaining in the cesspool of a City wrought with Crime, uneducated generations of Blacks and a crumbling infrastructure. You see, there was no more Federal Katrina Money, and the Politicians who squandered it after Katrina were all in jail, so the Mayor no longer had any carrots left in his bag for his voters. So he decided to start a race war by pissing off the people who came from their suburbs to support the City they once called their own. So you see sweetheart, you don’t need worry about a Monument. It is just there to remind you of what once was. You have your whole future ahead of you. You need to put down the mobile phone, open a book, stay off of social media, and get an education so that you can get the hell out of this cesspool of a city. And never vote for a Second Generation Politician because he’s just a lazy ignorant mo-fo who does not know how to work for a living, he just wants to profit from the ignorance of others by pandering for their vote. P.S. Do you know what that loser of a Mayor did after he left office? That White King-Cake Baby looking turd went to work for the NAACP! Still finding ways to steal from the Black Folks.” That’s what I would tell her!

    5. A: White people ended slavery (British 1839).
      B: 600000 Americans died fighting about it.
      C: Democrats haven’t been this angry since Republicans ended slavery.

      What’s up with that?

  11. I can’t believe that idiot mayor would try and destroy beautiful symbols of keeping the crazy colored folk in line. Look at what happened when they out one in charge of our beloved country! Thank GOD we now have an orange baboon protecting us. Hopefully we can get the right (white) people fully in power again. Stupid, immigrant, free loading criminals.

  12. Mitch is so ignorant. The Charleston incident provoked his need to tear down our monuments; however, the Protest marchers in Charleston crossed the Revenel Bridge named for their beloved Senator Arthur Revenel, Jr. Read about his controversies below. Note that Charleston did not rename it’s Bridge Mitch. They simply took down the Confederate Flag. Now about your Son! Karma is a Bitch and she’s just starting on you and your “famly” as you say!
    Ravenel said that he had run for the state Senate in 1996 specifically to seek funding for a new bridge between Charleston and Mount Pleasant to replace the John P. Grace Memorial Bridge and Silas N. Pearman Bridge. Both bridges were nearing the end of their useful lives, and had been criticized as safety hazards. Due to his efforts in passing laws for the new bridge’s funding, fellow lawmakers voted to name the cable-stayed bridge in Charleston the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. Some felt that the bridge should not be named after Ravenel, with the head of the South Carolina infrastructure bank saying in 1999, “Certainly, Arthur Ravenel is a fine, decent person, but that bridge is bigger than any one individual and it should reflect all the qualities of the state and not some state senator who happens to be in the Legislature the time the structure is being built.”[2]

    Ravenel is a member of Moultrie Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and is a supporter of the Confederate flag being flown at the South Carolina statehouse. He provoked controversy at a rally for the flag in 2000 when he referred to the NAACP as the “National Association for Retarded People”.[3] Ravenel upset even more people after he apologized to mentally handicapped people for comparing them to the NAACP. Many called for the Charleston bridge to be renamed.[2] Ravenel once said that his fellow white congressional committee members operated on “black time”, which he characterized as meaning “fashionably late”.[4]


  13. we canceled our trip to there as well -2,000.00 they are losing over this boneheaded idea lmao !! hope the dummy can read this and all the posts . . . never going back to NOLA

  14. Get over it already Mr. “I’m done with N.O.” Like they care. Those cement “heroes” supported slavery, an ethical abomination that was well-known at the time (England had abandoned it decades before). They dragged their citizens into a lost cause, and naturally lost, big time, and any pretense about chivalry or charm or whatever is just a losers’ mantra. Those “heroes” were dead wrong *then* and even more so *now* and should not be glorified, period. Grow up and join the 21st Century. Landrieu is brave; you’re an anachronism. “The Hayride.” What a quaint name for a publication aimed at prolepsis. I’ll stick to the “New Yorker” and get on with my changing world like a mature, well-adjusted adult.

  15. To parapharase the author, the one positive aspect of the mayor’s action’s was to “expose thinly failed racism” that continues to haunt New Orleans and the South. “Thinly veiled”? I read 10 comments below mine and the malignant racism on display here (“Negros”?!) is on full display.
    I do agree with the author’s opinion that an opportunity to lead was missed by the mayor. That said, I would have gone a step further and asked anyone who disagreed with removing any one statue to show up the day of removal and have their photo taken with said monument. Then I would frame that photo and add it to the new “we have a long way to go” memorial in the authors Old South museum.
    I’m white, Southern, and embarrassed that so many of my neighbors cannot follow the simple historical cause and effect of fascist racism that drove old Dixie down. SHAME on you.

  16. I completely support Mitch Landreiu and as an Atlantan, I will make sure to visit NOLA much more often. Your departure from NOLA is a blessing and quells any concerns I have of ignorant people defending upon the city. You won’t be missed. Chow!

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