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APPEL: On Small Business, And Growth

I have been a small businessman for forty years.  Most folks hear the expression “small business” and do not really understand what it means and how government policies, based upon Washington politics, determine whether we survive or not. This week... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: Bob Mann Doth Protest Too Much

For perhaps the first time ever, but for different reasons, I am in agreement with a recent Times-Picayune editorial by Robert Mann. In his piece he laments the lack of economic opportunity for Louisiana’s best and brightest and muses about how... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: Rand Paul Misses The Mark On Detroit

Senator Rand Paul has a new plan to save Detroit or, more likely, to attract Republican voters to the good Senator. On the surface the plan sounds good; don’t take money from Houston and Atlanta to pay for the failure... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: The Significance Of Dealey Plaza, 1963

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a seminal event in the history of our country, but not for the reasons that most people believe today. As we celebrate his life on the 50th anniversary of his death, most... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: Trust

In a debate with a leading Democrat last year I made the point that to a great extent we Republicans were refusing to accept the expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana because we did not trust the promises made by President... (Continue reading)

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Appel: Five Years

Five years ago the United States entered into a recession not unlike the many business cycle recessions that always plague a capitalist society. But this time was different, as America faced a confluence of forces brought on by a new... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: Louisiana’s School Vouchers Under The Heel Of Obamaism’s Boot

I have always adhered to the maxim that history is prologue. Viewed from a historical perspective, the recently filed Department of Justice lawsuit to block school vouchers in Louisiana should terrify all freedom-loving Americans. This fear arises not from the attempt... (Continue reading)

APPEL: At Last, The Truth Is Confirmed

In an interview this week with PBS, Harry Reid revealed that Obamacare is not now, nor was it ever, the real Democrat plan for the future of healthcare. What is so remarkable is that, as too often has occurred throughout... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: The Majority Has Rights, Too

In our current political climate, much has been spoken and written about the preservation of the civil rights of individuals and, more recently in our history, of protected classes of individuals. The protection of civil rights of the individual is... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: On Bob Mann’s Defense Of Failure In Public Education

Times Picayune editorial writer Bob Mann, in his Sunday column, has demonstrated the divide between those who are trying to improve the lives of our citizens and those who have always taken advantage of the unfortunate situation of our most... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: Louisiana Has To Start Focusing On Quality In Higher Education

The key to prosperity for all of Louisiana’s citizens lies in the growth of family wealth. Nothing short of a systemic change from low income jobs and poverty must be the goal for the state as a whole, and in... (Continue reading)

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Louisiana’s Children Won The Education Reform Battle Last Week

Last week marked the end of one of the most acrimonious legislative fights in the modern history of Louisiana. This battle concluded with the passage of an unprecedented package of bills that will dramatically reform education delivery for the future... (Continue reading)

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On Education, The Status Quo Must Go

Louisiana has failed generations of its young citizens by allowing a failed system of education to continue! This is a strong statement and I recognize that it may make many people feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately it is true and our position... (Continue reading)

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APPEL: What Are The SUNO Plaintiffs Doing To Improve Higher Ed In New Orleans?

Last week it was Newsweek, the week before it was “Forbes Magazine – both declaring that New Orleans is a dying city! These articles are likely to become self-fulfilling prophesies if we do not have the courage and foresight to... (Continue reading)

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