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LAGOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Harry Reid

One wonders if this doesn’t become a campaign strategy of painting Mary Landrieu as a Stooge Of The Worst Senate Majority Leader Of All Time. From a press release out this morning… The Republican Party of Louisiana today filed a... (Continue reading)

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BAYHAM: EWE’s Blaze-Of-Glory Run

Aged ex-Louisiana governor with the encouragement of a much younger woman he is romantically attached to decides to launch an improbable political comeback via a run for Congress. Reality show, reality or movie plot? Actually the last two, though the... (Continue reading)

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Landrieu Dished Out Over $600,000 To Help Elect Fellow Democrats

Over the past four election cycles, between 2008-2014, Sen. Mary Landrieu, via her political action committee known as JAZZ PAC, has dished out approximately $675,500 to help get fellow Senate and Congressional Democrats elected. The following is a complete list... (Continue reading)

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Mary’s Ad Gets Panned, Mary’s Poll Numbers Stink On Ice

An ad about to hit the airwaves around the state from the folks at Keep Louisiana Working is taking a poke at Mary Landrieu’s new campaign spot about how hard she fights for the oil and gas industry, and it’s... (Continue reading)

LA Senate Candidates All Donated To Dems At One Point

Federal election records from Col. Rob Maness, who is running against Rep. Bill Cassidy and Sen. Mary Landrieu for the Louisiana Senate, show that he donated to an Indiana Democrat in 2012 who was running for a congressional seat in the... (Continue reading)

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Garret Graves’ Big Haul

The news about Edwin Edwards’ paltry $32,000 fundraising figure for the upcoming 6th District congressional race might have captured a majority of the headlines, but the real news seems to have come from the fact that one of the latest... (Continue reading)

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UPDATED: Edwin Edwards Has Raised Only 32K, And Here Are His Contributors

UPDATE: Did we mention that Danny Miremont is the ex-husband of Edwin Edwards’ second wife Candy? Guess not. Sorry about that. There is also an incident which well befits a Democrat donor… Aggravated Battery J-29089-08 On Friday, October 24, 2008,... (Continue reading)

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Mary Landrieu’s New ‘I’m A Big Booster Of Oil & Gas’ Ad Is A Fraud

In case it hasn’t yet invaded your TV, here is Mary Landrieu’s new ad touting her vigorous and aggressive defense of the energy industry – which almost immediately after it made its debut began getting torn to pieces for its... (Continue reading)

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The Hilarious ‘Electile Dysfunction’ Ad From Boehner’s Primary Opponent

If you’re going to run a primary race against John Boehner, you’re going to need to entertain the public and get free media attention for yourself – that’s how an insurgent campaign can win. You’ve got to ridicule Boehner and... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: Cassidy’s Counting On A Changed Louisiana Electorate

When asked about the base assumption on which the Rep. Bill Cassidy campaign to oust incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu was constructed, a campaign official declared it was that the Louisiana electorate increasingly was moving towards a “post-pork paradigm.” That’s one manifestation of the larger... (Continue reading)

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WaPo FactCheckers Crush Harry Reid’s Attack Ad On The Kochs, Cassidy

Here’s your feel-good story of the day, courtesy of the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler – it’s a savage evisceration of the Senate Majority PAC’s ad attempting to paint Bill Cassidy as a tool of the Koch Brothers on flood insurance.... (Continue reading)

FUNRAISING: Cassidy Posts Best Quarter Yet

The Bill Cassidy camp has been saying for a couple of weeks that its 1st quarter campaign disclosures would show significant momentum in the candidate’s favor, and while they may or may not end up closing the gap against Mary... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: Grigsby Poll A Nightmare For Landrieu, Not For Jindal Or Vitter

It’s now Rep. Bill Cassidy’s 2014 Senate race to lose, Sen. David Vitter’s governor’s race to begin to consolidate upon, and Gov. Bobby Jindal’s restoration of political capital to achieve, according to a semi-annual poll put out there by one of Louisiana’s major Republican activists.... (Continue reading)

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DIETZEL: Taking On DC’s Royalty – Ethics Reform For A New Generation

Editor’s Note: A guest post from Paul Dietzel Fast cars, luxury yachts, international five-star resorts, top-shelf liquor and fine china from Bloomingdale’s — this sounds like a rap song, but this is the life of some members of Congress. For... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: It CAN Happen Here

In an effort to confuse and astound, a Louisiana State Senator has introduced a bill to require that NO tax bill be passed and accepted unless 20% of the voter base casts a ballot for the institution of the tax.... (Continue reading)

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Look, Y’all, The Louisiana Senate Race Is Boring

There. I said it. Everybody happy now? I can say this Mary Landrieu-Bill Cassidy-Rob Maness-Hollis Paul (or whatever his name is) thing is boring, because now I have a standard to hold it up to. B’leeve it or not, we’re... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Bad Juju

Juju is a word of French/West African origin. It refers specifically to objects, such as amulets, and spells used superstitiously as part of witchcraft in West Africa. Voodoo has a long history of practice by African slaves imported into the Louisiana culture.... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Drivin’ Miss Mary

In an interview dripping with hypocrisy Mary Landrieu decried the fact she’s more the fading ingénue than the golden girl she once perceived herself to be. She believed herself virtually immortal among the pantheon of Washingtonian demi-gods but is now... (Continue reading)

BRYANT: American Voice PAC Is Going On The Offensive

Friends, I want to take some time and let you know about a bit of exciting news we’re preparing at American Voice PAC. Namely, that like you we’ve watched Mary Landrieu vote with President Obama 97 percent of the time,... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Some People Can’t Be Rehabilitated

With Edwin Edwards insinuating himself into the 6th Congressional race the dynamics of the program changed. First, Mr. Edwin doesn’t do anything unless there’s a buck to found, cornered, captured, skewered and skinned so as to nourish his family and... (Continue reading)

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