"Allahu Akbar!"

That’s what Nidal Malik Hasan, the jihadist terrorist who slaughtered 13 people at Ft. Hood, Texas yesterday, screamed before opening fire on defenseless American soldiers in a medical processing facility.

“Allahu Akbar,” he said.

And yet Hasan, who received a poor fitness report from his time as a psychiatrist at Walter Reed Military Hospital because he was apparently arguing the merits of Islamist terror with soldiers returning from Iraqi and Afghan battlefields on a regular basis, is not being described as a jihadist in the American media today. His actions are not being called a terrorist attack. Post-traumatic stress disorder – or maybe it’s pre-traumatic stress disorder, being as though Hasan has never been deployed but was about to be – and the fact that apparently he’d been subjected to impolite statements from fellow military personnel, are the commonly-discussed causes of his assault on some 40 American servicemen.

Among Hasan’s victims were, per the Wall Street Journal:

…at least one teenager, 19-year-old Aaron Nemelka, who joined the Army last year, out of high school. Spc. Jason Dean Hunt, was 22 and had just married. Francheska Velez, 21, was an oil-tank driver who had completed tours in Korea and Iraq. She was two months pregnant with her first child. Five Army reservists were also killed, including Michael Cahill, who was 62 and worked at the processing center as a physician’s assistant.

Hasan’s massacre represented the first time in American history that a commissioned officer in the U.S. military turned his weapons against fellow soldiers in a committed attack. After 230 years of something like this being basically unthinkable, one can’t help but get the feeling this represents a change in direction for our country.

This is one of the most ignominious and disgusting episodes in American history. It’s not a tragedy, though its effects are without question tragic. Rather, it’s a disgrace. And it proves that political correctness, multiculturalism and the victimization fetish within our culture aren’t just noxious; they’re deadly.

This man should never have been in our military. He should not have been at Ft. Hood. And he certainly shouldn’t have been on a George Washington University task force on homeland security.

Hasan was on the FBI’s watch list for posting statements on blogs advocating – or at least defending – suicide bombing. He shot his mouth off repeatedly about the righteousness of the Islamist cause against American troops; this wasn’t at the local Code Pink chapter meetings either, by the way, it was in front of fellow Army personnel. And he was going around Killeen, Texas in fundamentalist Muslim garb. Hasan was also giving away Korans and other belongings to people the day of his attack, and he scrawled out Islamic verses on his door before heading to the military processing center where he would massacre his fellow servicemen.

What is more, in 2001 Hasan was a regular at a Great Falls, Virginia mosque whose imam was a known jihadist currently banned in Britain for his support of terrorist organizations. As it happens, Hasan isn’t the only famous congregant at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque at the time. Do the names Nawaf al-Hamzi and Hani Hanjour ring a bell? Well, they were two of the four hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77, which they piloted into the Pentagon on September 11 of that year. Investigators are attempting to discern whether Hasan knew al-Hamzi and Hanjour.

In short, Hasan gave off warning signs left and right. He was on the radar. There have been scads of warnings that the next threat in what used to be called the War On Terror was going to be either individuals or small groups of Muslims acting on their own to use readily-available weapons to hit soft targets.

And yet no one stopped him.

It’s not like this stuff hasn’t happened repeatedly, ad nauseam, since the Islamist war against America began in earnest with the 1998 embassy bombings in Africa. After 15 years of the military actively seeking to enlist Muslims into its ranks, we now have a long tradition of Islamist military personnel who have harvested infidels inside our armed services and out. Per Redstate.com:

The tip of the iceberg appeared in 1998 with the arrest of former Special Forces sergeant Ali Mohammed, a former major in the Egyptian army before immigrating to the United States and joining the US Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, NC.

In September 2004 SFC Abdullah Webster was sentenced to prison for refusing to deploy to Iraq. Testifying on behalf of Sergeant Webster was Air Force Chaplain (Captain) Hamza Al-Mubarak who claimed it was better for Webster to die than to fight fellow muslims.

In 2003 Army Chaplain (Captain) James Yee was arrested and charged with espionage and sedition based on his dealings with al-Qaeda prisoners at Guantanamo. He avoided court martial because the government was concerned with classified information that might come out at trial. His assistant, Airman Ahmad al-Halabi, was convicted by a court martial. Civilian translator Ahmed Fathy Mehalba, also stationed at Guantanamo, was arrested and convicted at the same time.

In 2004 Army Specialist Amir Abdul Rashid was arrested, and eventually sentenced to life in prison, for providing sensitive information to al-Qaeda.

In 2008 Navy Signalman Hassan Abu Jihaad was sentenced to ten years for divulging classified information to al-Qaeda.

And no one can forget that on March 23, 2003, the eve of our invasion of Iraq, Army Sergeant Hasan Karim Akbar tossed a hand grenade into the command post of 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division killing two officers and wounding fourteen others including the brigade commander. He is now on death row at the US Disciplinary Barracks and presumably will soon have the services of his own private shrink.

We’ve also had a persistent problem with Muslim military chaplains who have turned out to be Wahhabi or otherwise jihadist in their religious orientation, with very delitirious effects. And the body count as a result of this is mounting.

Bear in mind that the Pentagon claims only 3,386 Muslims in the ranks, out of more than 1.4 million. And yet this episode is another in a consistent stream of fifth column activity through which that tiny community of Muslims is so prolific in causing havoc within the military.

How much longer are we going to continue burying our heads in the sand and pretending this is a “religion of peace” and that our fight is against terrorism and not jihadist Islam? How many more of our countrymen need to die before we define our enemy?

Naturally, the answer is “at least three more years,” because our current president is far more interested in prosecuting a war against the American private sector than he is in fighting our enemies – Islamic or not. Mind you, this is not a partisan attack on Barack Obama. His predecessor for whatever reason decided years ago to define the current fight as against a tactic rather than a tribe. And America’s refusal to recognize that we are in a societal conflict between Western civilization and Islamic barbarism – an epic war nearly 1400 years old at this point – goes back even beyond the ridiculous Carter administration and its fecklessness in dealing with Iranian provocations.

And this might be the most dangerous fact of all. America lacks leadership on an issue of grave importance now. Our enemies see this, and they WILL exploit it. What happens when average Americans, terrified by a real unemployment rate of more than 17 percent with no relief in sight, fearful of economic circumstances which augur national decline, distrustful of a political class which seems oblivious if not hostile toward their well-being and wary of what is all-but-inevitably going to be a skyrocketing crime rate, begin seeing Hasans not just once in a while but every other month or so? What will the answer be?

Civil unrest, that’s what. When a community gets terrorized repeatedly by jihadist Muslims in their midst who explode after ingesting rhetorical poison at the local mosque and then sees local and federal law enforcement pretend it’s crime and not warfare, the answer won’t be sensitivity training. It won’t be griping at the city hall meeting and it won’t be calling talk shows. What’s going to happen is pitchforks and torches, and sooner or later the violence is going to go the other way.

And when it does, the inevitable result will be injury to innocent Muslims who came to this country to escape the very intolerance, violence and barbarism men like Hasan practice throughout the Islamic world. It’s my belief that Islam is evil, but that doesn’t mean Muslims are inherently so. The vast majority of the Muslims in this country do not represent a threat to our society, but unfortunately a strict adherence to the Koran and the sharia law it demands is wholly incompatible with our way of life. And if our leaders and “intellectual elites” are unable to make the difficult and painful decisions necessary to insulate the public from the threat posed by Islamists – most of whom incidentally are no more secretive about their beliefs than Hasan was prior to his homicidal explosion – then nature will take its course and the law of the jungle will prevail here as it does in those base, uncivilized and hellish nations from which Muslims come.

UPDATE: Our Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano is in Abu Dhabi this weekend, and she’s taken a strong stance regarding the Hasan slayings.

Except it’s not quite the stance you think. Napolitano’s priority right now is to insure there is no “backlash” against Muslims in the wake of Hasan’s massacre.

Can anybody tell me what the death toll from previous “backlashes” against Islamist terror among our civilian population might be? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

This is precisely the kind of politically correct imbecility out of our government which will hasten a loss of control. When average Americans who see a pattern of terrorist activity from Muslims in our midst lose faith in this country’s leaders as protectors of law and order and community safety, they will take matters into their own hands. Of course, this plays right into Napolitano’s stance that the real danger to American security comes from “right-wing terrorists” and ex-military types – so perhaps it’s worth questioning whether we’re seeing an agenda being carried out.



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