Climate Change 101

Since Scott beat me to the punch yesterday on the new story of the Russians’ accusation that the CRU cherrypicked Russian temperature data to indicate the greatest warming, I wanted to compile what I have learned since the email story exploded onto the scene and I began studying the climate issue in earnest:

  1. The alarmists consistently and underhandedly stifled evidence that would contradict their theory by bullying editors of scientific journals, while consistently cherrypicking and deceptively manipulating data that support their false conclusions, all the while keeping their data secret and criminally avoiding FOIA requests in the U.S. and Britain.
  2. Alarmists have thrown away much of the raw data upon which they supposedly base their results.
  3. The earth was much hotter during the Medieval Warm Period than it is now.  Vikings settled prosperously in “Greenland” and called Nova Scotia “Vinland.”  There were vinyards in Scandinavia and northern England.  The fact that the earth was warmer 1000 years ago than today means that our current rise cannot be dangerous.
  4. This was followed by the Little Ice Age, perhaps the planet’s coldest period in the last 5000 years.  The Thames would freeze every year and “frost fairs” on the frozen river were held from 1607 to 1814.  In 1780, New York Harbor froze and people could walk from Manhattan to Staten Island.  Global warming since 1850 has returned our temperature to normal.
  5. Even according to the alarmists’ data, overall planetary temperatures have not increased since 1998, contrary to the predictions of all of their sophisticated models.
  6. Al Gore has lied multiple times since the story broke, including multiple times in Copenhagen.
  7. According to the media, all of the world’s problems are the result of global warming.
  8. Raw data from New Zealand indicate that almost no warming has occured in that country, contrary to the official “adjusted” data that lack any factual basis.
  9. The NOAA, which maintains one of the other two main climate databases, has engaged in outright fraud in its data manipulation for Darwin, Australia.
  10. Alarmists have not accounted for Sunspots in the warming of the latter half of the 20th century.  There is clear correlation between solar activity and planetary temperatures.  The recent decline in Sunspots may explain the lack of warming in the last decade.
  11. Worldwide temperature data collection is hopelessly compromised by urban temperature bias (cities are considerably hotter than surrounding areas because of the asphalt, roofs, etc. that trap energy).  Since many data collection sites that were once on the outskirts of town are now in urban areas, many if not most of our monitoring stations would be expected to show a temperature increase.  Even if data could be properly adjusted for this effect, what’s being done is pathetic.

You really should educate yourself on this issue.  What the left is attempting to do with “climate change” is enact an even bigger takeover of the U.S. economy than they are trying on the health care monstrosity, with the added spectre of global government.  The best non-technical primer for understanding the issues involved is here.  Do yourself a favor and set aside 90 minutes (this is more interesting than most movies anyway) and watch it.  I believe that the fight on this issue is the most important political battle we face today.



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