Monsters Among Us, Friday Edition

If you’ve got the movie channels on cable, one of the flicks which has made the rounds quite a bit in the last few months is Children Of Men, an Alphonso Cuaron horror show starring Clive Owen which takes place in an England (and world) ravaged by an epidemic of sterility so severe that it has been years since anyone has had children.

Naturally, a slow-motion apocalypse is the result:

If you’ve seen the movie, or even heard about it, your main reaction undoubtedly is that such a fate – society in rapid decline – must be avoided at all costs.

But apparently the folks in Gordon Brown’s UK Labour government never saw Children Of Men – or if they did, they actually liked it. Otherwise, Jonathon Porritt, one of Brown’s advisers, would have been immediately drummed out of government after suggesting that country’s population be cut in half – which he did earlier this year.

What’s worse, Porritt’s monstrous bilge wasn’t roundly denounced by David Cameron and the Tories.

In this country, at least part of the population gets outraged when our monsters like John Holdren propose sterilizing the drinking water or forcing women to have abortions. The reaction to an atrocious article by Diane Francis in Canada’s National Post advocating the entire planet adopt China’s horrific one-child policy was general outrage but here and north of the border.

But those of us who would seek to limit the life and freedom of our fellow man never seem to go away. Margaret Sanger went around the world purveying the noxious “science” of eugenics, including sterilizing blacks and the poor, and is lionized today by the American left despite the fact that her Planned Parenthood organization still disproportionately aborts black fetuses – and this comes after the Nazis, big fans of Sanger’s, carried eugenics to its logical conclusion and exterminated Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and others they regarded as “defective.” John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich used the pop-science fraud of a coming Ice Age to suggest atrocities like sterilizing the drinking water and forced abortions; despite none of their dire predictions coming true Holdren is now the White House science advisor.

And on, and on.

Can’t these people be discredited and shamed out of existence once and for all? Won’t evil ideas finally die?



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