Monday Open Thread

A few items to get things started:

Is it time for America to consider getting out of the UN?

A piece in the Wall Street Journal today discusses the importance of the GOP’s making an outreach to “Whole Foods Republicans.” It would seem that a more Reaganesque or libertarian approach would facilitate such an outreach – people who choose crunchy or “alternative” lifestyles generally will respond favorably to the idea that government needs to leave them alone unless such people demand that everybody else live like they do, in which case the Republican Party probably ought to fight them to the death.

And more locally, there’s a story in the Alexandria Town Talk pushing the idea of Louisiana Secretary of State Jay Dardenne running in a primary against David Vitter next year. Dardenne lacks Vitter’s negatives on personal behavior, but he’s also more of a RINO than a conservative (at least in comparison to Vitter). Is a squeaky-clean reputation more importance than a strong ideological voting record?



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