Nudie Pictures The New Weapon Against Muslim Terrorists

If it wasn’t enough to force airline passengers to remove shoes, jackets, sweaters, belts and other clothing during hour-long delays for security purposes, and if it wasn’t enough to harrass grandmothers and mothers with children in an effort not to “profile” the demographic group responsible for the terror threat to air travel, the U.S. government now is taking even further steps to impose invasive, stupid policies to discourage normal people from flying.

Security porn.

The new wave in airport security in the wake of the Pantsbomber’s failed attack on a Christmas Day Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit is full-body scanners deployed at security checkpoints. Security experts say that full-body scanners, which essentially electronically strip-search their victims, would have found out Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab before he got on that flight.

Of course, given that there’s a good bit of controversy surrounding whether Abdulmutallab even had to present a passport to board the plane in Amsterdam, one questions the necessity for the invasive security measures. After all, it’s clear despite the idiotic and self-discredited mumblings of Homeland Security chief Janet Incompetano the system put in place to protect air travel did NOT work in the case of the Pantsbomber. He was on a terror watch list, he had traveled to Yemen to receive his “martyrdom” training, his father had warned the United States of the danger, the British government had revoked his travel privileges to that nation based on their intelligence of his behavior and there was some question as to whether he even had the proper papers to travel.

The fact is, for all the danger the Islamic terror movement presents to civilized society they’re really not that sophisticated. Al-Qaeda and their ideological compatriots must recruit from a fairly small pool of candidates – young male Muslims. To date they have not been able to come up with anyone else to serve as foot soldiers carrying out their plans.

It’s the terrorist, not what he brings on the plane. This is very simple, and yet we are so lawyered-up and politically correct that we refuse to address the obvious solution to improving airline security: screen the young male Muslims, and ban anyone on a terror watch list from air travel inside the United States unless they’ve been individually vetted and released to travel.

Putting innocent Christian, Jewish, Hindu and atheist Americans through the indignity of full-body scans out of political correctness is only going to dissuade regular air travel and destroy the industry outright. It is a stupid policy coming on the heels of other stupid policies which have not prevented Muslim terrorists from finding their way onto airplanes with bombs and other weapons, and it will do little to prevent the next attack.



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