Obama’s First Year? Grade Is “F!”

He’s failed the American people on delivering his campaign promises

by Steve Scalise

President Barack Obama gets a grade of “F” for his first year in office.

President Obama has failed the American people on nearly all of his campaign promises. He campaigned on fiscal discipline, transparency, bipartisanship and job creation, but has failed miserably on all these pledges.

Obama Campaign Promise: Fiscal Discipline

President Obama passed an $800 billion “stimulus” bill in his first month that significantly added to the record deficit of $1.42 trillion, and proposed a budget that doubles the national debt in the first five years.

Obama Campaign Promise: Transparency

President Obama promised multiple times that all of the health care meetings would be held in public so C-SPAN cameras can broadcast them and the American people can see what’s happening. Unfortunately he has broken that promise and continues cutting backroom deals behind closed doors.

Obama Campaign Promise: Bipartisanship

During debate on the government takeover of health care, Republicans proposed common-sense reforms to lower the cost of health care, but were repeatedly ignored. Many of the policies that the American people have overwhelmingly opposed were rammed through the House without any attempt at bipartisanship. During the last few weeks of negotiations on their government takeover of health care, President Obama has refused to include Republicans in any of the negotiations.

Obama Campaign Promise: Job Creation

The out of control spending, new taxes, and proposed policies like the government takeover of health care, “cap and trade” energy tax, and card check will all severely cripple job growth. Many small business owners cite President Obama’s radical agenda as the main reason for not hiring new employees.

Steve Scalise represents Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District.



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